Best Snow Plow Blades Buying Guide 2020

Removing snow from pathways and off the roads or streets is not a stranger task. Every person living in countries like Canada, United States, England and similar places that witness snowfall every year have to deal with the daunting task of removing snow. This is not something that can be avoided as well. You have to remember that piled up snow can actually restrict your everyday life and you might end up beings stuck inside your own home; unable to even step out to go to work or make it to college. Hence, instead of being dependent on the snow it is wise that you find a solution to deal with it. Therefore, for removing huge snow on the pathways, the best snow plow blade is need of the day to clean.

In extreme winter seasons, there are even many companies that offer complete services to clear off large amounts of snow off the roads. This task is done on a commercial and wide scale. Companies make a lot of profit from it as well. However, it does not seem the wisest choice to hire professional services on daily basis to get the snow removed from your driveways so you can go to work. Therefore, it is more appropriate to solve the problem on your own. A snow plow blade is a best and most effective solution in this regard. It is capable of removing tons of snow in one good sweep.

In addition to snow plow blades, there are many other things that are also available to do the job well for instance snow pushers or snow blowers. However, in this review, we are only focused on the snow plow blades and we talk about the best 6 ones trending in the global markets these days!

Top Notch Snow Plow Blades [Comparison]

Are you looking for the best quality and superlative performance snow blow blades? If yes, then you are on the right track. The following in a comprehensive review of the most amazing and supreme quality snow plow blades that are currently trending in the markets now a days. The following six best snow plow blade offer maximum results in the best price range as well. Read on to find out all about the highlight features, pros as well as cons of each product! Decision making will definitely be easier after you go through this review.

Best 6 Snow Plow Blades Review

1. Swisher Universal 50 Inches 2645R ATV Plow Blade

The Swisher Universal 50 inches 2645R ATV Plow Blade is 50 inches in size. It is capable of moving very large amount of snow in one push. The blade comes with 1.8 inches of thickness. The high durable material ensures to perform well and offers longer durability as well.

Highlight Features

  • This snow plow has a 50 inches wide blade to clear large amounts of snow in one swishSwisher cheep blade
  • Blade is made up 1/8 inches of high-quality steel
  • Steel plow can manually attach as well as detach according to user preference
  • Heavy duty snow plow construction
  • Plow promises longer durability and reliability
  • Double lock system for the plow promises added security
  • Plow can use at various angles
  • The plow moves amongst varying angles of 18 to 24 inches of height which offers more effective results
  • Adjustable seating position for user convenience
  • One plow blade is pre-installed while one free-of-cost comes with the plow for manual usage
  • High cutting wheels are capable of moving through high piles of dirt and dust


  • Very effective in functionality
  • Interchangeable plow blades offer higher durability and longer life
  • Best to remove large amounts of light snow in one swish


  • Snow plow is a little heavyweight which makes it difficult to use
  • Does not work very smoothly for heavy snow

2.  John Deere Heavy Duty 46 Inch Snow Plow Blade

The John Deere Heavy Duty Snow Plow Blade is a great choice for clearing the snow on roads. The heavy duty metal blade is great in performance and looks very attractive as well. The snow plow blade is 49 and a half inches in size and comes with a reasonable 3/8 inches in thickness.

Highlight Features

  • It has heavy duty metal body though it extends durabilityJohn Deree Cheep plow Blade
  • The snow plow comes with 49 and a half inches blade to push maximum amounts of snow in one go
  • Snow plow blade is 3/8 inches in thickness which offers increased strength for superlative functioning
  • Porcelain coated exterior body that does not crack, rot or rust
  • Moderately priced snow plow


  • It is very strongly built body
  • The snow plow comes with solid and strong attachment for increased durability
  • Pivot high quality durable wheels that work well on all surfaces
  • Solid in-lock technology provides added protection


  • The plow does not come with basic hardware and tools; need to be purchased separately
  • Absence of user manual makes it difficult to understand basic functions

3. WARN Pro 50 Inches Straight Plow Blade

WARN Pro-Vantage 78950 50 inches straight plow blade is an amazing plow. The size of the 50 inches in size, it means mow 50″ snow at the same time. This blade is greatly functional for moving large amounts of snow in one push. Another best thing about it is that it works well with both dry and wet snow. Hence, without a, doubt this product is a worthy investment. It also offers easy attachments and detachments with the ATV for the convenience of the users.

