A Comprehensive Snow Blower Buying Guide

Why Snow Removal Buyer Guide? In today’s world, online shopping has become the ideal method of shopping for most of the customers. It is because people can get everything with the simple click of a mouse. With the growing trend of online shopping habits, knowing exactly what a person wants has become tough. The buying guides are provided with good reason. These guides help the customers in need of time. When you see too much snow in your street or if you live in a country which is covered with snow throughout the year then you will definitely need a snow blower. However, the internet or market is loaded with hundreds of brands which are offering snow blowers.

The snow removal buyer guide will get you familiar with the features and types of snow blowers and to find the product that is best for clearing the snow. There are different snow removal machines for different jobs. If you are looking for a new snow removal machines, it is necessary to consider all the options before the flurries start flying. The buying guide can help you with it.

Top 5 Best Electric Snow Blower [Comparisons]


Whenever winter season hit people, they are filled with joy and amusement. This season produces very cozy feelings. One of the great features of this season is the snowfall. Every person enjoys winter because of the snow such as kids who either enjoy it by making a snowman or snowflakes. However, this season might be a nightmare for some people especially when it restricts them to their homes. The snow covered sidewalks or driveways have to be cleared with any effective instrument.

A snow blower can help you to clear your roadways. When you look for any snow blower, you will realize that there are hundreds of snow blower models available in the market. These models include electric powered, battery, and gas-powered snow blowers. Conversely, the electric powered snow blowers are more efficient than the gas-powered snow blowers. With these electrical machines, you will able to enjoy its lightweight build in comparison to their competitors. The gas snow blowers are very heavy and loud; they can frustrate you with its loud noise.

Of course, you cannot buy all the electric powered snow blowers. You have to opt for only one model. The following comparison table can help in narrowing down your choice.

Best Electric Snow Blower Review

1. Snow Joe 18 Inch 3.5 Amp Coded Electric Snow Thrower

In the previous era, removing the snow from driveways was always a challenging task. People had to Snow Joe Snow throwerstruggle hard for clearing their way from snow. That was a very time and effort consuming process yet it was not efficient. However, this world of technology has explored the most efficient way of snow removal. Today, the market is loaded with many snow blowers but the Snow Joe Coded Electric Snow Blower has no comparison. The features, capabilities, pros, and cons of Snow Joe Coded Electric Snow Blower mentioned below will let you know about the snow blower.


  • Snow Joe Coded Electric Snow Blower is powered by a 13.5-Amp Electric motor.
  • It comes with an electric starter
  • Rotor comes with four blades that cut the snow like butter.
  • Adjustable chute rotates at 180-degrees.
  • It is equipped with 20-watt halogen headlights that are helpful in clearing the snow at night.
  • Clearing path is approximately 10” deep and 18” wide.
  • It operates as a single stage system.
  • It comes with a two year warranty.
  • It is ideal for plowing snow up to 6” deep.
  • The Snow Joe Coded Electric Snow Blower body is made up of heavy grade steel.
  • It comes with easy-glide pivot tires.
  • It moves up to 600 pounds of snow in a minute.
  • It has a scraper blade at the base that efficiently scrapes the snow from the way.


  • This compact and small machine cleans all the driveways quickly and easily.
  • It is ideal for both light and heavy snow.
  • This model is easy to use and handle because it is light weight machine.
  • It is made up of highly durable material.
  • It does not require any special maintenance.
  • Snow Joe Coded Electric Snow Blower is an eco-friendly product.


  • The electric cord of the machine many disconnects due to heavy vibration.
  • The machine may cover with snow while removing it, so you have to brush the light repeatedly.

2. Greenworks 20 Inch 13 Amp Coded Electric Snow Blower

Electric snow blowers are eco-friendly because they do not require any oil or gas. They work quietly Greenworks Electric Snow Blowerwithout giving off fumes. The market is loaded with many electric and cordless snow blowers, but they all are equipped with same features and properties. One of the most efficient snow blower models is the Greenworks Coded Electric Snow Blower. If you need a user and eco-friendly snow blower, then you should consider this model of a snow blower. It is efficiently for clearing snow within the budget.


  • Greenworks Coded Electric Snow Blower is powered by a 14-Amp electric motor.
  • It weighs approximately 30 pounds.
  • Clearing path is 20-inch wide and 10-inch deep.
  • It comes with 7-inch tired for moving it without any trouble.
  • It is equipped with dual LED headlights that provide greater visibility in the time of need.
  • The tools of Greenworks Coded Electric Snow Blower have 4-year warranty while the battery comes with 2-year warranty.
  • It moves snow up to 20-feet.


  • The wheels allow you to get the cleaning process done quickly.
  • The lever handle will allow moving it in any direction.
  • It is light in weight which makes it easy for anybody to clear the snow from the sidewalk or driveway.
  • It is a compact and small machine which is easy to store.
  • It does not require the storage of oil or gas for it.
  • It is a quiet machine and does not require special maintenance.
  • It is an eco-friendly product that does not involve fumes or carbon emission.


