5 Best Pressure Washer Gun

In today’s chaotic world, no one finds enough time for cleaning the entire outdoor. People usually ignore patio, driveway as well as garden because they need intense effort and time for cleaning. However, technology is providing a solution for every problem. With the best pressure washer gun, you can clean every corner of the house in a fraction of the time. It prevents people from hard labor of scrubbing a dirty area. This cleaning tool effectively clean the vehicles, lawn furniture, decks, sidings, play equipment and even algae or mold. Different tools make this product efficient. With the good quality pressure washer spray gun, you can get the right amount of water for different cleaning jobs.

The high pressure washer gun will always give you the best results. However, you will have to find it from different companies in the market. The pressure washer owners usually believe that they can never get the gun better than their default tool. They are actually wrong in this aspect as different manufacturers make every tool as user friendly. Here you will get a review of 5 best pressure guns so that you can choose the right one for your cleaning work.

Top 5 Pressure Washer Gun [Comparison]

Millions of pressure washer replacement parts are available in the market, but all those products cannot serve the purpose. If your high pressure cleaning guns damages and you want to have the gun for your equipment, then continue reading this review. With this review, you will better assess about your need. More than you will also be able to find the right product with desired features. The comparison between several well-liked products will narrow down your choice. Finally, you will go home happily with a new product of your choice. Let’s discuss the features, pros and cons of some top rated snap on pressure washer guns.

7 Best Pressure Washer Gun Review

1. DUSICHIN 3000PSI High Pressure Washer Gun

A pressure washer is an essential tool for every home, and the homeowner knows the worth of this equipment very well. People who own this expensive product can never replace the entire machinery with a new one. However, the manufacturers have limited the trouble of people by introducing the replacement parts such as power washer gun. Without it, you can never make most out of your snap on pressure washer tool. A high pressure cleaning gun is required for efficiently cleaning the wider area. DUSICHIN DUS-003 high pressure gun is one of the best tools that add value to your pressure washer. Here, you will come to know thoroughly about this product.


  • The DUSICHIN DUS-003 is ideal for cold water pressure washersDUSICHIN 003 pressure gun
  • This generates up to 3000 psi of water pressure
  • It comes with brass fittings
  • The package contains an adjustable snow foam lance for cleaning the vehicles
  • This comes with M22 Metric Male thread fitting and ¼ inches outlet quick disconnect fitting
  • It can withstand a maximum of 140 degrees
  • This weighs about 2.3 pounds
  • The product dimension is 11 by 4.5 by 4.5 inches


  • The DUSICHIN DUS-003 high pressure washer gun makes soft fluffy snow foam for efficiently cleaning a surface
  • This fits with any model of pressure washer whether it is the small duty tool or heavy
  • This is an eco-friendly product as it saves lots of water yet remove the stubborn dirt
  • People usually use it for cleaning vehicles as it cleans the car without allowing you to touch the car
  • It is made up highly durable material which lasts for the lifetime
  • You can get this product at affordable rates


  • Some customers reported that the DUSICHIN DUS-003 does not have a tight fit and there is a chance of water leakage
  • It produces such a high pressure which sometimes hurt the user

2. DUSICHIN DUS-400 High Pressure Gun 

A high pressure cleaning gun is one such essential tool of a pressure washer. These high pressure cleaning guns let you clean your patio with high pressure. It is the pressure of water that allows you to make the area sparkling clean. DUSICHIN DUS-400  lies in the list of the top-rated products. Every product comes with certain pros and cons, but its flaws should not outweigh its pros. The DUSICHIN DUS-400 high pressure washer gun comes with many pros and only few cons which can be ignored. Every person who owns this product appreciates it for reliability and performance.


