Best String Trimmers & Edgers Buying Guide

Technology has an aim of making life simpler as well as easier. Thus, you can observe this fact from the evolution of a string trimmer and lawn edger. The new innovation brings a time and efforts consuming unit into the more efficient gas or electric units. The best string trimmer as well as the best lawn edger are the handiest invention as it adds value to your home. Moreover, the ideal walk behind string trimmer will deliver perfection with a clear discrimination between your garden and the hard surface like pavements. These equipment have been improved to great extend to deal with the difficult tasks such as mowing, trimming, and what not.

Although, there are many types of trimmer and edger in the market, but they are basically categorized in two kinds which include gas powered, electric powered as battery powered. Though, the cordless lawn edger is giving you the liberty to move all around the garden. The beauty of the most best string trimmer has duel function as  it works as an edger lawn as well. Therefore, such trimmers will help you clean the land after mowing it and will add carpeted neatness to the garden. To make the things easy for you, we take the top brands to discuss. Here, you will come to know about 7  best string trimmer and best lawn edger review in this article. 

Top 7 Best String Trimmer and Best Lawn Edger

When a weed pops up in the lush green garden, it ruins the beauty of a land. In this situation, cleanliness of long weeds needs to carry out immediately. Therefore, you have to move the heavy lawn mower over the land to trim such long grass. However, to tackle that situation, the wheeled string trimmer or walk behind lawn edger is the better solution as it is far more portable than the lawn mower. Here now we elaborate all best brand of lawn edger one by one, just stay to read unless complete it.

7 Best String Trimmer and Edgers Review

1. Black and Decker String Trimmer 13 Inch 40V MAX Lithium Ion 

The Black and Decker string trimmer provides many high quality grass trimming facilities. Its aim is to provide the average homeowner a trimmer that offers a complete mowing solution at an affordable rate. Moreover, it is powerful black+decker cordless string trimmer though able to tackle all of your grass mowing jobs easily. The installed 40 volt lithium Ion battery serves enough power for handling all of your grass clearing jobs. The portable string trimmer mower will not only enhance the beauty of your yard at the end of the day but also save mowing fatigues. The battery string trimmer will amaze every guy with its enticing features.


  • The Black and Decker lawn trimmer has a 40 volt lithium ion batteryBlack & Decker string trimmer
  • An automatic line feed spool
  • 3 years of warranty
  • The power drive transmission optimizes the power from a motor
  • It weighs about 7.8 pounds
  • An auxiliary handle which has 0.065 line diameter and a 13 inch cutting swath
  • The battery lasts for about 40 minutes
  • It can handle 8500 RPM


  • The string trimmer black +Decker is a very quiet machine
  • It is easy to start
  • You can select the power consumption as per requirement, it will prolong the life of a battery
  • It can easily convert as lawn edger as you just have to turn the shaft
  • The powerful battery is not needed to charge again and again in a short span of time
  • It is extremely lightweight so you would move it easily over the garden
  • The automatic spool allows you to mow the garden continuously without bumping
  • Its battery has an excellent run time


  • The Decker trimmer has no secondary battery so you cannot take its battery out and charge it separately

2. Worx String Trimmer 12 Inch 3-in-1 Functions

If you cannot bear the heavy load of a lawn mower then you can try a battery powered trimmer. The Worx string trimmer lies in the best list of commercial trimmers in the market. The customer’s positive response bring it to the limelight. Worx lightweight cordless trimmer will allow you to clean your land with tiring. The wheeled string trimmer worx hits on all fronts due to the amazing features. Although, this best string trimmer review will educate you about its features, pros and some cons.


  • The Worx trimmer has 3 in 1 capability as it can use for mowing, trimming as well as edgingWorx string trimmer
  • Its replacement of lawn edger without any additional tool
  • A quick release lever can use for fast adjustment of the telescope heights
  • This string cum edger has a cutting diameter of 12 inch
  • It is powered by 32 volts lithium battery
  • It weighs about 6.2 pounds
  • This package contains a battery, charger and 3 trimmer spools
  • The trimmer head can tilt at 90 degrees
  • The shaft is about 2 inches long
  • Worx trimmer string model comes with an optional wheel assembly


  • The worx trimmer is a quiet machine and is very comfortable to use
  • It is adjustable walk behind string trimmer to every position without any tool
  • With only two clicks, you can tilt the trimmer head in any direction
  • It takes a little room for storage
  • This has capability to mow the hard to reach areas
  • The wheels option allow you to move easily over the metal plates


  • It is not recommended for users who have smaller hands as the handle is quite larger for them and their hand may begin to cramp
  • The instructions for assembling are not clear in the manual

3. Toro Electric String Trimmer 14 Inch

The gardeners have a better idea that how important a trimmer and edger is to a garden. Without such tool, it would impossible to enhance the beauty of a land. That is why, the professional gardeners are looking for the best string trimmer which can help them in enhancing the beauty of a land. The Toro electric string trimmer has fulfill their desires. Moreover, the toro trimmer string model can use as lawn edger due to its inbuilt enhance technology. However, the 14 inch toro coded lawn edger is quite light in weight and easy to use.