  • It is less powerful than the gas-powered snow blowers.
  • If the snow falls heavily, then the gears for chute rotating may freeze up with a bulk of snow.
  • Sometimes, it is hard to maneuver the Greenworks Coded Electric Snow Blower.

3. Toro 38371 Coded 15 Inch 12 Amp Electric Snow Blower

If you are looking for a single stage electric snow blower, then the Toro electrical 1500 power Curve snow Toro Electric Snow Blowerblower is the best option. It is a snow thrower which will throw away about 7 inches of light and dry snow from driveways, walkways, and sidewalks. Toro snow blower will help you to move the snow from small areas. If you are not aware of its features and dimension, this review of the Toro 1500 Power Curve will answer all your questions.


  • Toro electric snow blower is powered by a 2-Amp Electric motor.
  • Toro electric snow blower cuts the snow up to 12-inches deep and 15-inches wide.
  • It throws the snow up to 25-feet.
  • It moves the snow up to 500 pounds in a single minute.
  • Adjustable chute rotates at 160-degrees.
  • Toro electric snow blower comes with 2-year warranty.
  • It weighs approximately 25 pounds.
  • It has an electric start system.


  • Toro electric snow blower is light in weight, so it is easy to push.
  • It is very easy to maneuver.
  • Toro snow blower is a very quiet machine.
  • It can even be used on wood decks.
  • It is an eco-friendly product and produces no gasoline fumes.
  • Due to electric start system, it very easy to start the machine.
  • Its engine requires no maintenance.
  • It takes little space in your garage.
  • It runs for about 45 minutes on one charge.
  • It comes at an affordable price.


  • Toro electric snow blower operates only when it is plugged in.
  • The extension cord has a limited range as clearing path is quite narrow.
  • It is made for light snow so it cannot handle deep or heavy snow.
  • It is not a self-propelled machine so it must be pushed by the operator.

4. Troy Bilt 1400 Coded Electric Snow Blower

If you have a right snow blower in your garage, then you would not have to worry about the snow storm. Trolly Bilt Electric Snow BlowerThe well-equipped snow blower will take all your stress of dealing with the winter season. For this purpose, you have to find the snow blower that is just right for your need. If you want a snow blower for smaller to the medium sized driveway, then the electric snow blower like the Troy-Bilt is ideal for you. It comes with everything that you need for clearing your medium sized driveway. When you have this snow blower in your garage, then you are prepared well for whatever the winter season brings.


  • Troy Bilt coded snow blower is powered by an 11-Amp
  • It has a cutting depth of about 9-inches.
  • It moves the snow up to 400 pounds in a single minute.
  • It throws the snow up to 22 feet.
  • It comes with an ergonomic handle.
  • It has a clearing width of approximately 14 inches.
  • The plastic body adjustable chute rotates at 180- degrees.
  • It weighs about 29 pounds.
  • It comes with two years of warranty.
  • It is equipped with 4.5 inches of tires
  • Trolly built coded snow blower has an electric start system, so you just have to push the button, and the snow cleaning process will begin.
  • It comes with inboard rear wheels.


  • Troy built snow blower is very light in weight which makes it easy to operate.
  • It takes small space in your garage.
  • Troy-bilt snow blower is an environmentally friendly machine as it produces zero emissions.
  • It produces enough power to drive the auger through the hardest conditions.
  • Troy Bilt snow blower operates quietly.
  • It is made up of highly durable materials which allow the machine to stand up to different tough conditions. The tough plastic parts of this machine are resistant to dents and scratches.


  • Sometimes, the clearance width is not enough to clear the driveways.
  • It is not made for heavy jobs as its cutting depth is not enough for clearing such heavy snow.
  • The maximum distance that this machine can throw a stone is just 20 feet.
  • It cannot handle wet snow
  • Troy built snow blower is not build with headlights so this machine cannot be used in the dark.

5. Powersmart 18 Inch 13 Amp Coded Electric Snow Blower

The Powersmart electric snow blower makes it perfect for most of the medium sized driveway. Being an electric snow blower, it is a convenient and easy to use the machine. It delivers enough power to compete with the best snow blowers in the market. When you found heavy snow on your driveway, plug in this snow blower, and it will remove the snow for you.


  • Power smart electric snow blower is powered by a 13-Amp motor.
  • Clearing depth of this electric snow blower is 18 inches while its cutting depth is 9 inches.
  • It can move the snow up to 650 pounds in a single minute.
  • It comes with a rubber-steel auger that can clear the snow up to 30 feet.
  • It has an electric start system that prevents you from the shoulder strain.
  • Adjustable chute control handle rotates 180 degrees.
  • It weighs about 38 pounds.
  • It comes with one year warranty.


