Best 3 Robot Lawn Mowers Buying Guide

 Today, everyone is busy in their hectic routine, and they are not able to find time for housework. If he lives in a small flat, then the housework is much easier, and he can find some extra time for other activities. However, a large house with a garden enhances the load of work. Taking care of the garden is a laborious and time-consuming task, and if you ignore the garden, then the cleaning job become even greater. The latest lawn mower technology can assist you in keeping the lawn cut without even lifting a figure, and it will ultimately save lots of your time and energy. Robot lawn mowers are one of those latest inventions that will speed up the grass mowing job. They will amaze you with its exceptional features. There are many models of robot lawn mower, so you will definitely need some guidance.

Top 3 Best Robotic Lawn Mowers [Comparison]

When you came to know about the necessary things before buying a robotic lawn mower, you will still be in a dilemma about the right choice. However, a list of the best robotic lawn mowers will help you narrowing your choice. Reviews of the best three robotic lawn mowers will highlight the features, pros, and cons of the particular products.

Best 3 Robotic Lawn Mowers Review

WORX 28 Volt Robotic Lawn Mower

If you are tired of cutting the grass and you want some helping hand, then the Worx Robotic Lawn Mowers is the perfect option for you. It is a completely automatic machine that cut the entire grass in a small amount of time. Mowing and vacuuming are the highlighted feature of this lawn mower. This lawn mower has been used for many years and it is contributing in keeping the world green without even wasting time and energy of the operator. This exclusive robotic lawn mower is famous for its inexpensive price.


  • Worx Robotic Lawn Mowers comes with interchangeable blades or knives.
  • The noise level of this lawn mower is 63dBWorx Robotic Lawn Mower
  • Its maximum incline is 35 percent.
  • It cut approximately 1,000 m2 of a field in 1 hour.
  • The cutting height of this lawn mower ranges from 2 to 6 cm.
  • It weighs about 8.3 kg.
  • It comes with a cutting width of 18 cm.
  • This lawn mower is built with 180m long cable.
  • It comes with a battery life of 60 minutes and its charging time is 90 minutes.
  • It can automatically sense the obstacles on the way.


  • Worx Robotic Lawn Mowers is an environmentally friendly machine as it emits zero pollution.
  • It is an extremely quiet machine.
  • It allows you to program this machine to cut the grass anywhere within the range of the lawn mower.
  • It is equipped with a rain sensor.
  • This lawn mower has a weather proof body.
  • It is built with safety sensors that instantly stop the blades if this machine is lifted up while using.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • It is light in weight.


  • Worx Robotic Lawn Mowers create a problem when cutting the edges.
  • If the copper wiring of this lawn mower is damaged, then it will severely affect the mowing process.
  • It is relatively slow as compared to the push lawn mowers.
  • It requires some initial supervision.

LawnBott EVO Robotic Lawn Mower

The Lawn Bott Robotic Lawn Mower is one of the most competitive robotic lawn mowers. This is a simple but effective lawn mower. This lawn mower is not a fully automatic lawn mower as it requires a separate docking station. Moreover, you also have to charge this lawn mower manually. Still, this lawnmower comes with many enticing features. In this review, you will come to know about the features, pros, and cons of the Lawn Bott Robotic Lawn Mower.


  • The Lawn Bott Robotic Lawn Mower covers an area of 10,000 sqm. ft.lawnbott lawn mower
  • It comes with a cutting width of 10 inches.
  • It is equipped with a Lithium battery.
  • Its average charging time is 2 to 3 hours while its working time is 3.5 hours.
  • It is built with 4 sharp blades.
  • It weighs about 25 pounds.
  • Its cutting height is 1.8 to 2.8 inches.
  • It has a four-wheel
  • It comes with an automatic blade shut off the handle.
  • Its software can be updated by the internet.
  • It comes with 25 degrees hill capability.
  • The bump sensor of this lawn mower is activity when any obstacle higher than 4.5 inches come in the way.
  • It is backed up by two years of warranty.


  • Lawn Bott Robotic Lawn Mower comes with an excellent cutting quality.
  • It is easy to move from area to area.
  • It has enough pegs and wires for many installs.
  • It has a lithium battery which runs longer than the other batteries.
  • It is an eco-friendly and quiet lawn mower.


