Best 3 Poulan Pro Grass Bagger for Riding Lawn Mower

If you have a lush green garden in your home then you must have a lawn mower. Lawn mower with grass bagger is the need of every house. Moreover, mowing the grass with a mower is not an easy task, it needs lots of effort and time to evenly cut the grass. Moving the heavy machine across the grass back and forth is a very tiring and challenging job. You will feel more tired if it makes you to pick up the mowed grass off manually from the lawn and throw it into the trash. It happens because the mower does not have such mechanism of picking up the grass. Though, poulan pro bagger comes with the solution.

With the lawn mowers, you may end up spending more time in picking up the grass from the lawn. However, this time-consuming task will become easier if you get a system that automatically picks up the grass and diminish the requirement to return back after the mowing process is done.

Top 3 Best Poulan Pro Bagger for Riding Mower

If you have a lawn mower, you will definitely need a grass bagger to complete the mowing job timely. Today, you can see many Poulan Pro baggers with different features and qualities but some of them works with particular models of the Poulan mowers. In this review, you will came to know about the best 3 Poulan Pro Bagger for riding lawn mower. Although, these high quality grass baggers are compatible with all Poulan Lawn mowers.

When you know well about the basic factors of a grass bagger then it will make the buying task easier. However, you can further narrow down your choice by knowing the best grass baggers. Reviews of the following three best grass baggers will allow you to get one with the desired features.

Best 3 Poulan Pro Grass Bagger Review

1. Poulan Pro Bagger 2 Bin for 46-inch Riding lawn mower

If you have a 46 inch Poulan lawn mower and you want the right bagger for your lawn mower then you Poulan Pro Grass Baggershould consider the Poulan Pro Soft-sided grass bagger. This grass bagger is very famous for Poulan lawn mower owners. It is the best option for collecting the grass clippings while mowing it. With this grass bagger you will get more out of your cherished mower. This helpful grass bagger comes with many exclusive features.


  • This Poulan Pro bagger comes with a dual bin
  • It is equipped with the mounting bracket
  • This is compatible with the 46 inch Poulan Pro riding lawn mower
  • It takes about 15 minutes for assembling
  • It comes with a red indicator that allow you to stop the machine when the bags are filled
  • Bagger is an ideal for collecting fallen leaves or grass clippings
  • It has a poly type material
  • The dimension of 38 x 24 x 26 inch
  • It weighs about 19.9 pounds


  • The Poulan Pro grass bagger has two soft-sided bags that entails you a lot more capacity for fallen leaves
  • Your cleaning experience with this grass bagger will become easier and enjoyable
  • It takes only 15 minutes or even lesser to assemble this product


  • The lid of the bin is made up of rubber continues to fall off
  • Sometimes, the pipes often come out of the assembly

 2. Poulan Pro Bagger for 48-Inch Riding Lawn Mower

If you are looking for the best grass bagger for your 48-inch riding lawn mower then the Poulan Pro bagger is the best option for you. Moreover, the Poulan products has an ancient history of innovations that initiated in the year 1944. This top rated bagger is famous for its dependability, allowing you to sleep an extra hour in the morning. It gives a neat and clean look to your garden. This long lasting tool comes with many enticing features. By reading this review, you will came to know about its features, pros, cons.


  • This Poulan Pro grass bagger comes with triple bin waste bagsPoulan Pro Bagger 48 Inch Mower
  • It is ideal for Poulan Pro riding lawn mowers
  • Compatible with 48 inch deck
  • It is equipped with chutes and necessary hardware
  • It has a poly type material
  • The weighs about 31.7 pounds
  • It comes with a red wheel indicator
  • Built with the mounting bracket


  • This grass bagger is easy to assemble
  • The bags are filled slowly so you do not need to stop the mowing job and empty the bag frequently


  • It comes with a weak plastic bottom
  • The red wheel indicator do not work well

3. Poulan Pro Bagger for 38-Inch Riding Lawn Mower

The technology is revolutionizing the world with certain inventions. One of such blessings of technology Poulan Pro Bagger 38 Inch Moweris the Poulan Pro Bagger for 38 inch riding lawn mower. If you want to save your time and energy then buy this grass bagger. It will collect all the fallen leaves and grass from the lawn as you move the machine across the field. It is exceptional in its quality, durability and power. The features and budget friendly nature of this grass bagger bring it to the limelight.


  • The Poulan Pro Grass Bagger comes with dual bin waste bags
  • It weighs about 37 pounds
  • This has different colors
  • It is compatible with 38 inch riding lawn mower
  • The dimension is 38 x 26 x 24 inches 
  • It is equipped with mounting brackets and chute


  • It took just 10 minutes to assemble
  • The way it pick up the fallen leaves is a source of amusement for many people


  • The users have reported difficulty in removing the plastic bags from the soft sided bags.

How to Choose the Best Poulan Pro Bagger?

If you are planning to reduce the burden of picking up the grass off the lawn then you must be looking for the best grass bagger for your riding lawn mower. In doing so, when you entered into the gardening equipment shop, you will get confused. You might not know which grass bagger is right for your mower. However, if you already know about the essential features of the grass bagger then you will surely get the right bagger. The right grass bagger will ensure the efficiency of your lawn mower. So, you should know the necessary features and capacity of the designated grass bagger.

All About Poulan Pro Grass Baggers

Why Poulan Pro Bagger?

Poulan Pro Grass Bagger enable you to do two jobs at once. If you get the right grass bagger then it will prevent your hectic work of picking grass after your tedious mowing job. The grass bag is created for collecting the cut grass as you move the lawn mower through the garden. It allows you to save your time and energy. It will work well if it compatible with your machine. Since each lawn mower comes with different features and capabilities so is the grass bagger. All the grass baggers work on the same principle but their capacities differs. Following are the essential things which you have to consider before buying a Grass Bagger.

Model of the Lawn Mower

Lawn mower comes in different models and they work with specific tools. One of the tools is the grass bagger. If you know the exact model of your lawn mower then you will easily reach to the right lawn bagger for that mower. You should know the important details of your lawn mower before going to the gardening tools market. These details will help you in getting a compatible grass bagger for riding mower. However, if you are not able to find the compatible bagger then ask the shopkeeper about the grass bagger which could be compatible with your lawn mower.

Capacity of the Grass Bagger

The second essential thing to consider before buying the grass bagger is the capacity of the product and grass bagger reviews This feature is largely based on the area of your lawn. If you have a larger garden then you will need a grass bagger with more capacity. Alternatively, if you have smaller lawn then the little capacity bagger will work efficiently for you. The smaller capacity grass baggers often fill up faster and you need to empty it repeatedly so prefer a bagger with a larger capacity.

Types of Grass Baggers

Before going the lawn mower market, you should know the different types of grass baggers as it will help in getting the right one. Grass baggers come in different options and sizes that will allow you to choose the bagger with the desired features. Some of the grass baggers are appropriate for walk behind mowers while others are suitable for riding lawn mowers. Some are attached to the mower sides while others are fixed to the rear of the lawn mower. It will narrow down your choice as you will know the exact type of the grass bagger.

Features of the Grass Bagger

If you are aware of the features of the grass bagger before buying then it will help you in getting the best grass bagger. Some grass baggers are built with a suction system while others with a blowing system for collecting the grass. Both of these grass baggers work differently. Moreover, every grass baggers comes with different method of dumping. Getting aware of these factors will help you choose the best grass bagger for your lawn mower.

Bottom Line

Buying the right Poulan Pro grass bagger is a challenging task. You should know certain things before getting the best grass bagger. But you do not have to worry, this ultimate grass bagger buying guide will make the buying process easier and simpler.