Orbit Water Hose Timers

Watering in the lawns and gardens is not so easy to do because it needs time and concentration to do it properly. By doing this work you can get the best fresh as well as healthy plants in your gardens. This is all about the cause of global warming and environmental change. Weather has become changed and at some stance unfavorable, though the orbit water hose timer helps in growing plants after managing the required water. Moreover, for managing these issues most of the people who were depended on rain to feed the agricultural land now use to water their lands by the irrigation which keep the gardens green and fresh.

To take care of lawns and gardens has become a great challenge now a day and many of the people become so disturb because of this issue. Gardening is no doubt a good hobby but at times it become difficult to maintain the routine because of the busy schedule. Gardening is the hobby which needs time to care of the plants and the flowers by watering them. For this problem there is some water hose timers are available in the market which can solve your problem and maintain your garden.

Top 5 Orbit Digital Water Hose Timers

Many of the home owners are facing this problem of watering to their gardens and lawns so for relaxing from this problem they need to install an irrigation system in their hose timer and become easy. This will be helpful for them in homes and offices and this system will help to pressurize the pump and cover a large area of land. These timers are not so costly which is also a best part to save from spending a lot of money in hiring the professionals for this cause. There are many water hose timers are available in the market but the best Top 5 Orbit Water Hose Timers are:

5 Best Orbit Hose Watering Timers Review

1. Orbit Single Outlet Hose Faucet Timer

The hose faucet timer is a product which is so efficient in working as watering plants and gardens. It has a large digital display which helps you to program the system in minutes. It makes you relax and feel comfortable in facing no more dead plants because of forgetting to water them and the soggy lawns just because you have forgotten to off the water in the lawn. This device is built with the high quality material and easy to control and manage the system.

FeaturesOrbit Hose Faucet Timer

  • It has an extra large digital LCD to see and program the system properly
  • Simple and flexible programming which can set as per the need of the plants
  • Rain is the natural process but if it delays no need to worry you can use the manual system for watering as much needed
  • This product’s manufacturer gives the warranty of 6 years
  • It can also save the water in drought conditions


  • Easy to program the system of the timer and manage this device easily
  • To control over the system is not so hard and maintain
  • Watering of plants and gardens is no more a difficult thing to do


  • Excellent device in maintaining the garden
  • Best results as per recommendations

2. Orbit High Impact Mechanical Watering Timer

The mechanical watering timer is very impressive device to use and it provides the time of watering from 15 to 120 minutes and will give the perfect amount of water to the lawn. Its works without batteries and gives the best performance in watering the plants as needed. It works like and egg timer which has to twist the timer as per desire and it will get off as completing the round of the timer. If you don’t know what should be the time span for watering the flowers and some other plants you just use this timer by manual override. This timer is an easy device to deal with the hose attachment.

FeaturesOrbit mechnical timer

  • Easy to command as per needed time by twisting the timer
  • This timer can work for the 120 minutes of watering
  • It has oversized dial with comfort grip
  • No batteries required
  • It has durable high impact of construction


  • The best timer to use manually and also fix the time
  • No need to worry about watering
  • Durable and high quality material is used in its making


  • It will work as per desired time
  • Great product but little modification required

3. Orbit 1 Dial Digital Hose Watering Timer

This automatic timer works well for watering without taking any tension. It is easy to set the time as you want to do and this can manage the 16 watering duration which can be from 2 minutes to 90 minutes. The manual timing selection can be done for every day. It can easily program in any type of hose.

FeaturesOrbit single digital timer

  • Automatic system for conserving the system
  • Single on and off option to control with timely watering settings
  • It requires two batteries of AA
  • It can easily manage the watering position in the garden


  • It can save water in drought conditions
  • Its automatic operating system helps in watering as per requirements
  • Settings can be done for every 3 days


  • Good in work with best price
  • Easy to use and sometimes works without batteries

4. Orbit 1 Outlet Single Dial Hose Faucet Timer

This timer allows putting the automatic program in the device and controls the function at once. It has an oversized dial which makes easy the setting of the clock. You can set the time for watering as long as you want and it will work for you as you install the program in this. Its features and uses are flexible and you can fix the time cycle for every 6 hours or for every 7 days. It gives you the comfortbility to function the program and helping to conserve the water. The manual button allows you to maintain the program at any time.

FeaturesOrbit one outlet water timer

  • It has oversized features which work for the ease and quick
  • It is a heavy duty weather proof material construction
  • Delay of rain features for water conservation
  • Durable product for watering plants


  • It needs 2 AA alkaline batteries
  • Easy to use and setting of program for watering
  • It is the product for long time warranty


  • It is good in use but severe restriction in flow
  • Great product but for occasional use

5. Orbit 1 Dial 2 Digital Watering Hose Timer

This orbit watering faucet timer is two time automatic timer. It can automatically control two separate station of watering and control the system easily. It also allows to on the faucet manually. Its oversized dial gives you comfort to display the device and manage the timing settings. It is made for the long time with good warranty. Its washer secures the hose unit and maintains the program with settings.

FeaturesOrbit 1 dial 2 digital timer

  • Two automatic timed outlets
  • Waterproof device with 6 years of warranty
  • Its AA batteries are up to 4000 cycles
  • It has more durable material used in its manufacturing


  • It is the device for watering is easy to use and assemble
  • Best time settings as per the requirements
  • It is with two automatic timed outlets


  • Best idea for watering on the above grounds
  • Good in warranty but some editing required

Ending Lines

The orbit water timer helps you to control the frequency and duration of water supply from a hose efficiently. These faucet timers with LCD screens are effective for the purpose of watering in the garden. It has the features to set the time as per the need of watering and automated that timer by adjusting frequency in the timer. This will work perfectly.

By summing up all the discussion about the water hose timer it can be said that this device is the important device for watering plants and the gardens to make them healthy and green. It is the product which helps you in maintaining the lawns and gardens without wasting time and money spend on the professionals to hire for this work. No more hassle and dirty looks will be shown in your garden with its use.