Best 7 Snow Roof Rakes for 2018

While snow blowers, pushers and plow blades are helpful to push away the snow off to clear roads and driveways, Snow Roof Rake is extremely effective to clear off snow from the house roof tops. In this review, we are dedicated to discuss the top and best trending avalanche snow roof rake for this year! So if you have been planning to invest in one lately, read on to make a wiser decision.

We all wish and pray for snowfall every single year. As soon as the first snowflakes start to fall, we can literally just feel the excitement building up. If you live in an area where it does not snow, you will most probably take a trip to some place where it is snow falling for a few days! However, visiting a place where snowfalls for tourism sake. People who reside in places where it snowfalls every year are no stranger to the hassles it brings along with all the fun as well as the excitement.

The biggest problem that you have to deal with is to snow blocking at the driveways, doorways and roads. Moreover, snow piling on top of the home roofs. Luckily there are many handy tools that are available to deal with both the kind of problems.

Top 7 Best Snow Roof Rake [Comparison]

Have you finally planned on making life easier for yourself? Well, the first step to take is to invest in a good quality snow rake for roof. This will prevent the snow from piling up on the rooftop. No gathered up snow will mean no trouble though no worries!. Moreover, they are not a very ‘pricey’ investment! Hence, this is one more additional reason to invest in the best quality rake and bring it home.

The first thing, you will need to do to buy the best quality, best design and most effective snow roof rake. We made the most work for you to research process. The 7 best snow roof rakes trending during this year would be under discussion. So, read onto find all about the best snow roof rake available out there.

Best 7 Snow Roof Rakes Review

1. Avalanche Snow Removal System With 17 Inches Head

Avalanche snow roof rake is popular because it has a very different design and unique looking. The 17 inches head blade comes in a perfect design to remove large amounts of snow in one go. The avalanche rake is top rated because the rake comes with attached wheels and is engulfed in a patented cutter frame.

Highlight Features

  • It has a unique and different designAvalnche Snow Removal Rake
  • Capable to remove snow with ease and accurate precision
  • Using this roof top snow removal system is 100% safe
  • The avalanche snow rake comes with attached wheels on a Patented cutter frame
  • Supreme quality plastic and fiber glass material 
  • Plastic frame is 7 x 12 inches in dimensions
  • No additional tools needed with it
  • Pre-assembled and ready to use on box open
  • Snap up coupler system for convenience storage
  • Zero maintenance required for the snow removal system


  • Avalanche snow roof rake is very effective in removing wet snow in large amounts
  • Can bring down large amounts of build-up snow
  • High quality material promises durability and long life


  • Only works well for removal of fresh snow
  • Does not even perform for a snow 1 day older and frozen

 2. Garelick 21 Foot Aluminum 89421 Snow Roof Rake

Garelick roof rake comes with 21 foot aluminum 89421 is one of the most effective in which the traditional tines were replaced with a wide size 24 inches blade for effective snow removal. Inside blade in garelick roof rake works well for removal of all types of snow; wet, dry as well as frozen.

Highlight Features

  • Rake is an absence of tines.
  • The tines have been replaced with a wide size Garelick snow roof rake24 inches blade for effective snow removal
  • 21 foot long handles with four sections for varying height adjustments
  • Effectively removes large amounts of all types of snow
  • Work supremely well for frozen snow as well
  • Very easy to use
  • No assembly is requiring to begin using


  • Works very well to deal with heavy amounts of snow in one go
  • Works effectively for all types of snow
  • Very lightweight body, makes it easy to use
  • Manual adjustable height of the 21 foot handle to work on different heights


  • There are no ‘cons’ or ‘drawbacks’ that have been reported for this product

3. Garant Yukon 24 Inches Snow Roof Rake Shovel

Garant Yukon GPRR24U 24 inches poly blade is best to remove large amounts of snow with no time. This garant roof rake saves time as well as provides maximum results in the least amount of time. The blade is made of plastic, therefore, it very lightweight during snow handling on rooftops. The strong body with the poly blade, snow removing from the heights are no more difficult. Moreover, the overall rake very convenient to use.