Highlight Features

  • The plow blade is 50 inches in length which is extremely high functioning to push large amounts ofWarn blade for snowsnow
  • It works great with dry as well as wet snow
  • The blade has more than 12 inches gauge thickness
  • Offers increased durability and strength to the snow plow for efficient functioning
  • Heavy duty snow plow promises a long life
  • Ensured high quality for maximum product durability
  • Blade is externally lined with thin rods to provide more rigidity and strength to the snow plow
  • No assembly required
  • Offers easy attachments and detachments with the ATV for user convenience


  • Works with all types of snow and on all types of surfaces
  • Strong built offers longer durability
  • Easily installed or uninstalled; does not require any assembly as well


  • Poor design does not fit well with all ATV’s. This restricts the use of the snow plow blades
  • A little overpriced in comparison to the features it has to offer

4. Meyer Snow Plow Blade Home Plow Power Angling  

If you are looking for a high quality snow plow blade, Meyer Home Plow Power Angling Blade Model 26000 is a great choice in this regard. This blade comes with a single touch power angling button that makes the blade moves in all directions. Meyer snow plow comparatively highest rating due to its functionality. The meyer snow plow is good to use for professional as well as commercial purposes. Moreover, the material of the blade is also superlative in quality which ensures longer durability.

Highlight Features

  • Highlight feature is the ability of the snow plow blade to be attached to the front of the carMeyer blade for snow
  • Easy attachment makes it convenient for users to push snow away while driving
  • Power Angling one touch button made to move the snow plow in all directions; left, right, up and down
  • High quality US imported heavy duty material used for manufacture of blade
  • Hydraulic auto control to regulate the movement of the plow blades in different directions
  • Porcelain enameled body for added protection and increased durability
  • Remote control access to the blade to move and turn in different directions


  • High quality durable material offers a longer life for the product
  • Capable of moving 5 times snow in comparison to other snow plows


  • Pin lock feature of the blade is horrible because it does not unlock until the entire plow blade is disassembled and then fixed back again

5. Husqvarna Lawn Tractor 48 Inches Snow Plow Blade

New Husqvarna Tex Style 588181302 lawn tractor 48 inches snow plow blade is the perfect wide size 48 inches snow plow blade. The blade is easily attachable and detachable. Moreover, for a better understanding of the functionality of the product, you will also find that the product comes with a comprehensive user manual. Interestingly, the blades are so wide in size that it is capable of moving at least 16 inches deep snow for up to 5 feet in one single push. The blade is also pre-assembled inside the box i.e. 50 percent of it for the convenience of the users. The biggest highlight is the fact that the blade can be turned to up to 30 degrees angle on either direction for effective snow removal as well.

Highlight Features

  • Full sized large 48 inches snow plow front detachable bladeHusqvarna Snow blade
  • Capable of moving at least 16 inches deep snow up to 5 feet in one push
  • Easy to install; attachment with tractor required manually
  • Manual assembly of the blade required; easy user manual to help with it
  • All complementary tools included in box
  • Half blade comes pre-installed and assembled inside the box; remaining half done outside of it
  • Manual controls to control the upward and downward movements of the blade
  • Automated shift buttons also optional
  • Snow plow blade capable of turning at least 30 degrees on each left and right direction


  • Easy assembly made easier with comprehensive user manual
  • Capable of moving heavy deep inches of snow in one push
  • Solid quality product; made to be very attractive
  • High quality material promises longer durability


  • Suitable only for small land areas; fails to perform effectively for a long time in one go
  • Manual and automatic control shift buttons can cease and jam into place for long hours

6. K2 Plows Storm Snow Plow 22 Inches 

The K2 Plows Storm Snow Plow 22 inches STOR84-22 is one of the top notch snow plow blades that are available in the markets currently. This blade is around 22 inches in size which are very effective for the snow removal on a large scale. Moreover, the blade is made up of stainless steel material and is most suitable for wet and dry snow. The blade also comes with inbuilt automated functions. However, the automated functions aid the blade in performing well on all types of surfaces. For added durability, you will also find that the product is double porcelain coated. This prevents the blade from rusting as well as damaging because of persistent use. The product also comes with a warranty for 1 year.

Highlight Features

  • 22 inches wide size snow plow blade for efficient removal of large amounts of snowk2 blade
  • Stainless steel scraper blade works amazingly with all types of snow; wet and dry
  • Automated functions allow the blade to work on all types of surfaces
  • Easy attachment and detachment of the blade to the vehicle makes it very convenient to use for the users
  • The product comes with 1-year warranty for free of cost repairs and replacements
  • Exterior body of the stainless steel plow is double coated with porcelain for added durability
  • Double coating makes the blade UV protected and also makes it rust-resistant


  • Capable of moving large amounts of snow in one push
  • Easy attachment and detachment is handy
  • Product warranty for 1 year makes your investment secure
  • Works well with all types of snow and all types of surfaces as well


  • Heavyweight which makes it hard to move around
  • Material promises to be high quality but is not truly up-to-the-mark

Buyer’s Guide-Snow Plow Blades

If you are planning to buy a snow plow blade this season, you will need an insight into a lot more than the product features, benefits, and drawbacks. You to surely need to know about what factors you will need to tick off the list when you set out to make your purchase. Allow us to take you on a quick ride and make you familiar with all factors that are important to take into consideration prior to making the purchase.

