Gardening Tool – Hand Trowels

There are many of the gardening tools are not only use for the house gardens but also used for the professional and agricultural lands. The hand trowels are the one on the tools which are the best in gardening, planting the flowers and vegetables too. They mostly use to transfer the plants from one place to others that are why some people say this act the potting act. The curved sides of the trowels help to manage the transferring and digging the soil. They are normally weeding and tulip types which have the sharp teeth to work with.

They have sharp bladed to dig and weed the soil easily. They are the hand tools and easy to use with power and you need to put a little force in its using. The fork which includes in the blade helps to dig the soil and pull the root out from the mud. This tool will definitely makes you easy in gardening and planting.

Top 5 Hand Trowels For Gardening

In all the kinds of the trowels which are available in the market it is little a hard thing to select and purchase the best one for you. But we are going to share some of the best Top 5 Hand Trowels here so that may help you in searching the best one for you. These are:

5 Best Hand Trowels Review

1. SE 8794SP Folding Trowel Stainless Steel

 This is the proud for us to provide the trowel of stainless steel and this is the best tool to use in the home garden and also for the outdoor activities. This is made of USA and has the best trademark in the market. Customers from the whole world are satisfied with the great quality and the best use of this trowel. This is the choice of the gardeners, campers and the professionals. This is the high quality durable product which has to be stored easily and this will work for long lasting without any breakage. It has the sharp blade which can help you in digging and weeding in the hard soil.

FeaturesSE Hand Trowels

  • Folded trowel with the length of 5 inches
  • Its length can be extended up to almost 9 inches
  • It has a shovel head size 5/2 inches
  • It has the thick shovel which is about 1/16 thick
  • Stainless steel durable material used in its making
  • It also has the nylon carrying case


  • Easy to use in the home gardens and lawns
  • The professionals and contractors like to have this trowel
  • This is the best and comfortable tool in digging and weeding
  • This hand tool is perfect as per requirements


  • Not so good tool but the flexible one
  • Strong tool but a little bit heavy

2. Fiskars Extra Large Grip  Hand Trowel

This is the ideal tool and trowel for the best planting in the garden and this works for many more uses. This trowel is used for taking up plants digging on the soil and managing the roots of the plants. Its extra large handle makes it more comfortable than others. And the soft grip gives the balancing use with perfect control. Its aluminum head with the sharp end helps it to move fast and quick on the soil. There is a hole in the handle which helps to store it and use year by year. It is a long lasting usable tool which has life time warranty.

FeaturesFiskars Hand Trowels

  • Best planting trowel for the gardening
  • Extra large soft gripped handle
  • Extra large polished cart with sharpen edge
  • Easy digging in the tough soil
  • Handle hole provide easy storage by hanging in the save place
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The best use of the trowel in personal and professional gardens
  • The best choice of the agricultural
  • Professionals ask for the best multiple uses of the trowel
  • It can help to dig in the rocky soil


  • Best use especially for the home gardens
  • Not good in use for the transplanting of bulbs

3. Radius Garden 100 Aluminum Hand Trowel

This is an advanced and modern trowel use for the easy and comfortable digging in the soil of all kinds. Its best grip makes digging easy and painless for the hands and the wrist. It has sharp and light aluminum blades which increase the possibility of best planting with this trowel. Its thermoplastic handle gives the best grip and convenient digging whether the hands are wet or dry. Secure product for all type of digging. Its beveled blade easily cuts through the rocky soil and pulls the roots and weed system. This is available in different colors and that colors increase the beauty of the product.

FeaturesRadius Hand Trowel

  • Sharp blade of aluminum
  • Plastic handle is easy to grip even with wet hands
  • Non relaxing durable material is used in its making
  • Exceptional strength of blades makes it different from others
  • Its advanced design helps to dig fast and easy without pain


  • A wrist relaxing trowel for the soil digging
  • Multiple uses for the home garden planting
  • It is good in managing the roots and weeds with its sharp and ultra light blade
  • Usable for the long time


  • Very easy and comfortable tool with advance design
  • The best gardening tool but for small digging

4.  DeWit Forged Transplant  Short Handle Trowel 

This is the trowel which can also call an heirloom and has a short ash hardwood handle which is best in grip. It is overall steeled head with sharpen performance and easy to deal the hard soil. The most important thing in this trowel is, it can be used in the tight spots and specifically confined areas. The full length of the blade is sharpened to do best digging and make the gardening and easy task to do. This is the tool which is used from the old times and till now it is the durable product and usable for generation to generation. This is used as the latest equipment with the historic qualities. This is the best tool for planting bulbs.

FeaturesDewit Hand Trowel

  • Its dimensions are 7 inches large and 1.5 inches width
  • Its weight is .5lbs
  • It has sharp edges and narrow blade makes it the different tool
  • Great tool for working in tight spots
  • Ideal tool for planting bulbs
  • Strong in use and light weighted tool
  • Product is used for the long time


  • The best sharpen blade used for the deep digging
  • Made of high quality and durability in use
  • Its narrow blade makes it perfect in transplanting
  • It is especially designed for the planting bulbs and other related tasks


  • Perfect in balancing and edging with this trowel
  • It is light weighted to grip with effortless use

5.  Amgate 2 Pcs Color Thicken Iron Garden Mini Hand  Trowel

This concerning tool is best in digging tough and hard soil and manage the hardened soil for planting in the home garden. This is 2 pieces random colored trowel is perfect in use for the hard area of the garden. It is made of thick iron material and its colors make it different and beautiful during work. This candy colored trowel is eco painted for the safety. This is the ideal tool for rough digging and breaking the hardest dirt clods in the garden. Its sharp blade helps to dig fast and in less time. The light weighted trowel is very comfortable in use and looks nice to work.

FeaturesAmgate Hand Trowel

  • Package of 2 pieces include in it
  • Multiple colors are available in this kind
  • This is a hand mini trowel easy to grip and use
  • Supreme quality iron material used in its making
  • Its handle is especially designed which increase the beauty of the tool
  • Safety and eco friendly paint makes it nicer


  • The ideal tool for digging in the tough soil
  • It is perfect tool for the hardened dirt clods
  • The use of the trowel is for the long time
  • It has lifetime warranty of use
  • Durability of material makes it convenient in use


  • Well made product in different candy colors
  • Great tool for container and home gardening activities

How to Choose the Best Hand Trowel for Your Garden?

There are some usable facts which are needed to follow by any of the gardener whether for home garden or the professional one. These facts are:

  • Durability of the tool
  • Best for the concerning use
  • Good in use with affordable price
  • The trowel must be of high quality in both material and use
  • Well made for the hard soil
  • Grip of the handle must be perfect for painless use
  • Hand trowel can be used for the outside activities
  • Must be usable for the long time and lifetime warranty

These are some of the facts need to be followed while spending money in purchasing the best trowel for your garden. Because one cannot afford to buy the tools again and again so that must be the thing to be used for the long time even generation to generation with the best quality work.

The hand trowels are sometime used for the detecting department to dig the land and search the concerning thing they need to search and find. They are overall the best in multiple uses. So while selecting the best product for your use you must take your need in your mind so that you can easily pick the best one for your garden or lawn.

Ending Lines

By summing up all the above discussion relating to the garden hand trowel it can be said that the trowel is not only used for the home based gardens it can be used for the agricultural land as professional tool. So the quality of the trowel must be good to use for long time.