Best Pressure Washer Pump

Thorough and effective cleaning of vehicles, house exteriors, objects, gates, and several other things would need the use of a high-quality pressure washer. A top notch pressure washer is available with the best pressure washer pump. Such pressure washer pump generates high pressure with low flow along with the other pumping applications. People might not realize, but sometimes, it is necessary to replace a pressure washer pump with the new one having the best quality. There is a large variety of pressure washer pumps in the market which may create confusion for people, and you might end up in getting the bad quality pressure washer pump. Therefore, it is necessary to design the pressure washer pump buying guide which can help the people in choosing the best quality product. This buying guide will help people who wants to make the most of their pressure washer by adjusting the compatible pressure washer pump.

Top 5 Pressure Washer Pump [Comparison]

If you want a neat and clean house, then bring a high capacity pressure washer with the amazing features. The basic entity of a pressure washer is its pump, and if its stops working, then you will suffer in the long run. A pressure pump with the top most features can save both your time and energy. A powerful power washer pump is capable of doing the hard or tedious jobs easily. Every model of pressure washer pump has some pros and cons so do not worry about the negative aspects of a product until it outweighs the positive one. The top 5 pressure washer pump comparison will give a better idea about the best tool with desired features.

5 Best Pressure Washer Pump Review

1. Annovi Reverberi (AR) Pressure Washer Pump

If you want your pressure washer to work efficiently then prefer the beautifully designed Annovi Reverberi (AR) Pressure Washer Pump. This pressure washer pump is highly dependable and reliable which is ideal for every sort of pressure washer brand. Manufacturer used high-quality materials for this pressure washer pump. Once you make investment on this pressure washer pump, you will never feel any regret as it comes with amazing features. This review will initiate by telling the features, then pros and finally cons.

FeaturesAnnovi AR Pressure Washer Pump

  • The Annovi Reverberi (AR) Pressure Washer Pump deliver up to 2800 psi of water pressure.
  • It comes with a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute.
  • This pressure washer pump comes with a maximum speed of 3400 RPM.
  • It is built with a thermal relief protection valve that ensures the safety of a user.
  • It comes with a soap or chemical injector valve.
  • This pressure washer pump weighs about 6.1 pounds.
  • The product dimension of this pump is 12.3 by 8.3 by 7.6 inches.


  • The Annovi Reverberi (AR) Pressure Washer Pump is made up of highly durable and strong material. Lots of customers praise this product for its high quality construction.
  • This pressure washer pump is easy to install.


  • The Annovi Reverberi (AR) Pressure Washer Pump do not fit on every model.

2. Homelite Power Stroke Pressure Washer Pump

A good quality pressure washer pump enhances the worth of a pressure washer as it makes the cleaning job even easier. If the default pressure washer pump fails to work, then you can buy the replacement pump which fits well to your machine. Homelite Power Stroke pressure washer pump is one of the best pressure washer pump. You will come to know about this powerful pressure washer pump by reading this review.

FeaturesHomelite Powerstoke Pressure Washer Pump

  • The Homelite Power Stroke pressure washer pump delivers 2800 psi of water pressure.
  • This pressure washer pump weighs about 6 pounds.
  • The product dimension of this pressure washer is 8.7 by 8.5 by 7.7 inches.
  • It is available in black color.
  • It is 7/8” vertical shaft pump.


  • The Homelite Power Stroke pressure washer pump is a pocket-friendly product.
  • It is made up of highly durable material, you will never complain about leakage of water.
  • The holes of this pump fits perfectly to the motor and frame.
  • The installation of this pressure washer just take few minutes.


  • You will need to buy extra longer bolts for installing it.
  • This pressure washer pump does not fit all models of pressure washer.

3. Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer Pump Kit

Briggs and Stratton has a good name in the industry of pressure washers. Every product of this company comes with incredible features. The Briggs and Stratton Pump Kit is the most popular pump kit for washing and cleaning jobs. This lightweight and easy to install pressure washer pump makes the cleaning job simpler and easier. You will get every necessary item with this pressure washer pump kit which is necessary for maintaining and installing it. Let’s discuss the features, pros and cons of this pressure washer pump!