  • Power smart electric snow blower is easy to assemble.
  • It has a good handling and clearance capability.
  • It is an eco-friendly machine.
  • The electric start system of Power smart electric snow blower prevents you from shoulder strain.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • Power smart electric snow blower has a very powerful motor that matches the petrol version of a snow blower.


  • Power smart electric snow blower is somewhat heavy and big. So, it needs a larger room for storage.
  • You cannot use this machine in the darkest hours of the night because it has no headlights.
  • It cannot handle wet snow.
  • The range of the machine is restricted by the length of the power cord.
  • It comes with only one year of warranty which indicates that you can only have one meaningful season out of this machine.
  • Sometimes, it may leave a small layer of snow behind

Top 5 Electric Start Gas Snow Blower [Comparisons]

Gas snow blower works more efficiently than the electric snow blower in scooping up the snow and throwing it out in the discharge chute. Snowfall varies drastically in different regions of the same country. If you are living in a region with heavy snow, then prefer gas snow blower over the electric snow blower. With the advanced technology, these snow blowers come with many enticing features which make it even easier to move the snow from a larger area. The market now provides different options for you but discovering those options never makes the buying process easier. However, with the thorough analysis, you can narrow down your choice and can make the right decision.

The comprehensive and straightforward reviews can break down your choice. With these reviews, you will be able to know about the right snow blower with the desired features. The comparison group includes the five best gas snow blower that offer the best value for your money.

Best Gas Snow Blower Review

1. Husqvarna 24 Inch 208cc Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

Usually, the item which has some innovative features is the most demanding product of the market. If you are looking for a good snow blower within your budget, then the Husqvarna will make the top of your snow blower lists. This fine machine is capable of plowing the driveway or sidewalks clear through the hardest snowstorms, and it will cut the snow as if it was butter. This machine comes with many enticing features.

Featureshusqvarna Gas Snow Blower

  • Husqvarna is powered by a 208cc and four-cycle gas engine.
  • It comes with an electric starter system which allows you to start the engine just by pressing the button.
  • 15-inch wheels provide easy portability.
  • Husqvarna is a two stage snow blower.
  • It weight approximately 198.6 pounds.
  • Its speed can be adjusted easily.
  • Husqvarna comes with adjustable handles that are quite comfortable and ergonomic for all sorts of operations.
  • It has 23-inch clearing height while 24-inch clearing width
  • The bright LED headlights make it easy to clear the snow even in the low light situation.
  • It comes with non-marring skid shoes which prevent the damage of driveways or sidewalks.
  • A tank of the snow blower holds about 2.7 liters which will let you operate the machine for at least two hours.
  • It comes with an adjustable chute which rotates at 180-degrees.
  • Husqvarna is backed up by a warranty of two years.


  • The Husqvarna is equipped with heated grips, so it will keep you comfortable in handling it in the coldest hours of the night.
  • Apart from the electric starter, Husqvarna comes with a pull cord as well. Every person prefers the electric start system, so this machine lies in the top priorities of everyone. However, if the electric start fails for some reason, then the pull-cord can be used as a back-up.
  • This machine can easily clear the snow up to 52 feet out of the driveway.
  • Husqvarna is a self-propelled machine due to the 15-inch tires. These tires help in gripping the snow and ice.
  • The high-powered headlights help in clearing the snow even if it is dark outside. Having these sets of headlights help people in avoiding any injury.
  • It is made up of a very durable and strong material that extends its lifespan.
  • This machine does not make any noise.


  • Husqvarna comes with the plastic knobs that can easily be broken.
  • The LED headlights illumination does not project that far, and the far off things are not easily visible.

2. Troy Bilt 26 Inch Two Stage Snow Thrower

People never compromise on machines as they do not bear the burden of a bad quality machine. So, Trolly Bilt Gas Snow blowerwhen they stumbled upon the Troy Bilt snow blower, they will surprise with its innovative features. This snow blower machine consists of all the features that you expect from a high-quality model. It comes with some great additional features as well that may drive you crazy. When you look for a snow blower machine, then your major apprehension is that this unit will minimize the struggle you usually put into removing snow. Troy Bilt snow blower succeeds in fulfilling the desires of people. Troy Bilt snow blower does an amazing job of removing the snow from your sidewalks or driveway.


  • Troy Bilt snow blower is powered by a 208cc and four cycle gas engine.
  • It is ideal for removing the 16-inch snow and clears driveways which are 4 cars long and 2 cars wide.
  • It has 15-inch tires which provide added traction in the harsh conditions.
  • Its speed can be adjusted easily.
  • It comes with both electric start and recoil start system.
  • The fuel tank has a capacity of 0.5 gallons.
  • Both auger and impeller have a diameter of 12-inches.
  • Auger is made up of serrated steel while chute has a plastic body.
  • The turning radius of chute in 200-degrees.
  • It comes with handle-mounted triggers.
  • Gear case is made up of aluminum.
  • TrollyBilt snow blower has halogen headlights for clearing the snow in the dark.
  • It comes with a warranty of 2-years.


