5 Best Pressure Washer Hose Nozzle

People who own a pressure washer knows its importance well. This cleaning tool help in cutting down the scrubbing time. With pressure washer turbo nozzle, you can make your entire house sparkling clean in a single whether it is the patio, driveway, garden or vehicle. You can quickly get rid of dirt, dust, mildew and even algae without any extra effort. A pressure washer is the need of today’s world where people have less time to complete their domestic task. A pressure washer is a combination of several items such as pump, hose, gun or nozzles. If one of these items stops working or damages, then the cleaning capacity of your cleaning equipment will be severely affected. Make sure that you get the right pressure washer with the best quality nozzle. However, if adjustable pressure washer nozzle damages then you buy the new one from a trusted source.

A rotating pressure washer nozzle helps in adjusting the water pressure while using the cleaning tool. The best quality pressure washer nozzle will produce amazing results. If you want to add value to your pressure washer, then buy the high-quality nozzle. It will let you clean the entire house in a single go. You will need adjustable pressure washer turbo nozzle, but every tool is not for you. This review will give you information about some top-rated nozzles.

Top 5 Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle [Comparison]

Are you worried that the new nozzle will not work efficiently with your pressure washer? Time for hassle has ended! You do not need to worry if you know a list of top-rated pressure washer attachments. This nozzle buying guide is sharing your burden by taking you to the right product. The pressure washer markets have millions of nozzle which become pretty difficult for you to choose the best one. This buying guide will give you an honest review of best selling products. If you want to make the buying process easier, then keep on reading this review.

Below are the Best 5 Adjustable Pressure Washer Hose Nozzles on the market today, to assist you in getting the most value for your investment.

5 Best Pressure Washer Hose Nozzle Review

1. DUSICHIN DUS0025 High Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle

Are you tired of using your old worn out rotating pressure washer nozzle? If yes then look for some other top-rated nozzle that enhances worth of your cleaning equipment. The DUSICHIN DUS0025 pressure washer turbo nozzle lies in the list of the best. With this pressure washer rotary nozzle, you can choose from different degrees for the water pressure and clean the surface accordingly. You will find this model quite easy in connecting and operating. Let’s discuss some of its features, pros, and cons.


  • The DUSICHIN nozzle generates up to 5000 psi of water pressureDUSICHIN Pressure Washer Nozzle
  • This comes with 025 orifice size
  • It can withstand the maximum temperature of 212 degrees
  • It comes with ¼ inch stainless steel quick connection fitting
  • This rotary nozzle fits most of the pressure washer models
  • This nozzle weighs about 8.8 ounces
  • The product dimension is 4.3 by 2.1 by 2 inches


  • The DUSICHIN turbo nozzle is made up of highly durable and sturdy material
  • You can get this at affordable rates
  • It can helps in blasting away the hard to remove dirt


  • Some customers reported that has a hole drill, can not work for good adjustment
  • With some pressure washer models, it creates issue in the attachment

2. Briggs & Stratton 6195  Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle

Briggs and Stratton has a good name in the industry of pressure washers. This company invented several high-quality products. If you want any best replacement tool, this company will lie in the list of well-like replacement parts. Same is the case with drain cleaning nozzles, the Briggs and Stratton 6195 Turbo Spray Nozzle is one of the best replacement nozzles for garden hose. The powerful jet of water which Briggs and Stratton Company produces is incomparable. This drain cleaning nozzle is ideal for all types of cleaning jobs whether it is the concrete removing or brick cleaning. With this adjustable pressure washer turbo nozzle, you will blast away the dirt up to 40 percent faster than the standard rotating nozzles. You just have to bring it your home, however, you will see the magic later. Let’s discuss some of its enticing features then pros and finally cons.


  • The Briggs and Stratton 6195 Turbo Spray Nozzle generates a water pressure up to 3000 psiBriggs & Stratton Pressure washer Nozzle
  • This is ideal for cleaning vinyl, concrete, and brick
  • It fits most of the power washer brands
  • This water nozzle kit contains four pieces of spray tips which are positioned from 0 to 40 degrees
  • Quick connect wands
  • It comes with ¼ inches snap coupler
  • This is available in black color
  • It weighs about 11.2 ounces
  • Consumer grade replacement part
  • The product dimension is 8 by 6.3 by 1.8 inches
  • This is backed up with 90 days of warranty


  • The Briggs and Stratton rotary nozzle works perfectly with all models of the pressure
  • It comes with an option to attach a nozzle according to the cleaning surface
  • With this you can clean a wider area up to 40 percent faster than the other default nozzles
  • Due to its high pressure you can even remove the cement from a surface


  • The Briggs turbo nozzle is not suitable for delicate surfaces as it can damage it with the high water pressure
  • Some customers reported that there is a water leakage in the area where it connects 
  • plastic material inside of the nozzle, so you cannot use it with extremely hot water

3. Turbo Rotating Pressure Washer Nozzle

You will find different rotating pressure washer nozzles on the market. If you want the best nozzle for your pressure washer, then do a thorough research before visiting the pressure washer market. Every replacement part is not for you. Some of the adjustable  pressure washer turbo nozzles may lower the worth of your machinery so choose carefully. If you are looking for a versatile pressure washer rotary nozzle, then buy the Turbo Rotatory Nozzle. This rotating nozzle works in a rotary fashion by continuously releasing water in a fast spinning motion. With this product, you can clean your driveways, patio and even the concrete surfaces in a fraction of the time. The spinning water jet hits the stubborn dirt as well as removes the gimmes without any hassle. This review will highlight some of its features, pros and even cons.


