Best Greenworks Cordless Electric Snow Blower

Greenworks cordless electric snow blower work magnificently for people who are looking for a permanent solution to deal with the extremities of the weather! We all pray for the winter season to come a little early every year so that we can enjoy its benefits just a little more every time. However, we should also be prepared to deal with any hurdles that come with extreme winter season such as snow blockages. Greenworks snow blower is super effective and very efficient as far as clearing large amounts of snow is concerned.

You should remember that buying cordless electric snow thrower is definitely a more intelligent choice than buying gas or corded ones. The reason is simple. It may appear that the gas or corded throwers work more effectively as they consume more power so we naturally believe that the output they offer is more as well. This is not the case. Cordless electric snow throwers do consume a lot less power but are supremely functional and effective when it comes to performance.

Top 3 Best Greenworks Snow Blower Cordless Electric 

Snow blowers have become a need of the present times. In fact, this is one such investment that you can be assured of will never go to waste. The electric cordless Greenworks snow blowers are definitely going to come in as being handy owing to the global warming and drastic climatic shifts all around the world. Hence, without a doubt, you can invest in best cordless snow blower so that they have your back in difficult times. Greenworks is a prominent name that comes in front of you when you look for best cordless snow blowers, particularly the cordless ones! Read on to find out our review of the best and top 3 cordless electric snow blowers that are definitely a worthy investment to make.

Best 3 Greenworks Cordless Electric Snow Blowers Review

 1.  Greenworks Snow Blower Pro 80 Volts Cordless 20 Inches 

The Greenworks snow blower pro 80 volts cordless 20 inches with additional 80 volts 2.0 AH Lithium Greenworks Pro 20 Inch Snow BlowerIon Battery is a modern take on the classic cordless snow blower design. The modification makes this Greenworks snow blower very new but not completely different from the traditional one in looks. The exterior body comes with a black matte finish look. Overall, the first thing that definitely strikes about this product is its look that is very attractive. For added protection, the body surface of the cordless electric snow blower has also been porcelain coated two times. As expected, the engine is silent and does not create any disturbances. The biggest highlight of this product is a backup 80 volts lithium ion battery that you get along with the inbuilt 80 V battery. This works wonderfully and provides added power to the machine as well.

Highlight Features

  • Classic modern design of the snow thrower
  • Black subtle matter finish body
  • The exterior is double porcelain coated for added protection and durability
  • The engine is set to be silent and does not create noise
  • Inbuilt 80 Volts high performing battery for superlative functioning
  • Backup support for the blower with an extra lithium ion 80 volts battery
  • The greenworks snow blower 20 inch does not have blades but instead have brushes for smoother clearance
  • Smooth and high quality brushes makes it workable on all types of land areas
  • Fully charged battery can work for up to 45 minutes in a single go
  • The battery recharges at a very fast pace; full recharge hits on 30 minute mark
  • The machine comes with 1 year easy repair and exchange warranty


  • Snow blower is light in weight; makes it easier to carry around
  • You get an easy storage back to keep the blower safe
  • No maintenance required with high quality air brushes
  • Works well on all types of surfaces
  • Quick recharge battery is handy as well
  • You get an extra battery as backup


  • Battery life is not long enough; needs often recharges

2.  Greenworks Snow Blower 40 Inches Lithium ion Battery 26272 G-Max 20 Volts 

The Greenworks snow thrower 26272 G-Max 20 Volts 40 inches lithium ion battery  is a superlative Greenworks Snow Blower G-Max 20 Inch cordless electric blower. This machine by Greenworks is known best for maximum productivity. It comes with highly efficient digi-pro brushes that make the process of clearing snow off lands very smooth and easy. The greenworks snow blower 40 inches wide brushes work tremendously to clear heaps of snow off land and are capable of digging 8 inches deep into the snow for more effective snow removal. It also has highly functional LED lights for more visibility.

Highlight Features

  • High potential 20 volts lithium ion battery for efficient functioning of snow thrower
  • Digipro efficient brushes makes snow clearing process very smooth
  • High power battery provides increase torque and increased performance
  • 40 inches wide brushes provide greater width of land clearing
  • The highly functional brushes dig 8 inches deep into the snow for effective snow removal
  • LED lights with maximum light throw for increased visibility in darkness
  • 180 degrees rotatable thrower handles


  • Easily rotatable blower handles for maximum work output
  • Easy to start one pull function
  • Light weight body makes it very easy to carry around
  • Easy to maintain with high quality durable material that does not require specific attention for maintenance


  • Single battery reduces workout put
  • Wide inches for brush makes it difficult to clear snow out of thin pavements

3. Greenworks Snow Thrower 80 Volts Superlative Pro 20 Inches Cordless Electric 

Greenworks snow blower 80 volt is best known for an attractive design and maximum work output. The Greenworks Snow Blower Pro 80 Volt 20 Inch blower comes with an adjustable handle that makes it handier to use. The brushes are capable of digging deep into at least 20 inches of snow which is amazing and promises great results! The chute comes with rotating angles of 180 to 220 degrees as well. The greenworks snow blower also has inbuilt highly functional LED lights for maximum visibility. The cordless electric snow blower is light in weight and easy to maintain as well.