  • Headlights are brighter enough that it makes the far-off things easily visible.
  • TrollyBilt snow blower is lighter in weight than many other gas snow blowers.
  • Due to 15-inch wheels, it is maneuverable.
  • It provides ruggedness and durability for years of use.
  • It comes at very affordable rates.


  • TrollyBilt snow blower has an undersized
  • It has no heater handed grips due to which it sometimes become hard to handle it.

3. Briggs Stratton 208cc Two Stage  Snow Thrower

Electric snow blowers are ideal if you are eco-minded because they do not need oil or gas and run even quieter. If you are consistently surrounded by snow, and you cannot find any way to clear your driveway, then the Briggs Stratton snow blower is a good choice. These snow blowers are best for property holders with normal garages. It has many enticing features:

FeaturesBriggs & Stratton Gas Snow Thrower

  • Briggs Stratton snow blower clear driveways which are 24-Inch wide and 20-inch long.
  • This machine is powered by 208cc engine.
  • This snow blower is equipped with an electric start for efficient starting.
  • 3-year limited equipment and engine warranty.
  • Briggs Stratton snow blower is equipped with a notched auger and a gearbox.
  • It has a durable aluminum body that extends its lifespan.
  • It comes with a free-hand control.
  • Briggs Stratton snow blower weighs approximately 184 pounds.
  • The size of a steel scroll auger is approximately 12-inch
  • It has dash mounted chute control.
  • Adjustable chute rotates at about 200-degrees
  • It comes with LED headlights.
  • Discharge distance is approximately 40-feet.
  • Briggs Stratton snow blower has 14-inch tires for easy portability.


  • It comes with a Free Hand Control that allows one-hand operation. This operation enables you to keep blowing the snow with a single hand.
  • It is made up of a durable and strong material that guarantees its long life.
  • This machine offers superior
  • It is a user-friendly machine.
  • Skid shoes will make the plowing of snow easy.
  • It is available at affordable rates.


  • It has no oil filter, so a person needs to be careful in changing the oil.
  • Sometimes, it becomes hard to turn the machine, so you have to drag the machine on the driveways for clearing the snow.

4. Yard Machines 30 Inch Electric Start Gas Snow Thrower

Winter brings amusement if you live in the right locale. However, the extensive measures of snow can destroy the joy of the season as the driveways are loaded with snow so it restricts the people to their homes. You will definitely need a strategy for snow expulsion so get a gas snow blower. Yard Machines snow thrower is an exceptional machine that clear a huge amount of snow from the driveways. It will choke many competitors with its features. It has a powerful engine which you need for snow clearance. Get the maximum traction on steep or gavel surfaces with this Yard Machines snow blower.

FeaturesYard Machin Gas Snow Thrower

  • Yard Machines snow blower is powered by the 357cc 4-cycle engine.
  • It has power to move snow about 16” deep.
  • It comes with an electric start system.
  • It has 12-inch steel impeller and auger.
  • Chute rotates up to 200-degree.
  • Yard Machines snow blower has 13 x 4-inch tires.
  • It comes with a 2-year factory warranty.
  • Fuel tank has a capacity of 1.25 gallons.
  • Auger is made up of notched steel.
  • Yard Machines snow blower comes with halogen headlights.
  • It weighs approximately 255 pounds.
  • Clearing length is 43.75-inches while width is 32.75-inches


  • This machine does most of your work so you do not have to worry about the tough snow clearing process.
  • This snow blower grips to your driveway surface no matter how much ice or snow is present there.
  • The snow hog tires make working with the deeper snow easier.
  • The built-in headlight system illuminates a wider path which allows the clearance of snow even in the wee hours of the morning.
  • The electric start system limits your worry of pulling the cord for several minutes.


  • Yard Machines snowblower weighs about 255 pounds which are too heavy to be handled.
  • It takes a lot of space in the

5. Ariens 24 Inch Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

Winter is a season of amusement and when it arrives people started thinking about snowman or Ariens Gas Snow Blowersnowball fight. However, there are some people who get worried when the winter season is around the corner. They started thinking about the painful shoveling that comes along the winter. This happens because they still think about different strategies through which they can clear their driveways. But in today’s world, this worry is no more a worry because the technology has provided an exclusive gas-powered snow blower. The market is loaded with many snow blowers, but the Ariens gas snow blower with an electric start system is somewhat an exclusive one due to its amazing features. Ariens gas snow blower model appears to have almost everything you are searching for in a durable and strong snow blower machine.


