Best 5 Lawn Mower Covers Buying Guide

If you leave your lawn mower exposed to the extreme weather conditions then it may damage. The lawn mower cover can protect your expenditure tool inexpensively. It is the easiest way to keep your lawn mower run smoothly after being stored for a longer period of time without using it. A high quality and perfectly fitted cover for lawn mower can buy for less than $40.

Everyone knows, a beautiful and healthy lawn does not happen naturally. Therefore, you have to take care of the lawn to enhance its beauty. For this purpose, you need a mower which trim the annoying long grass for you. It is a mandatory machine for every home but what if it stops working because you have not stored it properly? Well, it is an expensive machine and buying a new one is not an easy. So, care your mower and get best mower cover to save it from deterioration. 

Top 5 Best Lawn Mower Cover [Comparison]

It is always challenging to find the original cover for your mower. So a universal mower cover , however, fits all sorts of brands. Still, it is hard to find covers matches your mower machine. The buying process of mower cover will be easier if you get to know about some best model mower cover. We make your job easy, after a thorough analysis, some of the exclusive and incomparable mower cover are discussed below. Hopefully, this cover review will help you in narrowing down your choice.

Best 5 Lawn Mower Covers Review

1. Weatherpro Lawn Mower Cover for Push Mower

With lots of lawn mowers covers in the market, it is quite confusing to buy the right one. No one wants toWeatherpro Lawn Mower Cover buy a bad quality lawn mower cover. The best lawn mower cover always come with a lifetime warranty. Since you need have a weatherpro cover to protect your lawn mower from extreme weather conditions so you will definitely prefer a good quality material. The WeatherPro mower cover is one such high quality material cover. The tear resistant mower cover gives your lawn machines a longer life. It is the universal model cover, therefore, it fits perfectly to all electric and gas mowers. It not only wrap the mower but also cover the attached bagger. You will better know about the product if read its features, pros and cons.


  • The WeatherPro cover has a polyester body
  • It weighs approximately 15.2 ounces
  •  Draw cord at the bottom
  • Virtually fits all push type gas or electric mowers
  • It comes with dimension of 10.3 x 9.7 x 1.4 inches


  • The durable weather pro cover keep save your equipment from extreme conditions
  • It assures the water repellent as well as ultra violet protection
  • The water resistant nature of WeatherPro cover protect your lawn machines when it is raining
  • It will not crack even in the coldest weather
  • No need of regular maintenance
  • It fits even the smaller machine
  • It also protects from dirt, rain, sun, rust, tear, snow, birds, etc


  • It is available in only one color
  • The cover weather pro can melt if it is put on a hot machine

2. Classic Accessories Black Lawn Mower Cover

Classic mower cover is another best cover for your mower. The amazing fabric Classic Lawn mower covercoat of will allow you to protect, thus it is water resistance nature.  Black cover is a fabulous and it will save your expensive product from dust, dirt, sun, and rain damage. Classic accessories lawn mower cover will amaze you with its exclusive features. Opt for this best mower cover and wait for the magic.


  • Classic cover for mower wrap both the bagger and mower itself
  • This comes with an elastic shock cord
  • It is made up of heavy duty fabric
  • This is universal mower cover and can use for many types mowers
  • It weighs approximately 2 pounds
  • It comes with 75 inches length, 27 inches width and 23 inches height
  • This is backed up by 1 year of warranty


  • The Classic cover protect equipment from debris and extreme weather
  • It can easily fold-able 
  • It provides maximum water repellent and resistant
  • This cover never shrink even in the extreme weather conditions
  • Its water resistant property protects from different sorts
  • Perfectly fits well in different brands’ mower


  • It is not recommended for a very small lawn equipment
  • The color of this product faded with time

3. Toughcover Heavy Duty WaterProof Lawn Mower Cover

People usually waste lots of their time and money on cheap quality lawn mower covers as they have no Tough Lawn Mower Coveridea about the good quality product. The Tough Cover lawn mower cover is a great product for protecting your expensive mower. This heavy duty mower cover keep your machine from extreme environmental conditions in every season. This cover looks extremely attractive due to the shiny nature of its fabric. It gives a long life to your lawn machine. Moreover, the features compel every person to buy due to its exclusive safety measures.


  • The Tough mower cover is made up of Marine Grade Fabric material
  • This fits for all types of push, gas or electric mower
  • It comes with 100 percent money back guarantee
  • It weighs approximately 1.9 pounds
  • The dimension is 14 x 11 x 3 inches


  • The Tough mower cover protect your machine from snow, rain and sun rays.
  • It also block the birds, leaves and mold spores
  • This is easy to cover the machine and clean
  • It universally fit to all types of mowers
  • It provide all season protection
  • An ultra violet resistant mower cover


  • The bottom of the tough cover may a bit loose with the passage of time

4. Deluxe Riding Lawn Mower Cover

If you are afraid of wasting money or you wasted money repeatedly within a short span of Deluxe Tractor Covertime. Than you may consider the Maxpower Deluxe riding lawn mower cover will never break your trust. The best mower cover can use people for a longer period of time. The amazing dark green color riding mower cover add beauty to the mower. This high quality cover will protect your mower from every sort of environmental conditions. Moreover, the riding lawn mower cover is an ideal for people who are looking in low price but best riding cover. Some of its enticing properties bring it to the limelight.


