Karcher Electric Pressure Washer

The most challenging task for people is to clean the hard stains. However, technology is making everything simpler for people. Today, you can clean the outdoors with the best Karcher pressure washer. Any person interested in keeping their outdoors clean will roam around the Internet for the best machine that can reduce the load of a cleaning job. Moreover, it will also wash faster without compromising the final results. Although,  people often gets confuse with the millions of products available on Internet. Though, they need some guidance to get the best product. Karcher electric pressure washer guide will help you in buying the right washer for your home today!

Top 3 Best Karcher Pressure Washer [Comparison]

Karcher pressure washer is great for cleaning your garden, garage, bike and car. However,  with millions of models in the market, it becomes difficult for you to choose the right one. You are just aware of the fact that there are different power washers for different purposes but you have to do some bit research before deciding to get one. This buying process will become easier, if you reach at some legit power washer reviews. This karcher electric pressure washer guide has been compiled with due research as well as after doing some subsequent test. Hopefully, the table will narrow down your choice and will let you get the best electric karcher power washer.

Best 3 Karcher Electric Pressure Washer Review

1. Karcher K2 Plus Electric Pressure Washer

Everyone wants to buy the best karcher power washer to clean the home. When you are thinking about buying the top rated pressure washer then the name Karcher hits your mind. Karcher is the most popular brand and you will find every sort of power washer of your need. The Karcher K2 pressure washer is one of the blessings of latest technology. High quality Karcher k2 pressure washer is good for cleaning the car, bikes or patios. The happy users always recommended it due to its durability. It represents all in one solution as it comes with many amazing features.

FeaturesKarcher Electric Pressure Washer

  • The Karcher K2 pressure washer motor has the capacit up to 1600 psi and 1.25 GPM
  • It has 20 foot high pressure hose
  • The package contain two spray wands
  • The Dirt blaster spray wand is dealing with the heavy duty jobs whereas the Vario spray wand is using for light duty work
  • The weighs about 16 pounds
  • N-COR pump which is non-corrosive, maintenance-free and highly durable
  • The beauty of K2 pressure washer is a tall handle
  • It comes with 35 foot power cord
  • Karcher is offering 2 years limited warranty
  • The Karcher K2 plus pressure washer is perfect for light duty jobs such as cleaning trucks, cars, driveways, decks, fences, patios, sidewalks
  • The dimension is 30.8 x 9 x 11 inches 
  • Power washer karcher has a 13 Amp motor
  • It comes with an on board detergent tank that makes the use of karcher power washer chemicals comfortable
  • Installed with 6 wheels with an adjustable handle
  • It comes with a total stop system that shuts the trigger gun when the machine is not in use for reducing the power consumption and noise
  • The quick connect system make the washer easy not only during setup but also during operation


  • The Karcher K2 plus pressure washer comes in a compact size so it is easy to use and store
  • It is available comparatively at affordable rate so it is right solution for cleaning up the entire house
  • The generous cable hooks enable tidy storage of the cable
  • An extremely lightweight karcher pressure washer. Therefore, it makes the user to move it freely over the field
  • The fixed handle facilitate the power washer  to easy transporting around the yard
  • Suited for cleaning the vehicles or removing mosses from driveways
  • It is small karcher power washer, pretty quiet so you will not frustrate while cleaning the outdoors


  • Some of the customers have reported that the design of karcher power washer is flimsy and it tends to break after few months of use
  • The body parts made of plastic or nylon which is considering not so durable

2. Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Washer

If you are looking for the top karcher electric pressure washer then the Karcher K5 Premium electric pressure washer is the best option for you. Karcher brand always think about the comfort of the people so they built such products which are easy to handle. K5 karcher is bestselling product though it will reduce your worry of cleaning the hard stains which are difficult to clean manually. No matter if you live in a house with a garden or in an apartment, karcher power washer is good to get for every home. The unique features Karcher k5 pressure washer bring it to the limelight. You will came to know thoroughly about this product by reading this review.

FeaturesKarcher k5 Electric Pressure Washer

  • The Karcher K5 Premium electric pressure washer has a motor that generates up to 2000 psi with power of  1.4 GPM
  • The pressure hose is approximately 25 foot long
  • It is intended with N-COR pump which is non-corrosive, maintenance-free and durable
  • The package contains Vario Power Spray want, DirtblasterSprau wand, accessory storage bay and a trigger gun
  • The onboard detergent tank serves as per requirement of user
  • Karcher power washer has 7.7 inches high impact wheels
  • It comes with 35 GFCI power cord
  • The quick connect system makes its operation easy
  • It comes in a yellow color
  • The weighs about 32 pounds
  • It comes with dimension of 16.77 x 13.07 x 34.33 inches 
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • The Karcher 2000 psi K5 pressure washer has a water cooled induction motor that enhances its life up to 5 times
  • K5 tackle any kind of cleaning job around the home
  • Highly durable material that extend its lifespan
  • The hose reel helps it to prevent the kinks in the hose and make the storage of hose easier
  • The larger wheels provides easy maneuverability
  • Power karcher washer is very simple to use
  • It does not make irritating noise
  • 5k pressure washer makes the cleaning job easier as well as simpler
  • The high pressure wand allows you to clear the detergent instantly after cleaning the area


  • The Karcher K5 pressure washer comes in a vertical design so it is prone to falling over while using
  • Due to the upright design of karcher power washer, many customers consider it a less durable machine

3. Karcher K3.540 Electric Pressure Washer

Everyone knows that Karcher is one of the best pressure washer industry. This company is famous for its high quality machines and exceptional customer services. It introduces many top quality products, the users give preference to have this brand. Karcher offers a wide range of power washers, however, that vary in cleaning power, quality, efficiency as well as other exclusive features. The Karcher K3.540 Electric Power Pressure Washer is one of the most famous model.  Karcher k3 pressure washer is the first one with a water cooled engine.

