Corded Electric Leaf Blower Guide

There are a lot of varieties of leaf blowers are available in the market in which some of the gas blowers which need to be filled up with gas for the usage and some of them are electric blowers. Gas powered blowers mostly consist of two major stances in use which are similar to chain saw. Same like the gas blower the electric blower also consists of two varieties in which one is corded and the other one is rechargeable and both are effective machines. They both have their own features to maintain the use of the machine properly. These are blower plus vacuums in using for multiple tasks.

Top 4 Best Coded Electric Leaf Blower [Comparison]

There are many available choices of the leaf blowers in the market which have different features and aspects of using. People who focused on the better option and have the facts of powered blower, which value the environment and want to use less physical force during use, the electric blower is the best choice for them. These can help you in many ways and for the multiple uses. The users are also want the best for its garden and lawn and in all of the verities it is little tricky to get the one for your place. For this because we are going to discuss about the 4 Best Electric Leaf Blowers so that can help you in selecting the best one for you.

4 Best Corded Electric Leaf Blowers Review

1. WORX 12 Amp All in One Electric Leaf Blower

This electric blower especially designed for the light work and this can also works as vacuum. The blower is easy to use and speedy clearing the debris and leaves and in seconds it can be turn into vacuuming. This is more efficient tool than the powered gas blowers and its angled tube helps in working under the bushes which may effect of storm. This is so light weighted even can carry with one hand during use and its turning in both modes helps the user to do multiple tasks. Its handle has made of soft grip which is easy to handle and gripped well. It provides the maximum control and comfortbility to the user even in using for the high places. User can use it without twisting wrist and managing its high air flow as per the need of the use. Its efficient motor is accessible and durable in use for the long time. It is an innovative design and helps in doing well clearance work.


  • This electric blower used for the best blowing of the debris and leaves and easily change it in vacuuming
  • This blower plus vacuum is an efficient machine than the gasoline powered tools
  • Its angled tube helps to work in storm drain and under bushes needs
  • The light weighted design of the blower makes it easy to carry even with the one hand
  • Its handle has soft grip which is easy to handle and accommodate all higher places


  • This is a durable and comfortable machine can use in the home gardens
  • The price is affordable and especially designed for the home owners
  • User has complete control over the machine and can set the system as per need
  • Its motor is reliable and manageable
  • The air flow or pressure can be low and high as per requirement


  • Great features and value of the blower for light work
  • Be careful while using and don’t suck the even small rocks with this

2. Toro Ultra 12 Amp Electric Leaf Blower & Vacuum 

This is a powerful and efficient blower with the quality of 3 in one. It can be used as blower, vacuum and leaf shredder and working with this tool is not a difficult task in fact this is easy and enjoyable time to use this. Its air pressure is almost 235 MPH and air flow is up to 390 CFM. It is also best in height and width so that you can carry it easily and work perfectly in your garden or lawn. This is the best cleaner with electric power and helps in dealing with the different works. This blower and vacuum cleaner is not only works at home use but also for cleaning the yards and the other areas of home. It reduces the ugly look of the yard by replacing the leaves, dust and extra waist. This powerful unit is with different type of tubes in which blower tube and vacuum tube are available.


  • It is the blower consists of multiple uses in the gardens and lawns
  • To complete the concerning works with this blower is easy and less time gaining with enjoyment
  • It can move a big quantity of leaves and debris from the place by its high pressure air flow
  • The speed of the motor is also controllable and its rugged metal impeller creates a fine mulch
  • It helps in releasing the waist quickly and easily
  • It turns into vacuum without using any extra tool
  • It has many tools with it to use for different motives


  • The blower is consisting on blower tube, vacuum tubes, and vacuum bag with it
  • This is made for the long time usage
  • It is easy to store and work well whenever start using
  • The manufacturer gives the warranty of at least 2 years


  • A great tool and easy to buy in low prices
  • Multiple using tool which is great in all terms

3. Black & Decker 12-Amp Electric Leaf Blower

This is the best and powerful machine with the high quality motor and has three qualities in one machine which are blowing, vacuuming and mulching in the yard and makes the place perfectly neat and clean within a few minutes use. This is comfortable to use in all matters and easy to carry with it light weighted durable material used in its manufacturing. Its 230 mph blower blows easily through the leaves and the extra waist material in the lawn. This is also used in cleaning the garage, drive walks, sidewalks and decks. This is a heavy duty tool which has tool free switching in between blowing and vacuuming. It also has an empty bag which helps to gather the garbage during vacuuming and it designed to save the time and effort. It is also with the cord retainer that helps to keep the extensions in place and safe.