  • The Turbo Rotatory Nozzle generates up to 5000 psi of water pressure
  • Nozzle can also withstand a Turbo Rotary Pressure Washer Nozzle - pressure washer turbo nozzleworking pressure of 4300 psi
  • It can also withstand a maximum temperature of 130 degrees
  • The flow rate is 3 gallons per minute
  • It comes with ¼ inches quick connect inlet
  • This makes up to 30000 rotations per minute which are ten times faster than the standard nozzle
  • It weighs about 8 ounces
  • The product dimension is 3 x  1.8  x 1.7 inches


  • The versatile Turbo Rotatory Nozzle is ideal for stripping off the paint or cleaning the concrete surfaces
  • This will cut your cleaning time in half yet provide the maximum cleaning capacity
  • This rotating pressure washer nozzle can remove the stubborn dirt in a fraction of the time. People who own a large house can bring this nozzle for their pressure washer if they want to save their time and energy


  • The Turbo Rotatory Nozzle can be damaged if the pressure washer is used for more than 100 hours
  • It cannot work which generate high water pressure but low flow
  • Some customers reported that it does not attach to the nozzle, so it keeps on leaking all over the surface

4. SIMPSON Cleaning Universal Pressure Washer Nozzle

Simpson is a well known company of pressure washers. Every product of this company is incredible in itself. Jack Simpson was the person who laid the foundation of this company. Since the 1960s, this company is working for the comfort of the people. Every SIMPSON product is convenient in use. Today, the firm makes several models of pressure washer replacement parts which are suitable for every pressure washer. The SIMPSON Cleaning 80155 pressure washer rotary nozzle will also satisfy your need as well as your expectations. This versatile turbo nozzle fits every pressure washer and enhances the worth of your cleaning equipment. Continue reading this review if you want to know this pressure washer nozzle thoroughly.


  • The SIMPSON pressure washer nozzle is ideal for cold water pressure washersSimpson Pressure washer nozzle
  • This generates up to 3400 psi of water pressure
  • The flow rate is 3 gallons per minute
  • This makes ¼ inches quick connect wand connection
  • It is suitable for gas powered pressure washers
  • This has an aluminum or plastic body
  • The product dimension is 1.6 by 4.3 by 1.6 inches
  • The outer diameter is 1-3/5 inches
  • This nozzle weighs about 4.6 ounces
  • It is backed up with 90 days of warranty


  • The SIMPSON turbo nozzle is perfect for removing stubborn or greasy dirt from patios or driveways
  • This nozzle is an essential tool for cleaning heavy dirt surfaces
  • Nozzle increases the cleaning capacity up to 50 percent from default nozzle
  • You will find this rotating nozzle on affordable rates
  • It is a beautifully designed water nozzle


  • If this water nozzle is not used with care, then it may create a disaster or hurt the user
  • It demands extra precautions
  • This water nozzle is not suitable for electric powered pressure washers

5. LASCO Multi Flow Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle

A pressure washer is nothing without a drain cleaning nozzle so if the nozzle gets damaged, immediately bring a new one. You will find many options of pressure washer nozzles in the market, but every model is not suitable for your pressure washer. You have to choose best pressure washer nozzle which works well with your model. The LASCO 60-1325 Spray Nozzle combines the functionality, versatility, and reliability. Lasco water nozzle has a highly durable body that can withstand the extreme environmental conditions. You can use this nozzle for blasting away all the stubborn dirt from your patio. It comes with many enticing features. Here you will come to know thoroughly about the features, pros, and cons of LASCO 60-1325 Spray Nozzle.


  • The LASCO spray nozzle generates up to 3000 psi of water pressureLasco pressure washer nozzle
  • The orifice size  is 4.5 mm
  • It is multi-flow water pressure rotating nozzle
  • This comes with ¼ inch quick connect system
  • It can withstand temperature up to 300 degrees
  • This weighs about 1 ounces
  • The product dimension is 2 x 2 x 4.2 inches


  • The LASCO spray nozzle comes with quick and easy adjustment
  • Every customer is satisfied with the building material 
  • It works well with all types of pressure washers
  • This water pressure nozzle allows you to clean the entire house without even changing the nozzle
  • Although, this nozzle is available at affordable rates


  • Customers reported that the LASCO 60-1325 Spray Nozzle does not produce a good spray pattern.
  • Some customers complained that this nozzle does not attach to their pressure washer model and keep on leaking.

How to Choose the Best Pressure Washer Nozzle?