FeaturesKarcher k3 Electric Pressure Washer - karcher pressure washer

  • The Karcher 1800 psi Pressure Washer that generates 1.5 GPM
  • It is intended with patented, non-corrosive and maintenance free N-COR pump
  • The pressure hose is approximately 25 foot long
  • The power cord is about 30 feet long
  • It is equipped with an onboard detergent tank for the comfort of the user
  • K3 power washer contains multiple spray wands
  • This karcher power washer has 2 strong wheels
  • It comes with a direct drive axial pump
  • The pressure hose is made up of plastic material
  • It weighs about 37 pounds
  • Backed up with 2 year of warranty


  • The Karcher Electric Power Pressure Washer comes with a water cooled induction motor that extend its life
  • The enticing design will adds it value
  • It allows you to deal with the tough jobs easily as well as quickly
  •  Surprisingly lighter in weight than many other karcher pressure washers
  • It comes in a compact size so it will take very small room in your garage


  • Due to plastic body hose, it could not stand for a longer period of time
  • This karcher power washer is bit expensive
  • It is not suitable for the heavy duty cleaning task
  • It needs regular care particularly in winter seasons

How to Choose the Best Karcher Pressure Washer?

Buying the best karcher electric pressure washer for your needs is not a rocket science if you know what you are looking for. Remember that you may not require a very expensive product to complete the cleaning jobs around the home. The inexpensive electric pressure washers usually do an amazing job on patios, driveways, garages as well as footpaths. Your pressure washer selection process will become easier if you keep certain things in mind.

Cost Factor

The price ranges vary widely though you can always find a good quality as well as pocket friendly pressure washer within your budget. Before to get one, you will really need to know about specification and features. This process will take you to the right decision. The inexpensive washer can be the best value model in certain situations so research thoroughly before going to the pressure washer market.

Length of a Hose

The power washers comes with different hose lengths. Usually, the hose is about 5 meters in length but some domestic washers comes with a shorter hose of about 3.5 meters. Such shorter length hose works well with a smaller driveways or gardens. However, if you have a larger area to clean then you can buy the larger hose but this extension somewhat reduce the pressure.


You have to carefully consider the accessories attached with the machine. Some models come with many accessories. However, they are usually tempting but it is not necessary those attachments will be useful too. The extra attachments are always available in the market, so you can buy the required accessory. You have to accessory necessary  for the patio cleaner because it will save your time as well as efforts while covering clearing process in a your patio.

Power Output 

Motor is the important part as this creates the pressure for cleaning the area. Moreover, the more powerful a motor is, the higher pressure it will create. Such powerful motor gives improved flow rate and a higher pressure spray. The power output of mostly ranges from 1400 to 2800 watts. For domestic purposes, the 1400 watts motor is good enough. As far as the larger areas is concerned to cover, you need a high power output.

Maximum Pressure of Water

The maximum water pressure measured in bar is an important factor to consider while buying washer machine. The  higher water pressure removes the stubborn dirt or marks in no time. However, this washer machine may be an expensive. The Karcher K7 model of pressure washer has a maximum water pressure of 160 bar but it is one of the expensive model of Karcher. Before getting you should know the area you are going to cover, if it is about cleaning the car, bikes or patio then the 110 bar power washer is enough for you.

Water Flow Rate 

The amount of water can eject in a particular time period is known as water flow.The flow rates are expressed in hours or minutes. Usually, the water flow rate ranges from 350 to 600 liters per hour. Every model of Karcher has different flow rate. The premium Karcher K5 have a flow rate of 500 per hour whereas karcher K7 is 600 liters per hour. The higher the flow rate, the faster the area will clean. In addition to, the higher flow rate is an indication that you can cover a larger area in a short period of time. However, a higher water flow rate may damage in certain situations so prefer according to your needs.


The Karcher power washers ranges in weight from 4kg to 20 kg. Most of the heavy Karcher models of Karcher comes with wheels for the comfort of people. However, if you want a lightweight karcher pressure washer then the pocket friendly Karcher K2 is the best option for you as it weighs only 4kg. The Karcher K5 and K7 models weighs about 15 to 20 kg as they are built for heavy duty tasks. If you want to clean a larger area in lesser time then you have no concern about moving heavy weight around so prefer the heavy duty models of Karcher.


The power washer comes with many attachments to increase the cleaning capacity. Some of the most common attachments are discussed below:


The hoses vary in lengths, materials, connection types and diameter. They are mostly made up of plastic material but you can upgrade it to a polyurethane material for high durability. However, their length vary according to the machine.


The most common pumps are the axial cam pumps while some machines use the wobble pumps for heavy duty cleaning jobs. Every power washer is built with a particular pump.


Nozzles are used for spreading the water out far off place. Typically, there are 7 types of nozzles for different cleaning jobs. 

Wheels and Other Cleaning Attachment

Almost all power washer are built with wheels for the ease of movement. The wheels reduce the burden of lifting a heavy machine while cleaning the driveway or patio. Furthermore, the cleaning attachments available in the package that allows the user to switch the attachment according to the surface to be cleaned. Although, these cleaning attachments are run by the water pressure which is flowing through them.

The Bottom Line

The Karcher Company has the most popular electric pressure washers. These high quality karcher pressure washers can handle every sort of domestic or residential jobs. A pressure washer is the need of every home . You will feel amazing comfort when you own a high quality lightweight karcher pressure washer. Karcher has make it possible for you top quality products as they never compromise on quality. You may get confuse when you looking around a huge variety of Karcher products in the market. Although this guide will limit your perplexity and finally, maximize your proximity by taking you to the best product of the market. The last, you can choose from the above products according to your desired features.