Best Axes for Gardening

Gardening is the best activity for any one because gardening makes a person fresh and happy. To live close to the nature makes a person healthy and gardening is the best hobby. For the gardening we all need to use axes and the best one can help properly. Gardening is basically the practice of growing and cultivating plants and some of the plants only grow for the fragrance and the beauty of garden and some are the useful plants like vegetables, fruits and herbs. Some of the plants grow for the medicine and cosmetics use. Gardening is mostly considered a relaxing activity for most of the people.

Use of axes is use for making for shapes, and cutting and chopping the woods. The axes have many special uses in the garden and they are the important instruments in gardening. With the specific axe you can manage all the specific needs and works.

Top 5 Axes For Gardening [Comparison]

There are many kinds of axes but these top 5 are the most usable axes. These are:

Best 5 Axe for Gardening Review

1. Fiskars 36 Inch Supper Splitting Axe

This kind of axe is beneficial for the taller users or for those who prefers long axe to do work effectively and perfect. This axe provides power that makes splitting of medium sized to extra large easy. It also has perfect weight distribution and advanced blade, ultra sharp edge and virtually unbreakable design which make it perfect in all and the maximum work done by it. its performance of sharp blade make perfect and quick cutting of wood and its features make its work more effective. It also includes Fiskars long handles which increase the power and speed of taller users.

Features fiskar Axe

  • Ideal axe for taller users.
  • Affective for splitting medium to large sized logs.
  • Designed for the maximum efficiency in use.
  • Perfect in balance and power and weight to increase the ratio of speed.
  • Advanced blade geometry.
  • Life time usable.


  • Best for the medium to large logs.
  • Seems like an aluminum baseball bat.
  • Advanced bevel convex
  • Easy to use
  • Revolutionary hand tool


  • Amazing Axe
  • Best in firewood splitting hand tool

2. Estwing 26 Inch Steel Axe

This axe is the best when you plan to go for camping. It is also savvier tool for hunting. This type of axe beneficially use for farming woods. Its features make it best and quick in cutting and chopping which become easier and faster now. This axe is just 3.5lbs light weighted but tough and it is the best in all type of cutting and chopping the woods. It is used for any type of wood used in the gardening. This is also the best in all felling, trimming, notching, chopping and cutting the trees and wood. This is designed and manufactured as the most durable and comfortable tool.

Featuresestiwing axe

  • It has forged steel head with Estwing is forged in USA and best in its working
  • It has also heavy duty nylon sheath
  • 4 inch cutting edge sharper and faster
  • Sock Reduction Grip handle shock by up to 70%


  • Perfect for the small to medium logs
  • Excellent in use
  • It has heavy duty nylon sheath
  • Efficient in cutting and trimming of the trees
  • Faster and sharper in cutting and chopping of woods


  • Used for the small to medium sized wood
  • Blue colored axe forged in USA

3. Cold Steel 22 Inch American Hickory Handle Axe

These wonderful hawks are made as drop forged and made with the carbon steel to grip properly. Drop forging is the best way of manufacturing a gardening tool with a perfect cutting edge. This is made for the progressive cutting and chopping wood with the sharp blades and powerful grip on the axe. Each fine axe has the wonderful material so that it can work as per your requirements.

Featurescold steel axe

  • This hawk is 6 ½ inches lengthy
  • Imported
  • Manufactured in America
  • Steel drop forged 1055 Carbon
  • Economical buying
  • Perfect cutting edge


  • Overall length of the hawk is 22 inches
  • Best use in the cutting of small and medium wood
  • Sharp blade
  • It is fully hardened
  • Light weighted


  • Cheap and little rough from handle but some fine tuning makes it amazing
  • Slid pieces but some things required to make it fits

4. Gerber Gator 22 Inch Combo Axe II

Its forged steel head retains the blade edge and this is the best addition to your basic camping year. This is also designed to be used in all the conditions so you can be ready anytime whatever comes in your way. It is made with durable nylon sheath for easy protection and storage. It also has long handle and striking force incredibly. It can use for every sized wood and also faster in its work. Its weight is only 2.26 ounce for easy to handle and life time usage.

FeaturesGerber combo axe

  • Its forged steel head make it durable for blade and striking force
  • Glass filled nylon handle hides coarse blade saw for brush
  • It provides grip in all conditions
  • It’s inside handle is easy and secure for transport
  • You can use it for ant condition, task or problem


  • Best use for getting out of all fears
  • Reliable in all conditions
  • Powerful griped handle
  • Sharp blade and easy to cut
  • The best material used in its making


  • Impressive chopping ability but not too durable
  • Some time broke during standard chopping

5. Gransfors 25 Inch Forest Axe

This is a professional axe to use in felling the large trees and for limbing felled trees easily. This works for the best. This is a light weighted axe which is powerful enough and easy to handle during cutting and chopping the wood. This is forged to a curve bit and this is making it suitable for cutting into fresh and resinous wood like pine trees. This is with the sharp blade so that covered with protective leather sheath. This is warranted at least for the 20 years of working.

FeaturesGransfors forex axe

  • Professional axe
  • Ideal for felling large trees
  • Incredible powered for limbing felled tree
  • Light weighted but impressive powered
  • Forged to a curved bit


  • Protective leather sheet for its sharp blade
  • Cutting edge, handled length and 1.2kg weighted
  • Powerful enough to fell and limb the felled tree
  • Suitable for fresh cuttings
  • Secure and ecological in felling trees


  • Great handmade tool
  • Retains its edge perfectly

How to Choose Best Axes for Gardening

Anything of daily or occasionally use has to be selected if it fulfills all the requirements of yours. When you are going to invest in something to buy you have to check the things for which you are going to purchase. Like all those equipment an axe is also important tool use in the gardening. So for the enjoyable and interesting gardening you have to select the best one. There are some important tips to follow for the best selection. These useful tips are:

Decide the Type of Axe you Need

Every type of axe is not used for every need so if you are a long user you must go for the long users’ axe which mostly use in chopping and slitting lumber. This is mostly use for the long loggers and used by professional gardeners. The smaller axes are designed for the one hand use.

Safety Tips

Don’t use an axe if its head is not safely fastened to the handle or if its handle is cracked. Never strike an axe butt with the hammer. Keep the blade of the axe sharpened and rust free. Consider the material and grip of the axe.

Types of Axes

Axes can be found in different categories and you can select the one you need for your work and that will be the best for your garden and plants. These are the categories of the axes relating to their works.

This is not a big deal to select the best one for your garden because in all axes the commend thing is the light weighted and powerful grip to handle that axe. These are the specific need of any one to choose the one he/she wants. Gardening can be more interesting and valuable if we can use the best tools for growing the plants.

Bottom Lines

By summing up all the discussion it can be said that the selection of axes is not so difficult but little technical because we have to decide the task for which we are going to purchase that axe. If we are long users and want to chop and slit the lumber we have to select the long handled axe and some of us use the axe professionally and some for the camping and the adventures. Some are the hand axe users they don’t need the long handle axe. So these are some sort of needs which has to be followed by buyer of an axe.