If your pressure washer is not producing the desired results, then you may have to change the nozzle for garden hose. Typically, a new drain cleaning nozzle solves the issue of bad cleaning outcomes from a pressure washer. There is a wide variety of pressure washer turbo nozzles in the market today, so there is a high probability that you may end up with a wrong product if you are not keen enough. You need to know various factors before visiting a pressure washer market. Below are the necessary consideration for getting the best out of a pressure washer.

Kinds of Pressure Washer Hose Nozzles

There are different types of best pressure washer nozzles available in the market. Every nozzle for garden hose will give you a diverse degree of cleaning capacity. There are rotary nozzles, quick connect nozzles,duct cleaning nozzles, sewer nozzles, foam nozzles, brass pressure washer soap nozzles, and steam nozzles. Before going to the pressure washer market, you should know every type of nozzle separately.

Rotary Turbo Nozzle

If you a nozzle which has ten times more power than the standard nozzle then prefer the rotary turbo nozzle. This type of nozzle offer circular, powerful and zero degrees washing ability for all cleaning jobs. This nozzle for car wash lies in the list of highly durable and wear resistant nozzles. It has the ability to spin around a small diameter that gives an incredible cleaning power. If you want a drain cleaning nozzle for industrial grade pressure washer, then buy this one as it will clean the stubborn dirt in a fraction of the time and it is also used for stripping off the paint.

Quick Connect Nozzle

As the name indicates, the quick connect nozzle is easy to use and connect. Such nozzles for garden hose have five diverse application degrees for enhancing the cleaning capacity. Every degree nozzle is suitable for a different cleaning job. These nozzles are usually coded with colors, and every color comes with a specific application. The red coded drain cleaning nozzle is used for removing tough to clean areas such as stubborn mud, glue, tar,and stubborn stains. The yellow nozzle is suitable for blasting the dirt from construction areas, cleaning the paint, removing the growth from marine equipment such as boat. Conversely, the green colored rotating nozzle is attached for removing general dirt from surfaces while the white coded nozzle is used for cleaning vehicles or windows.

Sewer Nozzle

Sewer nozzles help you in cleaning the hard to reach areas because it comes in a compact size. Such rotating nozzles generate up to 7000 PSI, so they are often used for drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, pipe cleaning, tube cleaning and hydro drilling. The rotating ability of these nozzles for garden hose adds extra power to the surface cleaning tool.

Brass Pressure Washer Soap Nozzle

The brass pressure washer soap nozzle work with a maximum water pressure of 500 PSI. This nozzle is not that powerful, so it requires soap and chemicals for efficient cleaning. This nozzle is mostly used to fulfill rinsing needs.

Foam Nozzle

Foam nozzles dispense thick foam for cleaning the stubborn dirt. Such nozzles for car wash offer a water pressure range from 2600 to 5000 psi. It provides extreme cleaning power.

Orifice Size of Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle

You have to match your pressure washer with the grade of turbo nozzle. Watch the orifice size of a pressure washer turbo  nozzle and see if it goes with your cleaning equipment or not. Different grade pressure washers demand different orifice size drain cleaning nozzles. For instance, the consumer-grade pressure washers require a turbo nozzle with a 3.0 orifice size while the professional-grade cleaning tool needs a five orifice nozzle. A pressure washer with high water pressure work flawlessly with a thicker turbo nozzle. A thin turbo nozzle for car wash will never work with high water pressure but try to keep the orifice size of a nozzle as small as possible because it will generate more pressure and you can clean the stubborn dirt in a smaller period.

How to Unclog the Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle?

A pressure washer is an essential cleaning tool for every home. What if its water nozzle gets clogged? It will definitely stop working. The blockage of the nozzle for car wash will reduce the cleaning ability of a pressure washer, and you need to push the water harder for cleaning any surface. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the blockage in the nozzle for garden hose. Below are the few steps which can prevent you from over-exerting your cleaning tool.

Step 1: Remove the nozzle from the pressure washer hose.

Step 2: Try to dig or poke the blockage backward out of the nozzle holes with the help of any straightened paper clip. See whether the clog is still there or it is removed. If it is not removed, try to push the clog by moving the paperclip back and forth again and again until the clog removes.

Step 3: Now, rinse the turbo nozzle pressure washer thoroughly back and forth.

Step 4: Put the nozzle back in the pressure washer hose and start your work.

Once you place it back, if you still found any blockage, then repeat the process again. Try to soak the nozzle in hot water and then follow the steps, the blockage will remove more easily.

Bottom Line

Finding the right pressure washer turbo nozzle is always the toughest job. If you get the best nozzle for garden hose, you will definitely enhance its cleaning ability and reduce your cleaning time. In today’s chaos world, it is almost impossible to get some extra time for cleaning the huge house thoroughly. The best quality nozzle is the need of today’s world. If you want to turn your less powerful pressure washer into a highly powerful cleaning tool, you should choose the best nozzle from the above products. All these best pressure washer nozzles are the well liked products. The features, pros, and cons will give you an idea of what you need to know in your quest for the right cleaning tool.