 Toro always concern about the comfort of the people which is indicated from the fact that they have added an assisted handle to its lawn trimmer which will ensure that the trimming experience would enjoyable rather than tiring. The complete review of Toro electric trimmer will enlighten you with its features, pros and cons.


  • This is 14 inch corded electric trimmerToro string trimmer
  • It is powered by a 5 Amp motor
  • It comes with a 14 inch dual line cutting head
  • With only one click, you can convert the trimmer into the lawn edger
  • The handle can adjust in any position
  • It comes with 2 years of warranty
  • This measures about 11 x 14 x 48 inches


  • The extra wide cutting head of Toro electric string trimmer allows you to complete the mowing grass faster
  • The adjustable handle provides you with an extended reach
  • It save your money due to 3 in 1 features of mowing, trimming and edging
  • This pocket friendly coded lawn edger gives a great look to your garden
  • The durable material ensures for a longer period of time
  • Its guided wheel can used when needed


  • Some customers reported that line feed create problem sometimes
  • The two years of warranty is quite less for a good quality product

4. GreenWorks Electric String Trimmer 18 Inch 

Everyone knows that the electric operation of the Greenworks tools always provides reliable performance. Its coded electric edger cum trimmer offer a clean running alternative to the gas powered equipment. The Greenworks string trimmer always comes with versatile features. Therefore, it allows you to complete the job in lesser time. The eco-friendly nature electric lawn trimmer entices the earth loving people towards upward. This lightweight yet powerful string trimmer will enhance the beauty of your lawn. This review will begin with the feature followed by the pros and finally, you will come to know about its cons.

Featuresgreenworks string trimmer

  • The Greenwork coded string trimmer has 10 Amp motor
  • It has 120 volts battery
  • This comes with an 18 inch straight shaft
  • A quick connect coupler
  • It uses 0.080 inches diameter line for timming
  • Inbuilt an electric start system
  • It comes with a lock off switch
  • It weighs about 9.9 pounds
  • 4 years of standard warranty


  • The GreenWork electric lawn edger promise a carbon free operation for keeping the environment clean
  • It comes with safety features that allows you to do your trimming job safely
  • The extra wide cutting deck will help you to complete job quickly
  • Due to lightweight, it can pull freely over the garden
  • You can easily fit it to various brands
  • It can use for multi purposes such as a cultivator, blower, pole pruner, edger as well as brush cutter


  • It does not has swivel cutting head
  • The parts are expensive, if you need to replace 
  • The extension cord restrict the mowing job to a large extent

5. Sun Joe Electric String Trimmer and Edger

The corded electric string trimmer is always the preferred those people who cannot tackle the charging issues of a battery powered trimmer. After considering the necessary factors you will realize that a coded electric trimmer can beautify your small land in no time. The Sun Joe electric lawn trimmer and edger is one such which adds value to your home. The amazing 18 degree rotating head as well as lightweight bring it to the limelight. You will stunn with its versatile properties. However, the lawn edger has some disadvantages too as every product have but you will be overwhelmed with its prose. Let’s know about in suceeding disucsions!

Featuressun jeo string trimmer

  • The Joe electric lawn trimmer and edger is the best for edging and trimming grass along the pavement or the flowerbeds
  • It is a 2 in 1 trimmer with 18 degree rotating head
  • It has a sharp blade
  • The weighs about 5.6 pounds
  • It comes with 2 years of warranty
  • Lawn edger generate 4.5 Amps current
  • It available in green color only
  • Best coded electric lawn edger and trimmer
  • It comes with 7 x 14 x 37 inch dimensions


  • The Joe lawn trimmer and edger provides a very reliably cutting services
  • You can even use on hard to reach areas
  • The lightweight nature provides easy maneuverability
  • With a single click, you can easily covert into lawn edger
  • It is easy to operate
  • The durable material that prolong its life
  • It is beautifully designed trimmer
  • You can buy comparatively at less rates
  • An environmentally friendly trimmer


  • Some customers have reported that its edger part does not work well

6. Poulan Pro Lawn Edger 7 Inch With An Attachment

Your garden is full of weeds and you want any instrument which can trim this long grass for you. Then, Poulan pro lawn edger attachment has limit your worry as it is the most efficient product for your lawn. Although, such lawn tools, your garden will remain beautiful as well as lush green forever. Moreover, the portable and friendly lawn edger will beautify your garden in no time. Poulan is the best lawn edger as its entire concept depends on just one power unit purchase which consists of a string trimmer with a detachable shaft and other amazing features. The following electric lawn edger review will left with no choice but to buy this product for your lawn.