  • The DUSICHIN DUS-400 high pressure washer gun has 5-inch lengthDUSICHIN DUS400 gun
  • This generates up to 3000 psi of water pressure
  • The package of this pressure washer hose contains five colors for enhancing its cleaning capacity
  • The flow rate  is 8 gallons per minute while the flow rate of the nozzles is 3 gallons per minute
  • This  withstands temperature up to 167 degrees
  • It comes with ¼ inches outlet and 3/8 inches inlet disconnect fitting.
  • This  weighs about 1.8 pounds.
  • The product dimension is 12.9 by 11.5 by 2.2 inches.


  • The DUSICHIN DUS-400 high pressure cleaning gun can handle both small and heavy jobs
  • This is made up of highly durable and sturdy material
  • You can clean a wider area in a small amount of time 
  • It adds value to your pressure washer
  • With the five pieces of the nozzle, you can clean all types of surfaces


  • The DUSICHIN DUS-400 high pressure cleaning gun does not work better than the original one
  • Some customers reported that it create problem during

3. Apache 2600 PSI Pressure Washer Gun Kit

The Apache 99023677  air compressor kit is yet another amazing product. With this pressure washer spray gun kit, you can save lots of your money as it comes with much other essential products which you may need in the long run. The pressure washer nozzle, adapter, and hose come along with the high pressure cleaning gun for making the cleaning job even easier and enjoyable. Every person who owns a pressure washer wishes to have such product which includes all the essential items. Apaches is an incredible company of pressure washers which is always concern about the comfort of the people.Snap on pressure washer gun kit is also invented for making things convenient for people. Continue reading this review if you want to know this product thoroughly.


  • The Apache 99023677 air compressor pressure washer gun kit contain a hose, metric adapter, and a variable wand spray nozzleApache 2600 psi presure washer gun
  • It comes with 25 feet hose which has ¼ inches diameter
  • This  can generate up to 4000 psi of water pressure
  • It is ideal for electric, or gas pressure washers rated a water pressure up to 2600 psi with a pump outlet
  • This has metric outlet and inlet that has a trigger lock for control, and it is connected to a long hose
  • The wand includes a variable spray nozzle for enhancing the cleaning capacity. It comes with a soap-dispensing function
  • The male metric adapter connects two female adapters
  • The flow rate  is 7 gallons per minute
  • This has a maximum temperature of 140 degrees F
  • It weighs about 5.2 pounds


  • The Apache 99023677 air compressor pressure washer gun kit is a pocket-friendly package that comes with several products in a single box
  • All the products which are available in this kit are made up of high-quality material, and you will never complain regarding its quality
  • Everything fits the dimension of a snap on pressure washer
  • You can save the water with this pressure washer spray gun kit as it cleans the wider area in less amount of time
  • This produces a great pressure without hurting the user
  • The water spray pattern can also be easily adjusted


  • Some customers believe that the Apache 99023677  washer gun kit comes at a bit higher price than the other similar products

4. Apache 4000 PSI Replacement Pressure Washer Gun

Are you looking for the bestselling replacement gun for your pressure washer? If yes then buy the Apache 99023686 replacement gun. The Apache has a good name in the industry of pressure washers. All the customers of this company are highly satisfied with their products because they have always manufactured the user-friendly product. This  works with every type of pressure washer instead enhance the worth of equipment. This top-rated product comes with many enticing features. The combination of some features and pros bring this product to the limelight. The features, pros, and cons discussed here will give you a thorough idea about the Apache 99023686 replacement washer gun.


  • The Apache 99023686 replacement pressure washer gun comes with male metric adaptersApache 400 psi pressure washer gun
  • This is used as a replacement for guns on 4000 psi pressure washers
  • It is used with metric wands and certain accessories.
  • This comes with trigger lock for preventing any accidental spraying
  • A pipe tape is rolled around the male pipe threads for preventing any leakage
  • It can withstand temperature up to 140 degrees F
  • This weighs about 2.2 pounds


  • The Apache 99023686 replacement pressure washer gun works great on pressure washers
  • This is made of highly durable and sturdy material
  • It comes with a safety feature so you can use it without concerning about any accident
  • This fits very well with the adapter
  • Most of the customers consider it an exact replacement for the original gun of a pressure washer
  • You can get this product at affordable rates