  • This is an imported material machine which is durable in making and working
  • This is all in one which can be used for the blowing and vacuuming as well as for mulching
  • The feature of the tool to turn in to the vacuum in seconds without any changing of tool makes it more effective and efficient in work
  • This blower is especially designed for all cleaning and making the perfect yard and garden
  • It has high quality of 12 amp motor which is controllable while using
  • The best quality material is used in its making
  • The best electric powered machine used for many tasks
  • This is also used for cleaning the decks, garage and the drive walks without wasting time


  • It has an anti clog vortex impeller which prevents clogging in the garden during mulching
  • It has an empty bag with it which helps in collecting the waste and saves from putting effort and time in this work
  • It is two speed machines which also help in maintaining the flower beds and mattered leaves
  • It is a tool free switching in between blower and vacuum


  • A well designed tool not only a blower but also a vacuum
  • It is a great machine but some design issue may not make it idealist

4  Pro Series Coded Electric Leaf Blower

This is a plastic made different colored blower which not only good in use but also best in looks. This works best in cleaning the leaves, patio and decks without using any broom or rake. It is designed to clear the flower beds in the way of convenience. It also clears the shrubs and removes the leaves from the gutter and other not necessary areas. The light weighted blowing machine is very comfortable in use and easy to carry and move around the plants. Its whole weight is almost 10 lbs just and works hard as you want to clean your home and work hard for that. This is the machine with many of the good features and the body structure is also best and durable in material. While using this blower for any blowing or vacuuming the user will enjoy the time and have fun with this cleaner.


  • This is a great tool for clearing of lawn, drive ways and garage
  • This works perfectly without using the broom and rake
  • It also helps in clearing the flower beds and the shrubs from the lawn and garden
  • This is used for the multiple tasks and also works as a vacuum
  • A light weighted easy to handle and carry the best machine
  • Weight of 3 pound can be handled easily during use


  • A best durable product in dealing with the heavy duty work
  • It helps in maintaining the best look of the yard and the lawns
  • The best choice of the home owners and easy in use
  • Available in the affordable price which is easy to buy
  • It is with 110 volts 60 Hz 500 walts and 13000 RPM


  • Buying this machine will never feel you regret with this
  • This is an outclass little machine with heavy duty works

Points to be Considered while going to Buy Leaf Blower

There are some important factors or advantages of these electric blowers in which some are the less price of the electric blowers. They are normally come in affordable prices which are suitable for even a home owner to purchase and use for his lawn or garden.

They are also the low weighted blowers which are easy to handle and carry even in the large places. These are heavy duty performance blowers but with light weight. The most important is they are environmental machines. Gas blower needs to fill up and that may cause leakage which can be disturbed for the environment. They also work for maintaining the home looks and green healthy lawns which seems the beauty of the home.

As we know that our home is our priority and we can do any big investment for the cleaning and giving good looks to our place. We love to have gardens and lawns in our home and want to spend a quality time in the garden. For this cause of maintaining the lawn and home we want to use some speedy, efficient and reliable equipment which is quite essential thing for every home.

While choosing the best tool for this cause we face the difficulty because there can be many factors which make us feel to change the choice. These blowers are not only work for blowing and cleaning the leaves and gardens but also used for clearing the walkways and drive ways and also garages so that whole the home looks great.

Bottom Lines

By summing up all the above discussion about the electric blowers and vacuums it can be perfectly said that these are the tools which are the need of the time to use and safe time. Because cleaning of the gardens and blowing leaves and extra waste from the yards and lawns is a time taking activity which is mostly need to do on daily basis especially in spring seasons. These machines can do this job with you in comfortable and less times. These are overall effective efficient and active machines to do hard work with you.