Featurespoulan pro lawn edger

  • The Poulan Lawn Edger Attachment comes with a 7 inch blade
  • The cutting depth is about 2 inch
  • Its package contain a heavy duty gear box
  • It is equipped with a 7 inch blade
  • It comes with a barrier handlebar
  • The weighs about 6.81 pounds
  • It is ideal for most of the brand trimmer with a detachable shaft
  • 2 years backed up  of warranty


  • The Poulan Lawn Edger Attachment is easy to operate
  • You can install the attachment with just a simple click
  • It is the best option for heavy duty edging jobs
  • It works great on your large garden
  • This is a budget friendly lawn edger
  • Trimmer positioning is also looking very elegant
  • Barrier handlebar keep you safe while at doing the heavy duty tasks
  • It is extremely light in weight
  • It can easily attachable with the trimmer


  • This lawn edger cannot work with the commercial grade brands

7. Scotts String Trimmer 20 Volt Lithium-Ion Like a Blower

If you want a lawn mower for your garden but you cannot afford the weight of gas powered mowers then the Scotts Lithium Ion string trimmer would make the best addition to your gardening equipment. Scottts lawn edger and trimmer can easily use due to lightweight for beautifying your lawn. The scotts battery string trimmer offers special trimming options. It is cordless lawn trimmer and edger because of its extremely handy for cleaning your patio, garage, and driveway which is full of dust, grass clippings, or dried leaves. The scotts best string trimmer review will let you know about its features, pros and cons in the following points.

Featuresscotts trimmer

  • The Scotts string trimmer lithium Ion has 20 volt lithium ion battery
  • The cutting width ranges from 10 to 12 inch
  • It generates 2 Amp current
  • This serve as both blower and trimmer so you can call it as a 2 in 1 
  • The package contains a charger, user guide and 3pk spools
  • This equipment has 3 years of warranty
  • It weighs about 6.5 pounds


  • The battery charges in only 45 minutes
  • It has an on-tool battery power gauge which indicates battery power is running low
  • It can trim up to 1/3 acre land on just a single charge
  • The 2 in 1 feature allows you to complete the task with lesser effort
  • You can easily switch to edging or trimming, therefore it treats as best lawn edger
  • The lawn blower is an ideal for hard surfaces


  • Some customers have reported that the battery drains its charging quickly

How to Choose the Best Lawn Edger and String Trimmer?

As you well aware that selection process for getting a right product is always the challenging activity. Therefore, you have to do a deep analysis though the research which you did about the right item will bring to a better position. There are various points which you have to consider before buying the best string trimmer or the best lawn edger. Here is a list of some valuable points which can help you in finding the string trimmer and edger that suits your needs and desires.

Types of Trimmers and Lawn Edgers

The trimmers are either powered by electricity, gas or battery. The most important decision which you have to make whether you need an electric or a gas model.  The gas string trimmers are usually cordless, and they tend to more easily move around the fields. Moreover, these gas lawn edgers are ideal for large fields which involve a heavy-duty job because the trimmer edger has to move through tough areas. These trimmers vary in price from $100 to $500.

The Electric models of trimmers can either cordless or corded, but they are useful for smaller gardens. They are mostly powered by rechargeable batteries which allow the operator to move freely around the garden. These electric lawn trimmers are lighter than the gas powered trimmers, and are also environmentally friendly. Its price ranges from $60 to $200. If you have a small garden in your home, then prefer the electric powered trimmer for beautifying your yard.


You will find many lawn edgers with different weights. Some might be quite heavy for you while others can be light. It is important to consider the weight that whether you can bear it or not. The lightweight models reduce the fatigue of an operator and are recommended for people who cannot left the burden of a heavyweight model.

Safety Features

No doubt the manual lawn edger is considered as the less dangerous tools to operate. So you have to opt for the walk behind lawn edger which is safe to use. The high quality string trimmer with a protective shield or guard is recommended for everyone as it protects people from flying debris or dust. Moreover, the safety features of a string trimmer will prevent any kind of accident that might happen. The string trimmer and edger with a trigger lock switch in a convenient location will allow you to mow on the land safely.

Size of the Lawn

The size of your lawn is the most important factor to consider while buying the edger. If your home has a large garden, then choose a gas lawn edger that has a good running time as compare for opting a battery powered edger. Sometimes you may need additional gas cylinder, but this can be an expensive. Moreover, the electric lawn mower is better for small size garden. Therefore, choose the edger model that suits your lawn size, then it will ensure maximum performance.

Shaft Styles

String trimmers are available in two styles of the shaft which includes curved and straight. Usually, straight shanks tend to provide a better weight balance as their longer shafts will offer an additional reach.Such extra shaft length will offer less bending as it tends to keep a distance between the operator and the debris. Most of the professional users prefer such straight shaft while the homeowners find the curved shank more comfortable and easier to use. However, the curved shaft are cheaper in price and lighter in weight than the straight shank.

Bottom Line                        

Last but not least! you might have no idea about the importance of a lawn edger to your garden. No worries, if you new, this guide will help you get a best lawn edger as per your needs. The best string trimmer and best lawn edger explained here are tested and found good for home owners and professionals. With the help of trimming ledger, you can enhance the aesthetics of your yard. Although manual lawn edger is the cheapest whereas the gasoline powered lawn edger is the expensive but is the need of every home.

Although, there is millions of options to choose from in the gardening tool market. This best lawn edger guide will let you narrow down your choice. The 7 best string trimmer cum lawn edger combines the comfort, functionality, convenience, and economy in a single unit.