  • Ariens gas snow blower is powered by a 208cc engine.
  • The engine of this machine offers more than 2-hour run time.
  • It has both electric start and back-up recoil
  • Adjustable chute rotates at 200-degrees.
  • Ariens gas snow blower comes with 5.5-inch wide directional snow tracks.
  • It has a dash-mounted control system for changing the angle and position of the deflector.
  • It has interlocking controls that lock both the handles and free one hand for operating chute.
  • It comes with 24-inch clearing width.
  • The 11-inch impeller and the auger system lift snow up to 40-feets.
  • It has built-in halogen headlights.
  • It comes with a 1-year commercial warranty and 5-years residential warranty.


  • Assembling of the Ariens gas snow blower tools is quite easy.
  • It is made up of durable and strong
  • It is a user-friendly machine, and everything can be controlled
  • High-quality halogen headlight illuminates almost everything and makes the cleaning process easier.
  • It offers the fastest auger ratio to move the snow even faster.


  • Its reverse speed is not that fast.
  • Sometimes, it becomes very different to turn.
  • Ariens gas snow blower is a quite heavy machine.

Top 3 Cordless Electric Snow Blower [Comparisons]

Dealing with a corded electric snow blower is sometimes very exhausting and back-breaking task. However, the battery powered snow blower is the ultimate replacement for the corded snow blower. The cordless aspect of these snow blowers enables you to remove the snow freely without any limit, while the corded electric snow blower usually restricts your distance. These user-friendly snow blowers are efficient tools for removing snow from the driveways. Today, you can find many snow blowers in the market but which one is right for you? This is somehow a challenging question. The task of buying the right snow blower somehow become easier when you know about the top rated cordless snow blowers. Some of the best snow blowers currently present in the market are shortlisted for their performance and features. You can opt for the snow blower that suits your situation.

Best Cordless Electric Snow Blower Review

1. Snow Joe Brushless Cordless Electric Snow Blower

Snow Joe Cordless Electric Snow Blower clears the driveway and sidewalks easily without putting strainSnow Jeo Cordless Snow Bloweron the neck and back. The sleek design of the Snow Joe machine ensures that people can do their snow cleaning task quickly.  With its easy operation and amazing looks, it is ideal for your mid-sized snow cleaning job. After simple assembling of connecting the handle with the plastic knobs, you are ready to remove the snow from your driveway. Some handy features of Snow Joe Cordless Electric Snow Blower bring it to the limelight.


  • Snow Joe Cordless Electric Snow Blower weighs approximately 32 pounds and its running time is about 50 minutes.
  • It comes with a 40-volts rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • It has no pull or extension cords.
  • Steel Auger has two rubber blades.
  • The clearing path of this machine is 18-inch wide and 8-inch deep.
  • Adjustable chute rotates at 180-degree.
  • It comes with 3W LED headlights for clearing the snow at nighttime.
  • Snow Joe Cordless Electric Snow Blower throws snow up to 23-feet.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • It has an electric start system.
  • It is a single-stage snow blower.
  • It comes with a single hand control system.


  • Snow Joe Cordless Electric Snow Blower is ideal for removing snow from driveways, decks, and sidewalks.
  • It starts instantly by just pushing the button.
  • It comes with an adjustable handle that enhances your comfort while using it.
  • This model is light in weight so it can easily be carried from place to place.
  • The LED headlight increases the visibility in the darkest hours of the night.
  • It is an inexpensive machine.
  • It is easy to use.


  • Snow Joe Cordless Electric Snow Blower cannot handle the wet snow.
  • It has no heated handgrips and freewheel steering.
  • If the electric starter fails, then there is no back-up for starting the machine.

2. Greenworks 20 Inche Cordless Electric Snow Thrower

The Greenworks Cordless Electric Snow Blower lies in the list of the best snow blowers. It is a snow Greenworks Cordless Snow Blowerblower with a strong engine and without an extension cord. If you want such snow blower without fumes or if you are eco-friendly then you have found a good battery snow blower. The Greenworks Cordless Electric Snow Blower came on the rampage in the year 2014. Since then, it has been gaining admiration for its efficient features. This machine is sometimes also known as snow hurler.  If you are living in a country which is whitened by snow throughout the season then you have to buy such mechanized snow hurler.


  • Greenworks Cordless Electric Snow Blower runs up to 45 minutes with a fully charged battery while it charges in about 30 minutes.
  • It is ideal for clearing patios, walkway, and driveways.
  • Clearing path is about 20”.
  • Chute rotates at 180-degrees.
  • Greenworks Cordless Electric Snow Blower can clear up to 10” deep snow.
  • It comes with dual LED lights that illuminate the path at night.
  • This model throws the snow up to 20 feet.
  • The 6” rear tires allow easy portability.
  • It folds up neatly for compact storage.
  • It comes with four year warranty.
  • No maintenance required. No fumes. Quiet.