Highlight Features

  • High performing 80 volts super-efficient battery gives an extra power boost
  • Modern and user-friendly thrower design
  • The blower comes with a size adjustable blower handle which makes it easier to use
  • Battery life up to 40 minutes in one single use
  • Silent engine that does not create too much noise; so you no longer have to about creating disturbance!
  • Maintenance free brush for smoother snow clearance on all surface types
  • Efficient brushes dig almost 10 feet into deep snow
  • 20 inches wide brush that can very between 8 to 20 inches for different area clearance
  • 180 to 220 degrees rotating angle for maximum land clearance
  • Inbuilt maximum throw LED light for extended visibility
  • Easy fold up and lock down system makes the best cordless snow blower portable and compact


  • Does not make too much noise
  • Maximum visibility lights with extended light throw
  • High performing brushes that dig 20 inches into deep snow
  • Easy rotatable and size adjustable handle for user convenience
  • Portable and compact; easy to transport from places and manageable as well


  • Poor battery life; works only up to 40 minutes in one go
Cordless Electric Snow Blower Tutorials

Cordless Electric Snow Throwers [Advantages]

There are several advantages of using electric cordless snow throwers. Let us take a quick look at some of the reasons that make Greenworks cordless and electric snow blowers such a popular choice among people these days!

1. No Expense of Gas or Engine oil

The biggest advantage of using cordless electric snow blower in an expensive time like today is the absence of gas or engine oil expenses. Gas or engine oils are very expensive and the prices can particularly soar when the market demand increases. Hence, the biggest advantage that you get with electric cordless snow blowers is that you do not have to deal with expensive gas or engine oil.

2. Compact and Lightweight

Electric cordless snow throwers are lightweight and compact in size. Hence, you do not have to worry about dragging large sized machines around because these blowers are extremely easy to keep and maintain. The lightweight body makes it very easy to carry it around. Small and compact size makes it easy to maintain as well.

3. Simple and Easy Functions

Electric blowers come with easy and simple functions. One push start button and other simple functions definitely is an advantage as this makes it easier for everybody to use. You do not have to be a pro for using it!

4. Silent Engines Do Not Make Too Much Sound

A big problem that is always credited to traditional snow throwers is loud engines. People complain of engines that make too much noise and disturbance. Electric snow throwers are equipped with silent engines that do not make any noise.

5. Much More Reasonably Priced

The biggest advantage hands down is the price difference. Traditional gas snow blowers that come with heavy cords cost a lot! The same is not the case for electric ones. In comparison, you will find out that cordless electric snow thrower is much more reasonably priced.

Features of Best Cordless Electric Snow Blowers

When you finally decide you need to invest in a good quality snow thrower, you should also be assured that you know what you are doing. Of course, we just reviewed the best and most amazing supreme quality Greenworks snow throwers for you. However, product reviews should also be accompanied with a buyer’s guide for the convenience of the customers. While it is imperative that you get a clear insight into the product you are buying, it is also very important that you know some of the basic features that you will need to tick off the list. Here is a brief buyer’s guide we offer in which we are highlighting the core features that ANY best cordless electric blower MUST have!

1. Enough Power

The whole point of using electric snow throwers is that it consumes less energy and power in comparison to gas snow throwers. However, this can also be a serious drawback if you do not check it beforehand. A snow thrower, whether gas or electric, should at least have enough power to push considerable amounts of snow at a given time. Not having enough power is directly going to contribute to poor work output. This is certainly not going to be something you want to deal with as the entire purpose of investing in snow throwers is to be able to clear areas off heaps of snow in one go.

2. Easy-to-use Functions

Electric snow blowers are the modern modification to the traditional ones. Hence, the first change you should expect is ease of use. Make sure that the product you buy is easy to use and does not come with a whole array of instructions. It is only more handy and smart to choose a product that is simple to use. The maximum you should be willing to do is go through the user manual once to understand the basic functions and that’s it!

3. Easy Start Buttons

This is one feature that should be termed ‘MANDATORY’ to look out for before you make your purchase. The start buttons needs to be easy. Unlike heavy cords that need to be pulled again and again to get the snow blower running, an electric one kick starts by pushing a single button. This is an extremely important thing, particularly in the winter seasons when the cords can jam and refuse to move.

4. High Quality Exterior Body

You should invest in an electric cordless snow thrower that comes with high quality exterior body. High quality material should be chosen because this promises longer durability and lifetime for the product. Snow blowers are never cheap no matter how reasonable any company claims them to be. You might find one that is more reasonably priced in comparison to its competitive products in the markets. However, it still won’t be cheap. Therefore, it is very important that the product you invest in is supreme quality in order for it to be more durable in the long run.

5. Product Warranty

The last thing you should look for is product warranty. While it is not mandatory that you get a product warranty, it is only intelligent that you choose a product that comes with one. Product warranty promises durability and makes the product reliable as well. Knowing that you can get a free repair or exchange for the product is a personal relief.

Final Words

The greenworks electric cordless snow throwers are a wonderful choice. The biggest highlight for these cordless electric snow blower is the fact that you get maximum output with least power usage. The cordless electric throwers use less power as compared to the gas blowers. However, they are able to clear out maximum area of land because of increased work efficiency. When looking for best cordless snow blower, our recommendation to you is to opt for Greenworks snow blower. These electric cordless snow blowers are the perfect combination at a affordable price and superlative features as well. All in all, Greenworks cordless snow throwers definitely get a thumb up from us.

These best cordless electric snow blower are supreme in quality and also offer maximum output. Hence, on an, easy budget you get a lightweight and highly functional greenworks snow thrower. Finally, our recommendation goes for greenworks pro 80 volt 20 in cordless electric snow blower. Although, this is the best you can ask for!