Highlight Features

  • 24 inches wide size blade for maximum snow removal in no timeGarant Snow Rakes
  • Blade is of polyethylene material to make it safe to use
  • Lightweight body gives convenience to the customers to use it
  • The blade is supported with wide angles rods for effective snow removal
  • The handle has three extendable sections
  •  100% pure aluminum handle
  • Porcelain coated for added protection
  •  Anti-slippery to work well in wet and snowy conditions
  • 1 year of warranty 


  • It is excellent lightweight rake for roof snow clearing
  • Pure aluminum handle for longer durability
  • Best for residential use


  • Polyethylene blade fails to work 100% effectively on heavy snow
  • Overpriced

 4. Snow Joe Twist And Lock  Telescoping 21 Inches Snow Roof Rake Shovel 

Snow Joe Twist and Lock RJ204M Telescoping 21 inches snow roof rake shovel with 25 inches poly blade head works amazingly not only for removal of snow but also large amounts of leave, twigs and other debris. This Snow Joe roof rake works in the best way to remove large amounts of snow in the most effective way. The handle comes with a twist and lock in technology that can extend up to 21 foot in length.

Highlight Features

  • Removal of all types of snow in most effective way 
  • The handle comes with a twist and lock in technology
  • Manual heights adjustment upto  21 foot without breaking or loosening up
  • Very lightweight, only weighs 4.8 pounds
  • Operating the rake is easier as well smoother
  • Large size poly blade 24 inches in size
  • Very effective in removing large amounts of snow in one pull


  • High quality material
  • Maximum durability and long life
  • Maximum results
  • Telescopic handle with twist
  • Large size poly blade for effective snow removal
  • Lightweight body designed for easier use


  • A little overpriced in accordance to the specifications of the product

5. OHUHU Telescoping 21 Inches Twist And Lock Snow Shovel Roof Rake

The OHUHU telescoping 21 inches twist and lock snow shovel roof rake is 21 inches in height. The blade is 25 inches in length and 6 inches in width. The blade has perfect dimensions to work well for all snow types. OHUHU rake ensures to remove large amounts of snow in the most effective way. The handle comes with easy twist and lock technology. This works well for manual height adjustments of the handle to varying lengths. The handle of OHUHU is aluminum though porcelain coated as well for better protection. The extra layer of porcelain covering prevents the snow rake from rust and rot in the long run.

Highlight Features

  • Manual height adjustments of the handle to up to 21 inches of heightohuhu Snow Rake
  • 25 inches long and 6 inches wide front blade
  • Easy twist and lock telescoping adjustments
  • Best for removing large amounts of snow
  • Aluminum handles with porcelain coated


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Effective results
  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable


  • No cons have been reported for this product

6. True Temper 17 Feet Snow Roof Rake

The true temper telescoping snow roof rake is definitely a good investment that you can make. The front blade is 24 inches in size which can better for multipurpose use. The snow roof rake is lightweight. Hence, it is definitely very easy and convenient to use. The blade head covered with a wear strip rubber that provides added durability. The handle can also extend up to 17 foot in height. Moreover, the handle is made up of aluminum material which is double porcelain enameled to provide protection. The handle also has a matte covering that makes the handle non-slippery.

Highlight Features

  • 24 inches wide width and multipurpose front bladeTrue temper snow rake
  • Lightweight snow rake for roof makes it convenient for the people to use
  • The blade head has been exterior coated with a wear strip rubber
  • The quality material promises a long life 
  • Handle made with aluminum material
  • The support of a matte covering non slippery issues
  • Automated telescopic movement with one push button


  • Easy to use
  • Effective in results
  • Manual height adjustments
  • Versatile in functionality
  • No additional tools required


  • Lightweight body can fail to perform efficiently with heavy snow

7. Suncast 24 Inches Snow Roof Rake Shovel 

The Suncast 20 foot 3-3/8 inches reach 24 inches snow roof rake shovel SRR2100 is a very popular. It is great investment to get suncast rake for your home. Suncast rake looks very attractive, good appearance, very different design and unique. The front head of the suncast snow roof rake does not have tines. Although, the tines replaced with a high quality graphite blade. The graphite material of the blade is non-stick which works well with all types of snow! This rake is definitely a worthy investment to make. The wide size blade and manual adjustable handle works amazingly for maximum output.

