Best Lawn Mower Battery Buying Guide

Having a beautiful house with lush green lawn is the dream of every person. For this purpose, people buy a lawn mower for trimming the grass routinely. In the previous era, it was very difficult to mow the garden with manually operated machines but now technology is providing many user-friendly products. Today, you will find the rechargeable electric lawn mower in every home with a garden because it is powered by batteries and thereby, it is environmentally friendly. However, sometimes you cannot mow the entire garden with a single charged battery and you need to recharge the battery in between. This things extend the time for mowing the field. Things will get easier if you buy another battery for your small lawn mower. In this high-tech era, you will find millions of lawn mower batteries and this variety will create confusion for you if you are not good at recognizing the right product. Do not worry! This article will guide you in getting the best battery for your lawn mower.

Top Notch Lawn Mower Battery [Comparison]

Today, battery lawn mower is the best option as it bridges the gap between the plug-in and petrol designs. They are quite cheaper and environmentally friendly items. However, the battery sometimes get weak and you need to charge it repeatedly to complete the mowing process. There are many kinds of batteries available in the market. You have to buy the appropriate battery for your lawn mower as it is the heart of your machine. The following best lawn mower batteries will enhance the efficiency of your machine.

5 Best Lawn Mower Battery Review

1. GreenWorks 20 Volt 2.Amp Lithium Ion Battery

If you are looking for the best battery for your lawn mower then GreenWorks Lithium Ion Battery is an ideal option for you. This long working time battery will save your time and energy. The exclusive features of this battery bring it to the limelight. You will came to know about its amazing properties in this review:


  • The GreenWorks Lithium Ion Battery is a 2 AH lithium ion battery.Greenworks Lawn mower battery
  • It comes in lime green color.
  • It is equipped with power level indicators that alert the user when there is a need to charge the battery.
  • It is 20 volt battery.
  • It weighs about 12.8 ounces
  • This battery is compatible with the 20 volt GreenWorks tools.
  • It comes with 5 x 3.7 x 2.5 inches product dimension.
  • This battery charges in 45 minutes.
  • It involves one battery system for different tools.


  • The GreenWorks Lithium Ion Battery is extremely light in weight so it can easily be carried from one place to other. It does not add extra wait to your machine.
  • It charges in a very short period of time.
  • No power fade feature of this battery indicates that it is a longer lasting battery.
  • It provide a reliable performance.
  • This battery comes with a variety of safety features.
  • It is best for keeping the environment clean as it does not emit carbon.


  • The GreenWorks Lithium Ion Battery comes with a very short period of warranty.
  • It is a very expensive battery.

2. EGO 56 Volt 4.0 Ah Power Battery

Spring season is around and you want to beautify your lawn so you will repeatedly trim the grass. But what if your lawn mower stops working due to the older battery? Well, you need a brand new battery which is compatible with your machine. The EGO Power battery will reduce your burden of charging the battery frequently as its charging time is less while its discharging time is quite large. This lightweight battery will make your lawn mower to work more efficiently. This review will enlighten you about the features, pros and cons of the EGO Power Battery.


  • The EGO Power battery is a 4 Ah lithium Ion battery.EGO Lawn Mower Battery
  • It is a 56 volt battery.
  • This battery allow you to mow the garden for about 45 minutes.
  • It charges in about 30 minutes with a rapid charger while it require 80 minutes with the standard charger.
  • It is built with a fuel gauge that display how much power is left in the battery.
  • It is designed for all EGO power and power equipment.


  • The EGO Power battery comes in an innovative design.
  • This battery is very light in weight and is easy to start.
  • It comes with a management system that protects the battery from rusting and other harmful elements.
  • This battery is constructed with weather resistant properties.
  • It produce 40 percent more power than the leading 40 volt battery.
  • It holds charge for a very long time span.
  • It is easy to push even through the long and hard weeds.
  • It is a highly reliable product for your lawn mower.


  • This battery is very expensive.

3. Toro Lawn Mower 12 Volt Battery 

Technology is making everything easier for people. When people buy a lawn mower then he will need many accessories too like a lawn mower cover or a battery. A spare battery is crucial for your lawn mower. However, it is difficult to get a compatible and appropriate battery. This Replacement part is ideal for your Toro lawn mower. This battery comes with many amazing features. You will get to know about this battery by reading its review and you will stunned with its properties.


  • This Toro Battery is a 12 volt battery.Toro Lawn mower battery
  • It is designed for Toro lawn mower.
  • It has a capacity of 3 Ah.
  • It weighs approximately 2.9 pounds.
  • It comes with 5.3 x 2.4 x 2.6 inches product dimensions.
  • It charges in about 15 minutes and work for longer period of time.


  • This battery is extremely light in weight so it is easy to travel.
  • It is ideal for your Toro Lawn Mower.
  • This battery does not need any connector modifications or changes.
  • It comes in a very unique design.
  • The charging time of this battery is very small just 15 minutes and works for a longer period of time.
  • It comes at an affordable rates.


  • This battery is not an exact replica of the original battery.
  • It is not that powerful and strong battery.

