Snow Joe Cordless Snow Blower Buyer’s Guide

As soon as the first snow hits your window pane, there are two thoughts that will immediately hit your mind. You will feel ecstatic for the upcoming winter season and chilly breezes.There will be feelings of extreme concern for the times when it starts to snow heavily and all the roads, streets and even the front of your home gets blocked.Winter season is definitely a wonderful time where you have unlimited things to enjoy and look forward too. However, the one thing that is daunting in the entire process is, of course, the fact that you will have to deal with piled up snow that blocks your way and makes everyday life impossible to lead normally.

3 Best Snow Joe Cordless Snow Blowers [Comparison]

Snow Joe is a leading name when it comes to the brand for making the best snow blowers and throwers. If you are looking for the snow throwers by Snow Joe, you have landed in the right place. The following is the review for the top notch and leading 3 top ranking cordless electric snow blowers that you will find ruling the global markets.

Top 3 Snow Joe Cordlesss Electric Snow Blower Review

1. Snow Joe 18 Inch Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower with Rechargeable Lithium Battery

The Snow Joe iON18SB ion cordless single brushless snow blower with rechargeable lithium battery is Snow Jeo Cordless Snow Blowerdesigned to be lightweight and superlative in functions. The first thing you notice about this snow blower is the outlook and design. The looks are unique and modern and the exterior body is made of 100% supreme high quality material. This makes the product increasingly durable and blesses it with a longer life. The handle of the blower is also adjustable to accommodate to varying needs. The blower also does not require any tune up or oiling as well.

Highlight Features

  • It has a very lightweight body
  • The outlook and design of the singles brushless snow blower is unique and modern
  • 100% supreme and high quality material is used for added durability and product long life
  • 40 volts mega voltage lithium rechargeable battery
  • Adjustable handle to manually adjust the height
  • No tune ups or oiling required
  • High quality sharp blades made for digging 8 inches into deep snow
  • 18 inches wide blade that are 180 degree rotatable for wider snow removal coverage
  • Works well on all types of surfaces very easily
  • Silent engine does not create any loud noises or sound pollution


  • It has a lightweight body which makes it easier to move it around
  • The adjustable blades work well on wide and narrow surfaces
  • 180 degree rotating ability makes it easier to work along road curves and pavements
  • Easy to use with no cord attachments required
  • No set up required
  • Works well on all types of surfaces
  • Does not cause disturbance as it does not create any noise


  • Not suitable to work with wet snow
  • A little overpriced than it should be

2. Snow Joe 21 Inches Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower with Rechargeable Lithium Battery

It has a lightweight body which makes it easy to move around. This makes the product durable and Snow Jeo 21 Cordless Snow Blowereasier to carry it around. The eco-sharp rechargeable lithium battery is very powerful and superlative in function. You also get the chance to recharge it for multiple times use. The engine is designed to be very silent so you do not have to worry about loud noise or noise pollution with this product. The steel blades are covered with rubber on the front edges which provides it added protection for the long run. These blades dig into 21 inches deep snow so you do not have to worry about it looking good and not performing rightfully. The product also comes with a 2 year long warranty. Hence, you do not have to worry about your investment going into waste because with the warranty you get easy return and product exchange offer as well.

Highlight Features

  • It has a lightweight body which makes it easy to move around.
  • Eco-sharp rechargeable lithium battery
  • Silent engine that does not create any noise
  • Steel blades that are covered with rubber on front edges for added protection
  • Digs 21 inches into the deep snow for smoother and efficient clearance results
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty


  • Lightweight design makes it easy to move around
  • Long term product warranty ensures product reliability and durability
  • Rechargeable battery promises long run use
  • Silent engine does not create noise pollution
  • No maintenance required


  • Lacks the ability to rotate to reach heights or corners

3.  Snow Joe 24 Inch Two Stage Cordless Electric Snow Reversible Automated Drive 

The Snow Joe iON24SB 80 volts Two Stage Reversible Automated Drive Snow Blower is a two stage Snow Joe 24 Inc Cordless Snow Blowerblower that works with double the power. The 80 volts high power voltage lithium battery makes it function even increasingly more efficiently. This amazing two stage snow blower works in dual directions and is capable of moving up to 1000 pounds of snow in one minute time. This snow blower is capable of removing 14 inches deep snow and also works well on all surfaces. The stainless steel blades are also enamel coated.