Highlight Features

  • The first highlight is good lookingsuncast snow rake
  • It visually does not look like a standard snow roof rake
  • Suncast rake is a popular choice for people
  • The front head replaced with a graphite blade
  • Due to graphite material, it works well with all snow types
  • No maintenance required this snow rake for roof
  • The handle is 20 foot longs and comes in three part divisions
  • The stainless aluminum handle, so it does rust or rot 
  • The front blade is very modest in dimensions of 21 x 7 inches
  • Easy storage with 4 piece snap-cut wrap up


  • Easy and quick assembly and disassembly gets a thumb up
  • It works tremendously to remove large amounts of snow
  • Non-stick surface works well with all types of surfaces
  • 20 foot adjustable handle gives it versatility to use


  • There is no user manual with it
  • This makes it hard for some customers to understand how to truly bring it into use
  • Plastic body can fail to function on heavy snowfall

Buyer’s Guide – Snow Roof Rakes

If you are planning to invest in snow roof rakes this season, there are many factors that you need to bring into consideration prior to purchase. While it is practically not possible to talk about each and every consideration in detail, it is important to highlight the most important factors that are important to consider before you make your final purchase.

Thing Snow Roof Rakes that matters


The first thing,  people should know about roof rakes is the size of snow roof rakes that either can adjustable or not. However, it is strongly recommended that you opt for a snow roof rake that is adjustable in size. This is the only way you will be able to work on varying heights with help of your rook rake. Recently, twist as well as lock in technology allows not only manual adjust the height but also fix it at right into place.


The next thing you will need to bring into consideration is the material of the snow roof rake. The different materials used to build snow rake for roof must be checked. Although, common material options are available like wood, plastic, metal and aluminum. More then that you can also find rakes made out of combination of different materials. The type of material you choose strongly depends on the level of use you are purchasing for.

Number of Tines

Tines are the head part of the rakes. It is important to make sure that you choose the rake with maximum tines. Moreover, it may also bring the spacing between each tine into consideration. However, these days snow roof rakes come with a head in which the traditional tines have been replaced with a blade. This is more effective for removal of snow. Tines do work well not only snow removal but also leave, twigs as well as other waste materials.


You will have to pay specific attention regarding the handle prior to purchasing. The handle is support of the snow roof rakes. It strongly depends on the handle for how well it can work.

How Do Snow Roof Rake Help?

Best roof rake of different types are available in the market. However, rakes are very versatile and each one probably serve  in like wise purpose (Below we will discuss types of rakes as well). The best roof rakes, in particular, serves to remove gathered or piled up snow from the rooftops.

This tool is very handy at it is solely created to make life easier for people. Hence, ease of use makes it an ideal choice for all men, women and even children! Additionally, they are not very expensive as well! So it is definitely a worthy investment to clean your roofs with handy efforts.

Types of Snow Roof Rakes

Interestingly, there is an entire list of different types of rakes. However, not all rakes are used to clear or remove snow but each specific type serves a different purpose. If you are planning to buy a roof snow rake, it is not mandatory but helpful to have a little knowledge about other types of rakes as well. So let’s take a look at some of the other rakes in addition to roof rake for snow removal, just only for customer convenience.

1. Leaf Rake

Leaf rake is normally using to remove leafs, branches and twigs. It is mostly triangular in shape.

2. Bow Rake

Bow rakes helps to dig into deep soil. It is mostly used for cultivation and harvesting. The bow rakes are mostly rectangle in shape with very thin tines. Although, the bow rake times are narrowly spaced from each other.

3. Thatch Rake

The one thing that is vividly obvious about the Thatch rake is its design which is much similar to bow rakes. It has a rectangle head with narrowly spaced tines. However, the purpose of the thatch rake is to remove dead leaves, plants and flowers off the ground.

4. Landscaping Rake

The landscaping rake, as the name suggests, is designed more for commercial use rather than residential. Hence, you will find this rake to have the longest and widest head amongst all others.

4. Shrub Rake

Shrub rakes are the most petite and tiny rakes of all. These rakes are very lightweight and have the tiniest tines in very less distance from each other.

Final Verdict

Of course there is nothing that can be done without a little efforts. Therefore, the same applies for clearing off snow from roof tops with help of roof rakes for snow removal. However, the efforts you have to make with these rakes is very little. Hence, you will find a best snow roof rake that all your snow build-up problems can be solved forever! The use of rakes are very easy. Moreover, the lightweight and portable snow rakes are an effective solution to deal with piled up snow on rooftops.

We have reviewed the best and top notch roof rakes, however, the editorial rating goes with avalanche snow roof rake. Our hope is to help you make the best buying decision in accordance to personal preference. This is now your time to bid goodbye to snow from building up on the rooftop with help of the best snow roof rakes available all around.