5 Things that Matters

Quality is the Key

It is all about quality of the product and nothing else. Investing in a product that is low quality only because it costs less in comparison to other blades is not a wise decision. This poor quality product will most likely end up costing a lot more than any high quality product that appears to be expensive. The amount of money you will have to spend on its repair and replacements is not worth it. Hence, it is better to spend a little more for a product that is supreme in quality. This is going to last for years at least!

Choose the Perfect Plow Blade Size

Snow plow blades are very versatile, not only because of its functionality but for the size as well. A perfect snow plow blade can be any size; from 7 to 50 inches or even above. It completely depends on the purpose for which you need a snow plow blade. You should the size accordingly.

Plow Blade Shape: V-Shaped VS Straight

There are different designs or shapes of the snow plow blades that are available to be chosen from. The two basic shapes are V-shaped and straight shaped. The Straight shape plow is best to push large amounts of snow aside and is mostly used on a residential scale. The V-shaped snow plow blades one the other hand are designed for a multipurpose use. They not only push snow but are also helpful for scooping and bending to reach out to corners.

New VS Used Snow Plow Blades

Another thing that you will need to consider before making the final purchase is whether you are going to invest in a new snow plow blade or a used one. Of course, a new blade is going to be perfect in every sense. It is the used blade that you will have to be careful about. The one thing that you should understand is that a used product should not look good but perform well. Hence, your priority should be a snow blow blade that is functional and gives maximum outputs. You can ignore if the blade’s body is chipped or cracked. But do not compromise on its performance.

Choose Material Wisely

As far as the material of the blades is concerned, you will in most cases have three types of materials to choose from; Polyethylene, stainless steel and mild steel. Each material is a good choice. However, if you are looking for high performance and more durability, then in such a case polyethylene plastic will be a good choice. Plastic works great with ice as the snow does not stick to it nor does it cause it nay sort of damage.

Facts that Help to Make Perfect Snow Plow Blades Buying Decision

In order to invest wisely when buying snow plow blades, it is very important to first truly understand the importance and purpose of them. While you will be able to find a comprehensive buyer’s guide at the end of this article, here we talk about facts that are worth remembering when you set out to buy the perfect snow plow blade.

Facts Series

Fact 1 – The first thing to remember is that snow plow blades are something that you will most likely need to use every single day. Hence, it becomes crucial that you make a wise investment after taking each and every product feature into consideration.

Fact 2 – If you are a first-time buyer, make sure you visit several stores first and build a good relationship with the dealer first. As a novice buyer, the dealer will definitely be helpful for you to recognize the best plow blade amongst several options.

Fact 3 – Purchasing snow plow blades online is not a bad idea. However, you need to go through at least dozen reviews about a certain product you shortlist before arriving at a final decision. Also, remember to search the top brands and compare features.

Fact 4 – Always pre-determine the budget you want to purchase the snow plow blade in. Buying without a budget will most likely end in you spending a lot more than you should be. As a customer, you will surely not want to spend more than you should be for a certain product. Hence, it is strongly advised that you move in a certain budget that is pre-set.

Fact 5 – Make sure you buy in accordance to your need. You will not want to buy a manual plow blade if you intend to clear snow on a commercial scale. Similarly, a large and heavy duty low blade will not be the ideal purchase for residential settings. Hence, understand and recognize your purpose before you set out to make the final purchase. Most of the times, such products do not come with a warranty. Therefore, always invest wisely.


There are a few things that you will need to take into consideration when you set out to buy a snow plow blade. The one thing that will be pretty clear to you after reading this review is that snow plows come in all shape and sizes. Versatility is one of the highlight features of snow plows. Hence, it is easier to see why getting a snow plow is a great idea to tackle piled up snow! However, it is also very important to compare the features, highlight characteristics and pros and cons of all top rated snow plow blades to ensure that you make the perfect investment.

We have reviewed the best top 6 trending snow plow blades that are available in the markets. However, it is important to remember that each of the above 6 reviewed products are different in their own accord. Though, the main difference among all 6 is purposeful. While some plow blades are for residential use, others are entirely meant for commercial settings. However, whatever the case might be, the one thing that is pretty obvious is that all plow blades are mainly meant to make life easier for the people. With the perfect considerations, you can hands down get the best performing snow plow blade right now!