Cordless & Battery Powered Leaf Blowers

Majority of the home owners and gardeners love to maintain their gardens and lawns. The leaf blowers used for the cleaning of and clearing of yards and lawns. These blowers are not made for only home gardens and small places but also can be used for the agricultural lands and the best choice of the professionals. They love to have the machine which can help them in saving the time in cleaning the place from the leave and dust. These are the tools have to be in the home and yard to use them perfectly. They are not only used as blowers but also work for vacuuming in the yards and other places of the home and office. These are the multiple tasking tools which must be added in the tool kit. The vacuum bag which attached with the leaf blowers is the best feature to save time and struggle in collecting or gathering the leaves and the grass for wasting.

Seasons become changed time to time and at the spring season leaves fall in the yards and the lawns so that the new leaves and flowers grow up. This falling has to be cleaned to maintain the gardens and make them fresh and healthy. If you will ignore this cleaning activity it will destroy the look of the place. The yard will seem ugly and dusty. So for this cause you have to choose the best machine for cleaning the gardens without wasting much time in this activity. Because this work needs to be done on daily basis to manage the usage and daily no one has much time to spend on this activity.

Top 5 Cordless & Battery Powered Leaf Blowers

There are a wide range of the reasons to go for the best choice of the home owners which is battery or cordless blowers. These reasons are they are easy to use, light weighted, no mess created with them, no smelly environment, powerful, won’t disturb able for the neighbors, efficient in working no need for maintenance and non polluting machine with many more perfect features. They are quickly useable blowers which can be handled with one hand and reached to the places where can’t reach without any struggle. They are durable products with the best material and long time use especially in the falling season. These are the best choice for the gardening lovers and the home decorating lovers.

The cordless blowers are little less weighted than the gas back pack blowers but they are quite easy and affordable in use by all ages of the people. They are easy to handle and gripped well during use. They are especially designed for used by home owners who want the machine which is easy to handle with light weighted material and quick in performing services. They are comfortable in use for every day without twisting the wrist and feeling pain. For selecting the best one for your need you can get the idea from our discussion about the blowers and the 5 Best Cordless & Battery Powered Leaf Blowers are:

5 Best Cordless Electric Leaf Blowers Review

1. Green Works 24252 Cordless Leaf Blower With Battery & Charger

This cordless blower is the best replacing machine of the heavy gas powered blowers and these are mostly used for the small to medium projects of cleaning the yard and garden. These are perfect blowers for sweeping cleaning and collecting the leaves and debris from the lawn. These are the blowers which can work fast and efficiently and they are also hassle free machines than the gas blowers. They are easy to start and the speeds dial in the construction of the machine offer you to maintain the speed as per need. This machine offers to do the best blowing without damaging your physical as well as social concerns. By using this perfect blower you can easily maintain your yard from the dust and falling leaves. It is easy to assemble and maintain. The batteries are rechargeable when it needed.

FeaturesGreeworks Cordless leaf blower

  • The reliable product with the perfect features of cleaning
  • It has designed with the high performer battery which performs the free power with no memory loss after charging
  • Its variable speed delivered up to 150 mph
  • This is perfect for cleaning and blowing leaves from even the hard surface areas
  • The addition of extra speed helps to use for quick and fast work
  • It is light weighted and easy to use machine and gathering the capabilities
  • It is a low maintenance electric machine which can be stored without leakage of gas


  • This is the light weighted blower with 40 V 2 Ah Li Lon batteries with good timings
  • The speed of the motor can be adjustable as per need
  • Its sweeper tips help in sweeping better
  • This is efficient and easy to use tool for the yards especially
  • It can work with the chargeable batteries for long time


  • Long battery life and have good power too
  • A little change in its construction needed

2. BLACK & DECKER Lithium Ion Cordless Leaf Blower

This will power you up to clean the yards and blow the extra plants and leaves in the garden. This will also usable in the home needs. It is not only a blower but also the sweeper and cleaner for the use in the home. It is also the battery chargeable machine which has reliable batteries to use for the long term. It provides the comfort during use and its blow tube is made as a scraper too which helps in loosen matted leaves and some waste material fixed on the debris. It is a light weighted tool which is easy to handle and gripped for even go to the other place and use it.