  • Some of the customers reported that the internal brass control valve broke after a short span of time
  • It does not fit Snap on power washers

5. Apache 99023802 Gun Kit

If you own a high-quality pressure washer, then you must be looking for the top-rated replacement tool. Apache 99023802 air compressor Gun Kit contain all the best quality items that can serve the purpose efficiently. This amazing universal pressure gun kit makes the cleaning job even easier and simpler. Since the Apache Company was founded in 1963; it has produced incredible products. Every product of this company comes with excellent quality and extraordinary features. This review will enlighten you about the features, pros, and cons of this exceptional universal pressure washer gun kit.


  • The Apache 99023802 best Pressure Gun Kit comes with 1/4 inches quick disconnect spray tips and metric adaptersApache 4000 psi best pressure washer gun
  • The package of this air compressor pressure washer gun kit contain wands, nozzle kit and spray gun for electric and gasoline pressure washers
  • It generates up to 4000 psi of water pressure while the spray wand produces 3600 psi of water pressure
  • It comes with 18 inches wand
  • The five color-coded nozzle tips positioned at 0, 15, 25, 40 and also a 65-degree are available in the snap on washer gun kit for enhancing the cleaning capacity
  • The two hose adapters are available in the package for converting the spray gun inlet to quick-disconnect or male metric fitting
  • The air compressor gun kit also contains two brass hose fittings
  • The flow rate is 7 gallons per minute
  • Kit has a safety trigger lock for preventing any accident
  • This  weighs about 1 pounds
  • The product dimension is 23 by 10.8 by 1.8 inches


  • The Apache 99023802 universal Pressure Washer Gun Kit is suitable for both electric or gas powered pressure washer. It is ideal for both heavy duty and light duty cleaning jobs
  • This can fit into the gun holder on all types of pressure washers
  • The kit comes with several nozzle tips to be used with the gun for making it work efficiently on all surfaces
  • With the higher pressure, it can blast away all the stubborn or greasy dirt from a driveway or patio


  • The Apache 99023802 universal pressure washer gun Kit does not come with a turbo nozzle which is required for several cleaning jobs
  • Some customers have reported the issue of leakage 

How to Choose the Best Pressure Washer Gun?

Everyone is aware of the fact that nothing lasts forever. Even with the best pressure washer spray gun may come out broken or started leaking after sometime. Without a gun, the pressure washer is of no use. So, you should look for another good quality which can serve the purpose. Before going to the pressure washer market, you should know the consideration.

Look for a Compatible 

If you own a pressure washer, then you must know that every replacement tool is not for your equipment. You have to look for the features of every replacement tool carefully. Although if it compatible with your snap on pressure washer, then buy it others turn your eyes to another pressure cleaning gun.


You will find pressure clearing guns at different prices. Some packages are pretty affordable while others are quite expensive. Some come with an entire kit which contains a hose, nozzle, and several other items. Such air compressor pressure washer kit is more affordable than a single item so look for a kit which has all the items in good quality.

Water Shooting Ability 

It is important to note the water shooting ability of a pressure cleaning gun. Look for a gun which can shoot out water in a powerful stream. Such pressure washer spray guns might be harmful to the user, but if used with caution, it can save the time and energy. However, if you are a bit careless person then choose a pressure washer spray gun that shoots water with less stream. It will take more time to clean, but it can limit your worry about yourself.

Bottom Line

The pressure washer can handle the household work professionally  when let you rest for an extra hour in the evening. A pressure washer not only saves your time and energy but it also makes your house sparkling clean. However, if the gun of pressure washer damages or it stops working, then you need to bring another good quality gun for your equipment. Look at the list of the best pressure washer spray guns if you want to know them thoroughly. All these items are famous for their performance and reliability so you can choose a snap on pressure washer gun from these above products. This universal pressure washer gun buying guide will never lead you to a wrong decision. Grab the best pressure gun after reading this review.