  • The warranty span is much longer than any other electric snow blower. This span enables you to have confidence in Greenworks Cordless Electric Snow Blower.
  • It is the most powerful snow blower in the market today.
  • You do not have to tussle with the extension cord.
  • It comes with an easy-fold system which allows compact storage and transportation.
  • It is an eco-friendly machine that eliminates the gas or fuel cost.
  • It is the industry’s first 80 volts system.


  • Most of Greenworks Cordless Electric Snow Blower body is made up of plastic which is not that durable.
  • It comes at a higher cost.

3. Black Decker 21 Inch Cordless Electric Snow Thrower

The snow blower is the need of winter if you are surrounded by heavy snow throughout the season. How Black Decker Cordless Snow Blowerwould you feel of you snow blower is without a cord and still work efficiently? Well, the cordless feature of any snow blower is always enticing for people.Black Decker Cordless Electric Snow Blower gives you the freedom of a cordless operation. You just have to charge the battery, and it will work for several hours without any chord. It is ideal for removing snow from decks, sidewalks, and driveways. It comes with many other enticing features that bring it to the limelight.


  • Auger is made up of rubber material.
  • It has 21″ clearing path.
  • It comes with an electric starter system.
  • Adjustable chute rotates at 180-degree.
  • It throws snow up to 20-feet.
  • It is equipped with 40V lithium batteries.
  • Black Decker Cordless Electric Snow Blower comes with two batteries, a safety key, cleaning tool, and a battery charger of about four maximum inputs.
  • It weighs about 46 pounds.
  • It comes with a two year warranty.


  • It comes with a fold-able handle which allows the machine to fit easily into smaller areas.
  • It can easily be moved from place to place.
  • This machine has an easy push button starter which is easy to operate than many other gas powered snow blowers which have recoil starters.
  • Black Decker Cordless Electric Snow Blower comes with a fully-functioning and powerful chute.
  • It works without producing irritating noise.
  • It comes at an affordable rate.


  • The battery timings are quite low. If you are planning to clear a long driveway, then it may stop halfway through the process.
  • It cannot deal with the heavy snow.
All About Snow Blowers Tutorial

What is Snow Blower?

A snow blower is equipment which is used for clearing the snow from driveway, roadway, sidewalk, railroad track, runway, or other areas where it is needed. With such machine, snow is removed by using an impeller or auger rather than blowing it. These blowers either run with a gasoline engine or electric power. Snow blowers vary in size from a smallest to the larger one. Small blowers can remove only a small amount of light snow from a small path of approximately 17 to 21 inch while the large snow blowers are mounted on heavy vehicles, and they are capable of moving heavy snow up to 7 feet deep.

Types of snow blower

Snow blowers fall into three major categories which are discussed below:

Single-Stage Electric Snow Blowers

Single Stage Electric Snowblowers are run by an electric motor. These snow blowers are usually light in weight and easy to use, but they are only recommended for clearing mid-sized fields. As the name suggests, the single stage electric snow blowers follow a single-step process to remove snow. In such snow blowers, the auger of the blower loosens the snow and sent it to the discharge tube. This model of snow blower needs an electrical plug, so its reach is restricted. Moreover, this model does not come with wheels which led the users to push the machine for clearing the snow manually.

Single – Stage Gas Snow Blowers

Single-stage gas snow blowers are run by the gas engine. This model is more powerful and heavier than the single-stage electric snow blowers. These are also not made for large-sized driveways, but they can efficiently handle the mid-sized fields.They do not require any electrical outlet, so its reach is not limited to a particular area. Most of the single-stage gas snow blowers are not self-propelled as they depend on the operator to move them across the field to clear the snow. However, the auger sometimes is also helpfulin pulling the system forward.

Two-Stage Gas Snow Blowers

Two-stage gas snow blowers are also called as dual-stage gas snow blowers because it involves two steps to clear the snow.These models have a separate auger for collecting the snow and an impeller for propelling and throwing the snow out through the chute. Two-stage snow blowers are ideal for clearing heavy and deep snow. These are equipped with wheels which provide easy portability. Two-stage snow blowers are built with powerful engines that are composed of 9 to 12 HP which allows the operator to clear about 25 to 37 inches of snow. These models move even faster than the other snow blowers and are built with more features.

How to Choose Best Snow Blower?

Choosing a product is always a challenging task. When winter is just around the corner, and you are thinking about buying a snow blower, there are several important considerations in the choice of removing snow equipment. Some of them are discussed below:

Set a Budget

The first thing to consider before buying any product is to acknowledge how much money you have in your pocket. Then know about the price range of the snow blowers. If you are looking for the commercial grade snow blower, then you can get a good quality snow blower at the range of $6000, but it also depends on the model of the snow blower. However, for residential purposes, the snow blowers will be in the range of approximately $4000. So, you should have at least this sum of money in your wallet before buying the snow blower.