FeaturesBlack & Decker Cordless Leaf Blower

  • It is a powerful 40 voltage rechargeable cordless blower
  • It has rechargeable powerful batteries which are long run time for completing the toughest jobs
  • Its power command will control the speed for maximum run time
  • This blower is ideal for the blowing from the hard surface and walk ways and garages
  • Blow tube of the blower is built in scraper and helps user to lose the matted leaves
  • It is light weighted machine with the soft grip
  • Its power command controls the speed for the maximum use


  • The high quality material used in its making with durable use
  • This is a powerful tool for completing the toughest jobs
  • This has rechargeable batteries which help in using for the run time
  • It has light weighted material and 4.7 pound
  • Its commands can be controlled with the maintenance of speed


  • This is an excellent replacement for the older versions
  • Have fewer vibrations and handle the speed and air flow

3. EGO Power Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Leaf Blower

These are the best powerful machines and these are the most powerful and rechargeable blower then the other gas blowers. These are constructed with the advanced and best technology which delivered the leading power with the leading industry. It is light weighted, compact, high quality an efficient brushless motored blower which performed for the long time running and working. The best durable quality of the machine helps to extend the life of motor. The advanced technology of the machine used beyond the belief of the users and compatible with all kinds of uses. The manufacturer gives the warranty of at least 5 years.

FeaturesEGO Cordless Leaf Blower

  • Its turbine fan delivers up to 480 CFM
  • Its battery run time is Almost for 75 minutes
  • Its motor is brushless and of high quality
  • Its battery is compatible to use with all concerning chargers
  • It is a weather resistant machine


  • A high quality and durable material machine which works for the best
  • Best for use in all seasons and weathers
  • Storable and perfect machine with the warranty of at least 5 years
  • An efficient and well constructed tool for blowing leaves


  • So far a good tool for the home gardens
  • Great Product with high quality material and durable use

4. Makita Lithium-Ion Cordless Leaf Blower

These are the products which work for the high quality use and go to clean up the yards and the gardens. These are mostly use in job sites and in workshops and these are the convenient machines as a cordless machine. These are the superior products with the great power and used for the fast and quick work. These are made with the powered cordless batteries which are rechargeable and used the advanced technology. These machines are the best addition in the tool kit and tool bag for the quality use. It has soft grip to handle and best in use.

FeaturesMakita Cordless Leaf Blower

  • It has variable speed and the speed is controllable
  • This can work for the 12 minutes continually work on the high speed
  • Its design is only 20-3/4 inches long
  • It is a light weighted machine which has 3.9 lbs weight
  • Its battery and charger can be sold separately
  • It operates easily and comfortable with the rubber grip


  • The durable and high quality material for use
  • This is perfect in operating easily
  • It can work for the best blowing and cleaning the yards and garden
  • It is a bare tool and best for the tool kit


  • No doubt it’s small in size but the perfect in magical use
  • This is all over good but some issues

5. OREGON 40 V Cordless Electric Leaf Blower

Whether you are a home owner or commercial landscaper you need to have a best blowing machine for cleaning the yards and the landscapes. This machine is used for the multiple tasks and cleans up the drive ways and walk ways too by using this tool. The blower is also work for the vacuuming and blowing the leaves and the dust from the yards. This is for the powerful blowing and for long time use. The speed of the blower and air flow pressure is controllable and variable as per the requirements. Its turbo button provides the best features and quality use. This unit is a tool and batteries and charger are not included in it. This is an interchangeable tool which no needs to change the batteries.

FeaturesOregon Cordless Leaf Blower

  • This is of 40 V max for the long time run
  • Advanced technology of the tool is for saving the battery for long time
  • Its high motor and fan maximize the output of the blower
  • Its maximum air speed is 132 mph
  • Maximum air volume of the blower is 507 cfm
  • This is a comfortable and controllable tool with the light weighted design
  • It has a best charge time
  • The manufacturer gives the warranty of the machine for at least 3 years


  • The high quality and durable product made for both commercial and personal use
  • This is the best choice of the professionals and the contractors
  • The home owners also like this machine for the multiple uses in the home


  • This leaf blower is great and perfect in use
  • This is the best blower with the experience

Bottom Lines

By summing up all the above discussion it can be said that the cordless leaf blowers are the best choice of both the personal gardener and users and the professional one. They are used for the commercial use also with the heavy capacity of air flow. The speed of the blower can be changed as per the need and the requirement of the user. These are over all best in many reasons in which the most beneficial are painless, light weighted and good battery timings to run for the long time.