FeaturesBriggs & Stratton Pressure Washer Pump

  • The Briggs and Stratton Pump Kit comes with a shaft unit of 7/8”.
  • This pressure washer pump weighs about 6.7 pounds.
  • The package of this product contain various bolts and spacers.
  • It fits on all types of pressure washer. However, you should remove the chemical injector for proper fitting.
  • It comes with a product dimension of 12.9 by 11.1 by 9.1 inches.


  • The Briggs and Stratton Pump Kit is very simple and easy to install. It just take 10 minutes for assembling.
  • It works perfectly for a longer period.
  • It has genuine and durable body.


  • It require special attention for maintenance.
  • Some customers have issue with the water outlets which are located at the back side.

4. SIMPSON Cleaning 90029 Pressure Washer Pump

Everyone wants to have a sparkling clean house and it is possible if you have a right tool. Pressure washer is the right tool but what if its pump stops working? Manufacturers has provide solution for this issue by inventing beautifully designed pressure washer pumps. Simpson is a renowned company for pressure washers. The pressure washer pumps which this company has invented are amazing. The SIMPSON Cleaning 90026 Pressure Washer Pump comes in a unique design with an aluminum head for better cleaning in the long run. Here, you will came to know about this pressure washer pump thoroughly.

FeaturesSIMPSON Pressure Washer Pump

  • The SIMPSON Cleaning 90026 Pressure Washer Pump generates up to 3000 psi.
  • The flow rate of this pressure washer pump is 2.4 gallons per minute.
  • It is axial cam pump which is famous for best performance.
  • It is 3/4 inch horizontal shaft pump.
  • It is a universal pressure washer pump that fits to all models.
  • This pressure washer pump is designed with a thermal relief valve for the safety of a user.
  • It comes with a syphon tube, shaft key and mounting bolts.
  • This pressure washer pump weighs about 6 pounds.
  • The product dimension of this pump is 7 by 5 by 7.5 inches.


  • The SIMPSON Cleaning 90026 Pressure Washer Pump is powerful pump that remove the stubborn stains in no time.
  • It is extremely easy to install.
  • Manufacturers of this pressure washer pump has keep the safety of the user in mind and it is revealed from the safety thermal relied valve of this pump.
  • It fits to all models of pressure washers.


  • The SIMPSON Cleaning 90026 Pressure Washer Pump require immense maintenance.

5. Homelite Universal Pressure Washer Pump

Homelite Universal Pressure Washer Pump is the most popular pressure washer pumps that comes with amazing features. The highlighted feature of this pressure washer pump is that it comes pre-filled with the oil for saving the maintenance cost. Continue reading this review if you want to know this product thoroughly.

FeaturesHomelite Pressure Washer Pump

  • The Homelite Universal Pressure Washer Pump generates up to 2800 psi.
  • The flow rate of this pressure washer pump is 2.5 GPM.
  • It comes with a thermal release valve.
  • This pressure pump weighs about 5.8 pounds.
  • It is a 7/8 inch vertical shaft pump.
  • The product dimension of this product is 8.6 by 8.4 by 8.1 inches.


  • The Homelite Universal Pressure Washer Pump comes with a safety feature.
  • You can easily install it by removing 2 hoses and 3 bolts.
  • It exactly fits to the pressure washer and works well.


  • Customers reported that they find it difficult to get access to the hole for changing oil.
  • It does not fit to all models of pressure washers.

How to Choose the Best Pressure Pump?

You will find various customize able options of pressure washer pumps on the market, but it is not necessary that every product comes with the best features. You are going to pick the best among the never lasting list of pressure washer pumps. For this purpose, you have to go through certain factors before going to the pressure washer market. You should what to look for if you want to replace the pressure washer pump and wants to get the most out of the machine.

Points to be Considered for Acquiring Pressure Pump

Do a Thorough Research

Before you buy a pressure washer pump for your machine, do a thorough research. You need to know about the sincere recommendations like go through the customer’s reviews.  People usually believe that the pump which comes with a pressure washer has a better quality than the universal pumps, but this is not true, you can find the best pressure pump with top notch features. You will find a vast variety of pressure washers pumps in the market, and it is essential to see whether that pressure washer pump fits well with your pressure washer or not. If you do not analyze it deeply, then you might waste your money by getting the wrong pump for your machine.