Size of Snow Blowers

Snow blowers come in different sizes from a smallest one to the largest one. The smallest one is used for light tasks while the largest one is capable of removing the deeper snow. However, buying a too big or too small snow blower can be a problem. The big blowers are usually used for commercial purposes or heavy jobs. Alternatively, a small snow blower will work well in a small-sized area.  These are ideal for parking lots or big yards.Check the clearing path and size of the snow blower thoroughly before buying one.

Amount of Snow to be Removed

If you are living in an area where the snow is light, and it falls for a short span of time, then the electric snow blower will drive you crazy because they are excellent for clearing light snow. However, if snow surrounds you throughout the year and the snow falls heavily, then you need a gas snow blower because they work well with snow up to 18-inch. The single gas snow blower will be effective for removing snow up to 8-inch while the two-gas snow blower is ideal for clearing heavy snow up to 18-inch.

Look for a New or Used Snow Blower

Buying a new product is great when you have a huge sum of money. But if you are short of money, then buying a good quality used product makes more sense. The market is loaded with both used and newly manufactured products. The market dealers ensure that if any part of the used snow blower needsreplacement, then it will be restored. However, when a person is looking for the used snow blower, then he should be more careful and see whether all the parts are working well or not. All the signs of damage are easily visible if you are vigilant enough. In a nutshell, buy a new snow blower without any worry of damage while remaining watchful when buying the used snow blower.

Other Features to be considered

Some other features can also help you in buying the right snow blower. These features are discussed below:

  • Look for the snow blower system that adjusts in a way that you can clear the driveway without reaching up or hunch
  • Choose a snow blower with easily move-able handle. Prefer the heated handle grips that will make you face the cold a little bearable.
  • Look for a snow blower system that has headlights.
  • Tire size is an important consideration so you should prefer a snow blower which has a larger size as they provide superior maneuverability.
  • Opt for a snow blower that is made out of durable and strong material.

How to Choose with Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

The market is loaded with many snow blowers. Some snow blowers are available with the recoil starter while others with the electric starter system. People usually opt for the electric start feature of a snow blower as it avoids the strain in the shoulder. The recoil starts snow blower put a heavy strain on the shoulders, and it is also not easy to pull the cord in that cold weather. With the electric start gas snow blower, you simply have to push the button, and the snow clearing process will begin. People might not know that the gas snow blowers work more efficiently than the electric snow blower. So, a gas snow blower with an electric start system would be the best option. You will find many electric start snow blowers on the market, and every snow blower will come with different enticing features. These millions of snow blowers variety create confusion for people as they do not know which one will produce best results. Things will get easier if he knows a bit about his choice and the followings things will help him in getting the right choice.

Consider a Budget Friendly Machine

Snow blowers are available at different prices. You may find an affordable or a very expensive product with added features in the market. People usually believe in the quality of expensive products. However, it is not necessary that an expensive product will always give you the desired results. Sometimes, an inexpensive machine works more efficiently in your settings. The gas snow blowers are always expensive than the electric snow blowers because they come with a long span of life. So, always prefer a gas snow blower machine which is budget-friendly and at the same time, provides the desired results.

Back-Up Recoil Starter

Life is not always fortunate, sometimes you may find yourself trapped in the bulk of snow. What if your snow blower push-button stops working? If your snow blower system does not have a backup starter system, then you cannot do anything but to stare at the machine. So, you should always prefer a snow blower machine which is equipped with a backup recoil starter. Although it is hard to pull the cord in such coldest weather but it can be helpful in a troublesome situation.

Weight of an Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

Gas snow blowers are usually heavier than the electric snow blowers because they come with more efficient features. The weight of a machine can be covered by its large size wheels. So, never feel hesitant in buying the gas snow blower because of its weight. These snow blowers will provide much more than other snow blowers. But always prefer a gas snow blower which has large-sized tires.

Headlight of a Gas Snow Blower

It is necessary to look for a snow blower which has headlights because sometimes you may have to clear the driveway in the darkest hours of the night. The electric gas snow blowers with halogen headlights are more preferred over the LED headlights.

How to Choose Cordless Electric (Battery) Snow Blower

If you do not want to limit yourself to the length of the extension cord, then look for a cordless electric snow blower. Cordless electric snow blower also any accident from happening. If someone does not want to be anxious about unintentionally running over the extension cord of the snow blower which is hidden under the snow, then he can buy a cordless electric snow blower for efficiently cleaning the snow without a considerable safety hazard. However, if you want to get the best cordless snow blower then you have to look for the following features carefully:

Rotatable Discharge Chute

When a snow blower is used for removing the snow, then the large chunks of ice or rocks may come on the way. Snow moves through the discharge chute of the snow blower at a higher speed. You should look for a snow blower which has a rotatable discharge chute, and this chute should rotate at 180 degrees. This thing will enable the snow blower to clear the snow efficiently.