  • The Maxpower mower cover measures about 78 x 30 x 48 inches
  • This riding mower cover not only fits to every sort of gas or electric mower but also fits the motorcycles or grills
  • It is designed with a weather resistant material
  • It weighs approximately 3 pounds


  • The deluxe mower cover is for rain, snow, dust, sun, dirt, and wind damage
  • It is large enough to fit even the largest riding mower
  • The material prolong the life of your cover
  • It is easy to use
  • People can use it for multi purposes 


  • The Maxpower cover is available only in dark green color

5. Lawn Boy Walk Behind Lawn Mower Cover

Are you still covering your mower with a cloth or garbage bag? It is the right moment to think Lawn Boy lawn mower coverabout investing on some good quality cover. Lawn Boy mower cover is a perfect option for you. You will love its highly durable fabric coat. This perfectly fit for walk behind mower though it protects your mower from debris and dust. If you want a superior protection for mower then prefer investing on Lawn Boy mower cover. However, walk behind mower cover will amaze you due to its exclusive features.


  • Lawn Boy Cover fits for walked behind machine which is 22 inches wide
  • Heavy duty polyester used in its manufacturing
  • The weighs approximately 2.6 pounds
  • It size measures 12 x 8.9 x 3.8 inches


  • The Lawn Boy mower cover has a waterproof nature 
  • It block the ultraviolet rays
  • The cover is simple to wrap on and off
  • It gives a stylish look to your mower
  • It helps to extend the life of your mower
  • The finest material ensures you for its durability 
  • It minimizes the moisture and heat build-up


  • The Lawn Boy lawn cover is however not recommended for larger walk behind mowers

How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower Cover?

You can find best lawn machine cover in various sizes and shapes. Most of the manufacturers sell fitted covers for their lawn machines. Preferring the cover which is designed for a particular mower model, will make sure that your machine is perfectly fitted in it as it covers all its right spots. The best lawn mower cover is not an expensive product but it does help in preserving the life of an expensive machine. Everyone is not fond of buying mower covers but for those who want to buy a protection for his machine, he have to consider certain factors before finalizing the lawn mower cover. The different covers for zero turn, riding mower cover, walk behind, water proof are trending demands now a days. However, people like to get the most famous brands husqvaran, honda, John deere mower covers to meet the specific requirement of their machines.

Lawn Mower Covers Things That Matter

Budget Friendly Lawn Mower Cover

You will find many lawn mower covers in different prices from a cheap one to an expensive one. Usually, the cost of a mower cover varies from $25 to $50. You can buy according to your budget but never compromise on the quality of material as the durable material will prolong the life of your equipment. Although, you can even buy a good vinyl lawn mower cover in $25 which is quite less amount for any item. As long as you are able to cover your lawn mower well, you do not have to buy a very expensive product.

Type of Material in a Lawn Mower Cover

Some people prefer a garbage bag or a piece of cloth to cover their mower. They know that if they choose the best material and cover the lawn mower perfectly then they do not really need a mower cover. However, best mower covers are available in cotton, vinyl, plastic, polyester and many other such durable materials. So, people may think that a garbage bag or a cotton cloth can serve the purpose. The basic purpose of a lawn mower cover is to protect the machine from the harsh environmental conditions. Therefore, the universal mower cover is designed with the basic role in the mind. Some high value mower covers simpily protect the top of the machine while others wrap the mower from the top to its bottom.

Consider the storage area before getting to the finalizing your choice. If you keep your mower in an enclosed storage area then you do not need to wrap the machine entirely but only a simple cover can serve the purpose. On the other hand, if you need not space and you keep it at open air, then you must get lightweight mower cover to save your machines from rust.

Maintenance of a Lawn Mower Cover

Every mower cover need some maintenance. Since the lawn mower cover protect your machine from rusting or damaging so it also demand some care from your side. Some best lawn mower covers need regular maintenance while others efficiently protect your machine without the need of maintenance for a month or more. Vinyl and plastic covers requires just regular wiping so they are preferred over the cloth covers.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right lawn mower cover is not an easy task. Technology is providing the facility of the best lawn mower cover for extending the life span of your mower. Pick the cover that suites your mower. The best lawn mower will make your garden like a heaven while the cover for lawn mower. It allows to keep the beauty to the last forever as it protect the machine behind such amazing garden. This guide for buying the best mower cover will provide you to get  mower cover for your machine. Getting the lawn mower cover from the above models will lead you to the right item for your mower.