  • The Lawn Bott Robotic Lawn Mower has no rain sensor.
  • It comes with just a single mowing zone.
  • Installing the charging dock of this lawn mower is a bit tough than many other lawn mowers.
  • It has no alarm feature.

Robomow Robotic Lawn Mowers

The Robomow Robotic Lawn Mowers are the most convenient lawn mowers. This is a completely automatic machine, and it works on its own without the need of a supervisor. You just have to give instruction, and it will do the mowing job for you. It works by cutting the grass and then returning to the initial station, waiting for further instructions. It comes with exclusive features.


  • The Robomow Robotic Lawn Mowers covers an area of 6400 sqm. ft.Robomow Lawn mower
  • It comes with three autonomous mowing zones.
  • The cutting width of this lawn mower is about 11 inches.
  • It weighs about 23 pounds.
  • The cutting height of this lawn mower ranges from 1.30 to 3.25 inches.
  • Its noise level is 68 to 70 dB.
  • Its average charging time is 60 to 90 minutes while its working time is 60 minutes.
  • It is equipped with three 11 inch blades.
  • It is operated by a 26V Lithium battery.
  • It comes with 20 degrees hill capability.
  • It is built with rain sensor.


  • The Robomow Robotic Lawn Mowers has a larger capacity to mow the grass.
  • It requires no supervision.
  • This lawn mower allows you to cut any terrain even the highest grass.
  • This lawn mower comes with a child lock for safety purpose.
  • It has the multiple zone mowing capability.
  • It comes with arien sensor that allows this to end up operation when it is raining.
  • The base station of this lawn mower charges its batteries automatically.


  • You cannot set the alarm with this machine.
  • It has no remote control.
  • It is relatively slow as compared to the push lawn mowers.

How to Choose the Best Robot Lawn Mower?

Choosing the perfect robot lawn mower with exceptional features and qualities is not an easy task. There are several things which you have to consider before buying the robot lawn mower.

All About Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robot Lawn Mower with Different Zone Capability

The multi-zone capability enables your mower to travel around the different areas of the garden without manually resetting it. This feature is useful for those who have a yard with different sized portions. If your lawn mower does not have this feature, then you will have to reset the zone size repeatedly. So consider this lawn mower if your lawn has different sized areas.

Area of the Lawn

Before buying a lawn mower, you should measure the area of the lawn. After acknowledging the lawn area, assess whether the lawn mower will cover that area in lesser time or not. Most of the robot lawn mowers are suitable for smaller areas, and if you want to use it for a larger field, then you have to configure the mower properly. You will get the right lawn mower for your garden if you know the exact area of your garden.

Robot Lawn Mower with Built-in Scheduling Program

With the advancement in technology, there is many high-quality robot lawn mowers that have a built-in scheduling program. If you are not good at remembering important things, then this lawn mower is best for you. You just have to set particular times and dates for mowing the grass. This program will entail the machine to cut the grass even when you are on the job or busy with the hectic schedule of life. Look for this feature of a lawn mower, and you will have no worry of taking time out for mowing the grass.

Robot Lawn Mower with Highly Durable Body

You should look for a reliable lawn mower as it will fulfill your aims. If you pick out a cheap quality lawn mower, then it is not only a waste of money, but it also has a small life span. These lawn mowers are more likely to break just after few months. Once you spend a huge sum of money on a good quality lawn mower, then you will have a lush green garden throughout the season. So choose a lawn mower which has a strong and highly durable body.

How is Robotic Lawn Mower Operated?

Robot lawn mowers are operated by a solar or rechargeable battery. The battery is recharged by a charging dock. You have to see how long the charging unit holds a charge. The type of power will give an idea to the operator that where the lawn mower needs to be kept, and it will help in knowing the cost of the lawn mower.

Bottom Line

Everyone wants to have a beautiful garden in a house, but they cannot find enough time for mowing the grass. When they are not cutting the grass frequently, then the garden will grow wild grass, and it will ruin the look of a lush green land. If you want to have a green land without wasting your time, then the robotic lawn mower is the right option for you. Read the above Best 3 Robot Lawn Mowers review; it will help you in getting the product with the desired features.