Cordless Electrical Snow Blower with Headlights

Sometimes, you may need to clear the snow loaded driveways at night. Since winter days are shorter than the summer ones, and you will definitely need a snow blower for removing the snow in the dark. The efficiency of a snow blower can be affected if it has no headlights because it will not be able to remove the snow at that darkest hour of the night. So always look for a snow blower that has LED or halogen headlights.

Cordless Electrical Snow Blower with Large Tires

Certain snow blowers are pushed by the operators as they have no tires for moving them. However, you should always consider the cordless electrical snow blower with large tires for easy maneuvering. With such snow blower, the operator does not have to bear the heavy load of a machine. Bigger tires will offer more traction to the snow blower which will help in moving the snow from a slippery surface.

Body of an Electric Snow Blower

Some of the cordless electrical snow blowers are made with too many feeble plastic parts while others are made with stamped steel parts. Such snow blower should be avoided strictly. However, the cordless electric snow blowers that have a cast iron body should be preferred. Although, they are bit expensive, it will be worth to the already added expense as they will last for a longer span of time.

Blades of a Cordless Electrical Snow Blower

Cordless electrical snow blowers are available in different forms and varieties. They are offered with a different quality of blades. However, an individual should always prefer an electrical snow blower which has at least two blades.

Clearing Width and Intake Height of the Cordless electrical Snow Blower

The height and width of the snow blower measure how much snow the snow blower can take in. You should look for a snow blower which comes with a good width and height. It will help in removing a larger quantity of snow in lesser time.

Battery Timing of the Cordless Electrical Snow Blower

Before buying the cordless snow blower, observe its battery timings. Once you are sure that the snow blower will not leave you in the time of need, then buy the system. However, if you are in a dilemma about its battery timings then never consider such snow blowers.

All About Snow Removal Equipment

If you are living in a region which is covered by snow throughout the year, then a snow removal equipment is your all time friend in that severe weather. In some areas of the world, the winter season is a trouble for people, and they need user-friendly equipment that could minimize their worry. Different snow removal equipment was used in various eras. With the advanced technology, these equipment come in a more modified form. Now the market is loaded with many snow removal equipment that make the snow clearing process easier. Following are some of the snow removal equipment:

Snow Pusher

Snow pushers remove the snow by pushing it with a moldboard. This snow removal equipment is not preferred in today’s world but it was a part of trend till the year 1970. It was used to clear a large amount of snow from driveways, roadways and parking lots. It was only used by the snow removal contractors. It was specially built for municipalities and other commercial purposes. They were not that efficient, but somehow they were helpful in clearing the driveways.

Snow Shovel

A snow shovel is a sort of shovel which was built for removing snow. The first snow shovel was found in Russia where people used it for removing the snow from their driveways or roadways. They were available in different shapes and size. People used to opt for the lightest one because it was not a self-propelled product and the person has to operate it for clearing the snow. Snow shovel comes with only two features which include a scoop and a handle. This snow removal equipment sometimes produces strain on the shoulder. Alternatively, clearing snow with a snow shovel can also have a significant impact on the health of a person.

Snow Plow

The snow plow is snow removal equipment designed for mounting on any vehicle. It is popular since 1913, but the first snow plow had a wooden body which was not that efficient. It was designed for mounting on every sort of vehicles such as truck or train. In most areas of the world, the snow plow is mounted on the train to remove the snow from the train track. This snow plow clears the snow with a blade which is attached to the bottom. It efficiently removes the heavy or deep snow from the driveways.

Snow Roof Rake

People might wonder how they could remove the snow from the roof. Well, removing the snow from the roof is no more a challenging task. With the advanced technology, certain equipment is available which can help people in clearing the snow from the roof. It is necessary to remove the snow from the roof as it may form ice dams which in turn, lead to the leakage of the roof. The snow roof rake efficiently removes the snow from the rooftop. If you are living in a small house, you can use a snow roof rack to keep it snow-free by removing the snow daily. However, if you are living in a taller house, then the snow roof raking is the best option for clearing the overhangs. Conversely, this machine is not effective in removing hardened or wet snow from the roof.

Snow Blower Cover

When the winter season is over, then you have to protect your snow blower from damaging for the entire summer season. A snow blower cover will save your machine from damaging even if you leave this machine outside. The snow blower cover is usually made up of weatherproof material which safeguards the machine in the harsh weather and other elements such as heat from the sun.

The Bottom Line

Finding the right snow blower at first glance is always daunting. Choosing from the reviews of the best single-stage gas, electric and two-stage gas snow blowers and then narrowing things down based on the desired features is actually an easy process. The market is flooded with snow blowers for every budget and every situation but opting for the best one can make a large difference.Consider you priorities with the features of the snow blower and pick the best one which suites the situation. Look for the functionality, efficiency, and durability of the snow blower. Reviews of the above products can help you in getting the right snow blower.