Watch your Needs

You have to check your needs before bringing a pressure washer pump to home. Pressure washer pumps are available with different water pressure. Some pumps come with lower power while others have extremely high power. You have to choose it according to your requirement. If your pressure washer is a large one and you use it for heavy duty job, then you must prefer a pressure washer pump with high PSI which can effectively clean the large yard. Choose the one that complies well your needs.

Price of Pressure Washer Pump

Every model of pressure washer pump comes at a different price. You will find the pressure washer pumps in the different price range from an inexpensive to the most expensive one. Everyone will prefer a pressure washer with the best features at an affordable price. Typically, the pressure washer pumps with top notch features are costly, and you can only afford it if you have a huge sum of money in your pocket. Such expensive pressure washer pumps are highly durable and add extra strength to your pressure washer. One time investment can save your extra bucks for the lifetime.

Kinds of Pressure Washer Pumps

Typically, a pressure washer pump is divided into three main categories which include axial, triplex and wobble pump. It is important to know about each type of pump before buying one.

Wobble Pressure Washer Pump

If you have an electric pressure washer, then bring a wobble pump for your pressure washer. These pressure washer pumps are cheaper to build, and it generally lasts about 300 hours of working.

Triplex Pressure Washer Pump

Triplex pressure washer pump is found in contractor-grade pressure washers, and it is rarely found in the residential pressure washers. These power washer pumps are preferred for heavy duty jobs and are more expensive than other kinds of pumps. The cost of this type of pump varies from $250 to $350.

Axial Cam Pressure Washer Pump

Another type of pressure washer pumps is the axial cam pump which is more sturdy, powerful and durable than the wobble pressure washer pump. If you have an expensive electric or gas powered pressure washer, then prefer this kind of pump. Some people also use units with the axial cam pressure washer pump. These pressure washer pump generally lasts about 600 to 700 working hours.

Match the Replacement Pump

At this stage, you will have to compare the water pressure rating and flow rate of the replacement one with the old one. See whether the new pump has the same PSI and GPM or not. People might prefer a replacement pump with the more water pressure or flow rate, but this is not the right decision as it can either bog down the pressure washer engine or might be too powerful for the rating of hose’s burst. Furthermore, you should also check the installation figures, and the manuals for the replacement pumps that whether it is similar to the old pump or not. Compare the measurements to ensure that the new pump will fit well in the pressure washer. These measurements will give you an idea that the replacement pressure washer pump is compatible with your pressure washer.

Significance of Replacement Pump

Why you need to replace your pressure washer pump? What is the significance of a pressure washer pump? Well, pressure washer is the basic entity of a pressure washer. Your pressure washer is of no need if its pump stops working. After sometime, you have to invest on the pressure washer pump. Here, you will came to know about the benefits of pressure washer pump.

Replacement for a Faulty Pressure Washer Pumps

When you find some fault in your default pressure washer pump, then the replacement pump with high grade quality will serve the purpose efficiently. With these pressure washer pumps, you can enhance the performance of your pressure washer.

Better Quality than the Default Pumps

When you plan to get a new pressure washer pump, then you will get a wider option in the market. You can choose the pumps with higher PSI ratings which can make your entire house sparkling clean in a fraction of time. The highlighter features of these pressure washer pumps include the soap injection valves and a garden conversion kit that allows the customer to change the typical hose with the high pressure hose. Therefore, you can say that these pressure washer pumps has better quality than the default pumps that comes with your pressure washer.


These pumps comes in a beautiful compact and versatile design that enhance the beauty of your machine and makes you to do your job joyfully. Manufacturers of these pressure washer pumps focus on the durability of these pumps so that it can provide the high pressure support for engines of various pressure washers. You can bring out the best in your pressure washer by adjusting these pressure washer pumps to your machine and allow you them work for a great cleaning job.

Bottom Line

The invention of pressure washer is accompanied by manufacturing its part because it is essential to provide all the replacement parts to the customer if some part stops working. Sometime, people get bored of their old pressure washer performance and they want to replace it but their budget does not allow so they can modify its performance by just replacing its parts especially pumps. However, people always look for a replacement part which function better than the old one. For this purpose, user have to go through the buying guide to get the best pressure washer pump. With this pressure washer pumps guide, you will be able to choose the right one for your cleaning tool. All the above top-rated products work efficiently but you have to select the one which is compatible with your equipment.