Highlight Features

  • Two stage snow blower for efficient area clearing
  • Forward as well as reverse functions for maximum performance
  • 80 volts high performing lithium battery for the required power boost
  • Stainless steel blades that are porcelain and cast iron enameled to prevent rust and rot
  • Capable of moving up to 1000 pounds of snow in 1 minute time
  • Sharp steel blades dig into 14 inches of deep snow for smooth snow removal
  • It works well with all surface types
  • Comes with a long term 2 year warranty


  • Dual engine provides extra power
  • Eco friendly engine prevents emission of pollutants
  • Protective cover on blades promises longer life
  • Double forward and reverse actions improves work-ability


  • Lower battery life
  • Inbuilt LED lights do not have a wide light throw range
Why Snow Jeo ? Best Tutorial Guide

Snow Joe Offers Best Cordless Snow Throwers

There are the most amazing snow throwers that are available to make life easier. However, the heavy cords make even the handiest snow blowers so difficult to use. This is why Snow Joe came up with the best and supreme in function cordless electric snow blowers. With the cord, life became multiple times smoother!

Why Snow Joe?

When planning to buy cordless electric snow blowers, the first thing you might do is search your optionsSnow Blower Snow joe on the web. You will find quite a few brands offering superlative cordless electric snow blowers. However, one name that you will find on top of the list is Snow Joe.

Snow Joe is a top brand that has a reputation for offering the best range of snow blowers. High quality and long-term durability, snow blowers by Snow Joe are a worthy investment to make! This brand works only to offer the widest range and variety of snow blowers of top notch quality and supreme performance. The entire purpose is to make life easier and convenient for the users. You get unlimited variety and options as well. Products that are waterproof, rustproof, 180 or 360 degrees rotatable, suitable for certain snow types and the list is never ending! Snow Joe never compromises on creativity and versatility.

Types of Cordless Snow Blowers You Set with Snow Joe

The biggest highlight of getting a snow blower by Snow Joe is the fact that you do not have to worry about the heavy cords. In fact, this is what makes tackling the cordless snow blowers so easy and convenient; you can simply recharge the battery and do not have to worry about plugging in the cord for use. This of course, also reduces the overall weight of the snow blower drastically. Surprisingly, Snow Joe has an endless range of cordless snow blowers to offer! Let’s take look at the most easily available types of cordless snow blowers by Snow Joe.

Electric Cordless Snow Shovels Hybrid

These electric cordless snow shovels are the perfect combination of lightweight and portable snow shovels that work amazingly to remove snow. The lightweight body makes it very easy to remove the snow and is also great for travelling purpose.

Single Stage Electric Cordless Snow Blowers

The single stage electric cordless snow blower works at a high speed to clear maximum snow from the surface by making direct contact with the surface. The purpose is to remove as much snow as possible and leaving behind a neat area of land.

Two Stage Electric Cordless Snow Blowers

The two stage electric snow blowers that are cordless are much similar to the single stage blowers in functionality. However, the one difference that sets it apart from the rest is contact with the surface. There are no marks that are left on the surface after removal of snow because the blades do not make direct contact with the surface. Moreover, the dual power engine works at high speed to remove large amounts of snow.

Things to Consider While Buying Cordless Snow Blowers

There are countless things that you will need to consider when you buy a cordless snow blower by Snow Joe. Keep in mind to check of the important things from the checklist to ensure that you invest in the best cordless electric snow thrower that is available in the markets.

Cordless Snow Blower Characteristics

These important characteristics make the snow blower worthy of your investment.

Headlights This is one of the most important things to look for in a cordless snow thrower. The whole point of a cordless snow blower is portability and multipurpose use. Headlights give you the chance to use the snow blower at all times and in all situations, even when it is completely dark to even look one step ahead.

Electric Start Cordless snow blowers run on battery and thus you have no cord to pull to make the engine running. Hence, look for a blower that starts functioning with a single electric start button push.

Speed Control Manually being able to control the speed and work pace of the electrical snow blower is a true blessing. You certainly do not wish that the speed is automated because this means you will have to be dependent on the rate at which the blower works whereas the case should be opposite.

Cordless Snow Blower Accessories

The following are the accessories that any high quality cordless electric snow blower should have. If it does not come along with the product, you need to make sure that you get them separately in accordance to the product you buy at the given time.

Lithium Battery Charger You need to make sure that you get a lithium battery charger in order to recharge your battery as and when needed. Without the charger, your blower battery is destined to run out soon and you will end up with a blower that no longer works.

Protective Cover This is another MUST accessory to get along with your snow blower. The protective cover protects that blower from the extremities of the weather. Remember that the time when you will be using the blower is likely when it will be very breezy and very snowy. You do not want your blower to damage or its body to suffer from any loss.


There are numerous reasons to love Snow Joe. Design, functionality, performance and durability – all make a wonderful combination. Snow Joe promises nothing least than the best and it is 100 percent true to its word. We just reviewed the best cordless electrical snow blowers by Snow Joe that are dominating the markets in the present times. It is pretty clear and easy to see why cordless electric snow throwers are such amazing products! The comprehensive look at the highlight features, pros and cons of the snow blowers makes it vivid that these products are a worthy investment.