4. WORX 24 Volt  5.0 Ah Lawn Mower Battery

Worx battery is an ideal option for your lawn mower if you want a comfortable and easy to use battery. Battery is the core part of a lawn mower so it should be the best one to enhance the efficiency of your lawn mower. This compact size lawn mower battery is convenient to remove from a lawn mower. It will amaze you with its enticing features. Here you will get to know thoroughly about the Worx battery.


  • The Worx battery is a 24 volt lead acid battery.Worx Lawn mower battery
  • It is designed for WG783, WG782 and WG775.
  • It is a 5 Ampere hour battery.
  • It comes with an indicator that shows how much charge is left.
  • It is backed up by a 30 day guarantee.
  • It weighs approximately 8.1 pounds.
  • It comes with 6.8 x 5 x 6.8 inches product dimensions.


  • The Worx battery is easy to handle and carry.
  • It comes in a lightweight design which makes it convenient to remove from the lawn mower for charging the battery separately.
  • The power test indicator allow you to know about the level of charge in the battery.


  • The Worx battery is available on very expensive rate.

5. Original Sears Craftsman Husqvarna BATTERY

Are you looking for the best price battery for your lawn mower? If yes then consider the Original Sears Craftsman lawn mower batteryCraftsman Husqvarna Battery. This high quality battery will help in mowing your garden efficiently as it runs for a longer time. Customers always rate its performance on the top rank. This pocket friendly lawn mower battery lies among the best batteries due to its exclusive features and lightweight nature. You just need to charge it for few minutes and it will work for hours. This review will educate you about its features, pros and cons.


  • The Original Sears Craftsman Husqvarna Battery comes with OEM original parts.
  • It weighs approximately 3.4 pounds.
  • It comes with 5.9 x 3.9 x 2.8 inches dimension.


  • The Original Sears Craftsman Husqvarna Battery is a very lightweight battery that makes it easier to move and use.
  • It is easy to install and remove.
  • You will find this product on affordable rate in the market.
  • It is a highly reliable battery.
  • It is exactly similar to the original battery.
  • Every customer consider it perfect for a Craftsman walk behind lawn mower.
  • It allow you to mow the ½ acre land with tall grass.


  • The Original Sears Craftsman Husqvarna Battery does not fit well to the mower.

How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower Battery

Choosing the best lawn mower battery is not less than a rocket science. There are certain clues which are helpful in getting the right battery for your lawn mower. The following points will take you to the appropriate battery for your lawn mower.

Voltage of a Battery

The voltage rating indicates how much the current can flow through the battery at a particular time period. Almost all of the lawn mower batteries has 12 voltage, as are most automotive batteries. You can find the batteries with higher voltage as well such as 35 or 40 volts. But these high voltage batteries are made for electric lawn mowers so they should not be used with riding lawn mowers. If you have a riding lawn mower then prefer the low voltage batteries.

Battery with Warranty

Warranty of any product is always the indication of the best quality item. You can trust the battery with many years of warranty. Many manufacturers try to gain the trust of the people by enhancing the time span of the warranty. So always prefer a lawn mower battery with at least 1 year of warranty.

Material of the Battery

Today, most of the batteries are made with metal plates which are submerged in the solution of sulfuric acid. However, the conventional batteries have lead plates impregnated with antimony. Those antimony batteries inclined to lose charge in a short time period even when not in use. Those antimony plates also cause corrosion of the entire battery. The latest lawn mower batteries are made with calcium plates which reduce the issues with corrosion and self-discharge. These batteries are less susceptible to damage from impact and vibration. Gel cell and absorbed glass mat batteries reduce the quantity of acid in the battery, so the battery will lasts for a longer period of time.

Size of the Battery

Batteries are classified into different models by their size. The Battery Council International give individual size categories of the battery a “group number”. Most of the batteries for the riding lawn mowers are categorized as group U1 batteries. These batteries are about 7.25 inches high, 8.3 inches long, and 5.1 inches wide. Moreover the batteries are also categorized on the basis of position of the positive terminal. The positive terminal of the U1R batteries is present on the right side while U1 has this terminal on the left side. This category is significant as it prevents the battery from connecting to the wrong terminal. You should always check the terminal position of the old battery before buying the new one as it will assist you in getting the right battery for your lawn mower.

Cold Cranking Amps of Battery

All the batteries are classified on the basis of the cold cranking amps which they produce. This Cold Cranking Amps rating indicates how much current a battery can produce in 30 seconds of time at zero degrees Fahrenheit. You might not know that the higher the Cold Cranking Amps, the more power the battery can deliver at lower temperatures. You can never use your riding lawn mower in lower temperatures so this CCA rating will give you a good idea about how the battery will work on chilly days.

Bottom Line

If you have an electric lawn mower then you definitely needs the right battery for your mower. Without a spare battery, you may feel trapped when your lawn mower stops working due to the dead battery. Fortunately, this guide will help you in finding the appropriate replacement for your dead battery. You can choose the battery with the desired features from the above 5 best batteries.