Best 3 Black Decker Cordless Lawn Mower

Tangled grass, long grass weeds, mushy bushes in a lawn does not give an attractive look. Now in Black Decker Lawn Mowerupcoming summer season your lawn will be filled with bloomy flowers and attractive plants but the uneven grass will not give it a proper look so don’t worry just find out a solution!!!! An easy and convenient black and decker cordless lawn mower is a solution for all your lawn problems. The lawn mowers will surely give a carpeted look to your garden and definitely you will be appreciated by others too!

What is Cordless Lawn Mower?

Cordless electric lawn mowers are for fast and easy cutting of grass to give your garden a smooth look. It has blades that evenly cut the grass without much human effort. Light weight plastic body will also make it easier to use and store. Try to discover that type of mower that has reasonable price and guaranteed quality .Nowadays, to choose a best lawn mower has become so different because new and attractive models are available in market that my confuse you what to buy and what not, remember some points that will make easier for you to buy a great lawn mower in best price and with best quality.

3 Best Black and Decker Cordless Lawn Mower Review

#1.  Black and Decker Cordless Lawn Mower 20” CM2040 40v Lithium 3 in 1   

The Black and Decker cordless lawn mower has a long run time for up to 40 minutes run time. The company has given 2 batteries with package so long run time can be avail. Its 20”deck makes your work so easy in less time and effort. Its 6 setting height feature will cut the grass from 1/14 to 3/34 height range.


Black and decker cordless lawn mower

  • 2 lithium batteries of 5AH 40v MAX  are available with the package
  • 20” wide cutting path
  • 6 setting height adjustment to cut grass more finely
  • 15 gallon nylon grass collecting bag
  • Special free shipping offer


  • Battery must use with caution

#2. Black and Decker Cordless Lawn Mower 18″ CM 1836 18 Inch 36 Volts 

Black and decker cordless lawn mower is filled with great qualities so make it special with other mowers in such a low price. It can cut grass for upto 1/3 acre lawn which is a large area enough. 18” deck size which works more conveniently. The most important feature of this mower is that it is an eco friendly mower with no emissions anyway. 


  • Cordless with batteries givenBlack Decker 18 inch Cordless mower
  • Height adjustments for up to 3/38 inches trimming
  • 2 years brand warranty include rear bag, mulch plug, safety key and battery charger
  • Quality product in low price
  • Environment friendly
  • Large detachable grass collecting bag


  • Battery must use with caution

#3. Black and Decker  CM 1936 19 Inch 36 Volts Cordless  Electric Lawn Mower with Removable Battery 

19 inch Black and Decker cordless lawn mower is also filled with many convenient features so work easy feel easy. It can cut around 1/3 acre with only one time charge. Starts instantly and no any noise so your neighbors also love. No cords, pull ups, no gas or oil spills. One touch key start operation makes it to use easy. Its removable battery will also get it protected from any hazards. The 19″ cordless mower black and decker will give you a nice look when trimming of grass completed from your yard.


  • Removable protected 36v battery included
  • Battery removal may cause use of another battery if additional work needed.
  • 1 touch height adjustment
  • 19” wider deck size that covers a bit large area.
  • 2 year limited warranty which includes rear bag ,safety key and mulch plate and battery with charger
  • Works silently


  • The small battery  and not fit for larger area

How to Choose a Best Cordless Lawn Mower?

Keep in mind some points that might will help you to choose a great cordless mower. Don’t compromise on quality as it is a basic requirement for you. Before you  get your heart set on a new mower, make sure what kind is best for your particular lawn and pros and cons of each variety.

Why Black and Decker Cordless Lawn Mower will be the Best Choice for You

Back Decker Mower cordlessBlack and Decker introduce a great innovation in the world of lawn and gardens. whether you have a big or small lawn try  new black and decker cordless lawn mower that will works better for all types of steep or straight slopes. Yes, it’s remarkable finished look will not only becomes easy to use and transport but give your lawn a beautiful look too. Electric mowers are now gaining much importance as they give you more and fast work with less effort in less time but troublesome due to heavy cord load.

The cordless mower will save your time as well as money both.. Now when they are coming in cordless models so it will become more easy to use them hassle-free. Their powerful electric motor will cut miles of lawn in limited time and will run for years .Corded lawn mowers are cheaper than the cordless stuff but they may have difficulty in usage and the cordless units are a bit high price but work more conveniently. Of course, with a corded model you will be limited by the length of the cord but black and Decker electric cordless mower has an specialty of having no cord, so no tension of moving cord here and there all around your garden .Black and Decker electric cordless  is the best choice as they are very cost effective and having excellent quality that you will run this for lifetime.


Personal budget play a vital role in buying a right cordless lawn mower for your garden. If you are in a worry of having low budget and want a nice mower for you that will be a great alternative for your expenditure then try to have an electric cordless mower so it will give you more work in less effort and run life time along you. Black and Decker cordless lawn mower has a solution that they are offering a best in low price that will not be a burden on your pocket.


The black and decker battery lawn mowers are very special in their durability. They are made of high quality plastic attached with a big nylon grass bag, stainless steel body. You can use it without any worry of getting out of order again and again. Its long-run batteries are also a solution of worry free use.

Height Adjustments

Black and Decker introduce lawn mowers that have height adjustments levers. They have up to 7 height adjustments that will work more appropriately. It will give your grass a sheer cut with less efforts and the amazing thing is that they are noise pollution free. Yes of course your neighbors will also love noiseless black and decker cordless lawn mower surely.

Easy Storage

Another special feature of Black and Decker electric cordless mower is its easy storage and transportation. You can easily fold and detach its removable parts and carry the way you like even in a small bag. Their cutting path is up to 20” long so make easier work with less energy and time. Its finished look has easy cleaning and dusting. The best quality nylon bag will offer you in a big size so you won’t have to dust it again and again. Battery also comes with a storage device so it will become more convenient to plug in and out your battery on time. The compact strage is an added advantage for the customers.

Long Life Battery

Up to 40 volts battery strength is much enough to cut an area of up to 1/3 acre means it works up to 1 hour continuously! It is specially designed with single push charge and its li-ion feature has an additional 70% charge than other batteries available in market so less effort and more work, very reliable quality. Black and Decker electric cordless moer gives you at least 5 years warranty of the product.

No Oil OR Gas Spills

Black and Decker cordless lawn mower is specialty make it different from other mowers. Instead of wasting money in buying gallons of oils and gas use cordless unit so no tension of buying or storing of oil and gas. No use of oil and gas so no emissions thus make environment friendly mowers. No use of oil and gas will make its maintenance easy. Therefore,  try these eco-friendly mowers and work neatly.


Black and Decker cordless lawn mowers are best alternative for your money. Just spend some money for once and do rest for lifetime as these electric cordless lawn mowers will run for years. If you have a large lawn area and you want to work quietly than go for Black and Decker cm 193636 volts. If you have small lawn area than Black and Decker CM 2040 and CM 1836 both works better.