Post Hole Diggers & Bars

The post hole diggers are used for digging the holes in the soil in narrow places for planting and potted signs and fences. These tools work for puncturing the ground and open the holes. By using this tool you can easily lose the soil and dig a hole. The grabber can be closed when push in the soil and the pull that back and that will leave a big deep hole in the soil. There are many kinds of tools available in the market. Some of them are manual and some of them are electric drills type tools.

Top 5 Post Hole Diggers For Gardening

There are many products and kinds of tools are available in the market. There are also many diggers and the types of the best diggers available but you have to select the one you think the best for your garden and lawn. So for solving your problem we are going to share the Top 5 Post Hole Diggers which are:

5 Best Post Hole Diggers and Bars Review

1. Seymour DG-60 Post Hole Digger with Wood Handle

This is the digger in one piece and has the steeled head with hard wood handle of 48 inches. This is a small digger which is especially designed for the home lawns and the home owner can easily use this tool for the digging the soil. Some other people can use it but for the small area and this is made for the durability in use. Its hardwood handle is reliable and added the strength in digging. It also has the replaceable blades which are thick and sharp and usable for long time and make you easy in digging and because of it’s sharpen you can do fast digging.

FeaturesSeymour post hole digger

  • It has square cut handle which helps to increase the strength of the digger
  • Handles are of double bolted to add the power in the tool
  • It has replaceable blades which help to dig fast and easy
  • The blades are made of steel which are durable in material
  • It also has the clear head which is vast to manage digging holes


  • The easiest digging tool for any kind of soil
  • Comfortable in use and durable material product
  • Its hardwood handle makes it strong and best in grip
  • The digger is with sharp blades work for the best in digging holes


  • Great digger in affordable price
  • It is best in soft soil digging rather than hard one

2. Truper 32406 Atlas Pattern Post Hole Digger with Fiberglass Handle

This digging tool is not only used for the home garden but also it is the professional grade tool. It has a fiber glass handle with the soft foam on the handle which is easy to grip and balanced. This is used for the best post hole digging which is necessary for the fence and plants. It has the grey coated heads which are made of steel. This is the best selling tool in the market. These are the best hand tools of the Mexican company and made as per the modern technology. Its modern advanced technology makes it efficient in use and guaranteed for the durable material. This is the tool used by the customers globally. This is not only best in use but its visual look is nice and good to see.

FeaturesTruper post hole digger

  • It has 48 inches total length which is comfortable in use without bending
  • The fiberglass handle is durable in use and soft cushion gives the best grip
  • By the perfection of handles it is easy to use and balanced in control
  • This is especially designed for the fast and quick digging for fence and plants
  • It has clear coated steel heads which are sharp and easy to dig
  • The best selling product turper company


  • High quality tool with durable use
  • Used by the customer in all over the world
  • Handles of fiberglass and soft cushion make it best in balancing and controlling
  • It is sprayed clean with green hose and coated with silicon spray


  • The best handiest tool available in the market
  • Ttru pro digger is a heavy duty digger with steeled hands

3. Bully Tools 68 Inch Steel Tamping and Digging Bar

Bully tool 92539 is especially designed for the heavy digging in the hard soil. This is all made of steel and thick stuff makes it strong and useable for long time. This has a great length which helps in working without pain and bending the back and knees. This is accepted and used by the generations because of its durability it can be used year by year without any fear. This is a traditional tool which is totally made of USA and these durable tools are used for the hard digging. The steel used in its making is about 14 gauge and the manufacturers give the warranty of the tool almost for lifetime. This is the tool of high quality in affordable price.

FeaturesBully Tool digger bar

  • The best quality steeled digger
  • This digging tool can be used for the hard soil digging
  • The digging is so easy with this lengthy tool which helps you to work painless
  • The digger is a traditional tool which is using by the generations to generations
  • It is not only efficient in use but also the durable product which has life time warranty


  • 100% made of USA product whose manufacture stands behind as warranty
  • This is the digger which is a heavy duty tool and comfortable in all kinds of digging
  • The soil of any type can be dogged by this perfect tool
  • This is the tool used for long time with best work


  • The best digger for even the rocky soil
  • Heavy in weight but worked the best in affording price

4. Fiskars  Steel Post Hole Digger 60 Inches

The post hole digger is the best and ideal digger for all kind of post holes it has offset handles which help you to dig up to 12 inches deep hole and best modern and advanced product. This is the tool which protects you and your knuckles during digging the hole. It is made of 14 gauge steel blades and 16 gauge steel shaft which is durable and trustable in use for the long time. Its handles are made of hard wood which never flex like fiberglass handles and they are strong to use and easy to grip. Its blade is 6 and half inches diameter with life time guarantee.

FeaturesFiskars Post hole digger

  • Ideal tool for digging in hard and tough areas
  • It is used for the deep digging
  • The best steeled blade and steel body with hard wood handle
  • Its length is 60 inches which is perfect for using without pain
  • The hole can be dogged at least 12 inches deep
  • Its blade spread is almost 6 and half inches with sharpness
  • Used for the long time infect life time


  • Durable product to use for the year by year
  • The best digging tool for the deep digging
  • Its long length makes you easy in digging and protects your knuckles
  • This is made of all steeled body


  • Perfect digging tool for deep holes than the other conventional tools
  • Excellent in use for all types of soils

5. True Temper Post Hole Digging Bar 69 inches 

This digging bar is not only use for the digging but the multiple uses made it different from others and best in use. It can also use for the prying of dirt and tamping the hard and rocky soil. Its temper head used for the balancing the ground around the fence and the plants. It is good in use for maintaining the mud after digging. This is the tool with durable material and design which can also for treating the heat and manage the quality of the product. This is not only the choice of home owner but also the best choice of the professionals and industrial. Its length of 69 inches is also feasible to use without bending the back and knees.

FeaturesTrue Temper digging bar

  • It is 16 pound weighted bar
  • Overall length of the tool is 71 inches which is easy to handle
  • High carbon steeled body with durable use
  • Its round shaft is of 1 inch width


  • Best in quality and also in use
  • Easy to balance the ground around the fence and plants
  • High lengths always charm to painless digging and it has 71 inches of length


  • The best digger for the hard and rocky soil
  • The best ever digging tool for removing extra roots

How to Choose the Best Digger?

The digger which you are going to purchase must be the one provides you perfect use and also the convenience and peace of mind. There are some important factors must be in mind before starting digging in the soil of the garden or lawn. These are to check the soil when you plan to dig and post the fence. Mark the location properly and then push the digger in the soil.

When the gardening becomes the necessary activity of one’s life then it will be done properly and perfectly by using the necessary tools. Tools are the important things for the garden. So diggers are the basic tool which is important for digging the soil and planting the plants perfectly which grow up healthy and green. When the planting will be done in good stance then the garden looks beautiful and complete.

It’s all about the need and requirements of the soil and roots which has to be noticed while choosing the best digger for either home use or professional one. So choose the one you think better as per the type of work.

Bottom Lines

Summarily it can be said that the best digger is the one which can work for any type of soil and made of the best durable material. When you are spending money then buy the tool can be used for long time.