Plant Augers and Bulb Planters

A garden auger is a gardening tool which is shaped as screw and can be attached with the drill machine so that easily dig a hole in the garden and planting the plants. This is a very hardworking tool which fits in corded drills. The use of this interesting and useful tool is very easy. Just fit it in the drill machine and point the place and start drilling.

The bulb planter is also a best toll which mostly used for planting flowers in the garden. The way to use it is to push down the tool in the soil and twisting it right and then left till then it make a hole into the ground of your requirement. After you get your desired depth hole pull that back then go for the next. It sounds so easy to do but it needs your power in pushing it in the ground.

Top 5 Plant Augers and Bulb Planters [Comparison]

There are many of the plant augers and the bulb planters are available in the market but these Top 5 Plant Augers and Bulb Planters are very useful and most hardworking and they also work as per your desire. These are:

5 Best Plant Augers Review

1. Power Planter  3 x 24 Bedding Plant Auger

This auger is the best professional user for the planting all type of plants and work with a professional landscaper. This is the best option for digging hole in a small diameter, planting of bare root trees or shrubs. It is also working for the mixing of branches of mortar for hard capes. Its length is 24 inches which eliminates the bending while drilling and this is painted in glossy black color. This auger fits only with ½ inches or large chunked drills.

FeaturesPower Planter Auger

  • This is efficient in plant bulbs and bedding plants.
  • This is non slipped hex device which has steel shaft.
  • It fits in multiple chunk sizes of drills.
  • Purely made in USA.
  • Has back saving with 24 inches length.
  • It increases planting timing almost up to 500 %.
  • It can drill in all types of soils.
  • To remove dirt on the edge of the hole is easy to do


  • Easy to use in every type of landscape.
  • Made in US 100%
  • Planting is easy and faster with it.
  • Quite efficient in its working.
  • Have length of 24 inches.
  • Fits in the drill chunk of all sizes.


  • Fixed only in ½ inches or large chunked drills.
  • Efficient in work more than others.

Garden Weasel Bulb Planter

This tool makes an ease to plant bulbs and reduce bending and stooping and its grip and pointed blades allow for maximum penetration and also cores the pop out very easily. This is the perfect tool to dig in the soil as much deep as you want because its blade is too much sharp and works perfectly and digging easily with a little force. This also has extra wide and non-slipped foot plate. It has best and durable construction materials which allow you to work faster with less effort and power.

Featuresgarden weasel blub planter

  • It has sharp blade which do work faster in doffing hole.
  • Easy to use and planting bulb with reduce bending and stooping.
  • The grip and potential of its blade makes you more comfortable in planting.
  • It cores pop up very easy.
  • It has also a pointed tip which helps you in deciding digging point.


  • Faster in work and lesser in effort over the entire best one.
  • Sharpe blade which makes you easy to dig.
  • Pointing tip make you comfortable in deciding the digging point on the soil.
  • It has durable construction material.


  • Work faster with lesser effort.
  • Good in use and easy with pointing place.

Jisco 24 Inch Bulb Planter

This bulb planter is made with pure steel and this is 2.75 inches in diameter to ease you and accommodate in planting large bulbs and potatoes. It has large body which is comfortable in digging at least up to a 24 inches deep hole. This is also perfect in planting the bedding plants and the grass plugs. This also helps in nursery stock seedlings and many more type of planting. It can easily fit in any 3 inch by 8 inch or 1 inch by 2 inch electrical or cordless drills. Its strong steel makes it useful for a long time. It makes you feel easy and do your job done in less time.

FeaturesJisco Bulb Planter

  • Pure bulb planter.
  • It is made with the strong steel.
  • Working well in planting bulbs, bedding plants, grass plugs and nursery stock seeding.
  • It has long body which helps in deep drilling as per your need.
  • Fits in the electric and cordless both type of drills.
  • Its length is 24 inches.


  • Faster in work with deep digging.
  • Good length and best in bedding plants and especially in nursery stock seeding.
  • It can be used in all types of drill whether it will be electric or cordless.
  • Make you easy to do your job done with best quality.
  • It is water softener agitator


  • The best bulb planter.
  • Large for the deep digging.

Yard Butler 24 Inch Roto Planter

This roto planter is workable by both aspects. It can dig deeper and wider too. It can digs up to 24 inches deeper and 2 ¾ inches wide. It will dig for you by just inserting it into any 3/8 inches or larger electrical or cordless drill. It can use for the planting bulbs and bedding plants and seeding. Its electrical and sprinkler installation make it more easy and its insecticide applications termite treatment make more comfortable planting. It aids in deep watering and fertilization of trees and shrubs. You can easily get the weeds and roots by this tool. Its guarantee is for the life time and the defects will be changeable in manufacturing and materials.

FeaturesRoto Planter

  • This Lewis root planter is of 24 inches.
  • This is an ideal tool for loosening soils.
  • This product is purely made in China.
  • This is especially designed for the planting bulbs.
  • Deep water aeration and fertilization of trees.
  • It can dig the hole up to 24 inches or more deep.
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Plant bulbs, bedding plants and seedlings.
  • It can not only dig 24 inches but also 2-3/4 inches wide.
  • It can get the weeds, roots and all.
  • Faster and deeper.
  • Can be fixed in electric as well as cordless drills.


  • Used to plant flowers bulbs especially.
  • Some time it has the bad quality.

Flexrake Adjustable Bulb Planter

This gardening tool is chrome plated bulb planter and its features are very much beneficial and aid in all type of bulb planting. The grip and the use of this flex rake are so convenient and comfortable. It seems a small tool and can dig the hole in soil as much deep as you want according to your plant. It is also best for the marking of the place for digging. It has a poly handle which is easy to grip and dig it in the soil twist right and left and make deeper as you want to do. This is the best hand use tool as bulb planter.

Features Flexrake bulb Planter

  • Made in USA Purely.
  • Chrome plated Steel.
  • Depth Marker.
  • Hinged to open and release the soil after digging.
  • Poly handle with best grip.


  • Good to use for the deepest hole.
  • Depth marker as much as you need.
  • It has fine chrome plated steel.


  • The soil can easily be released by open the hinged.
  • Little hand power required for digging.

How to Choose Best Auger and Bulb Planter for Gardening?

For choosing the best tool for gardening the first of all you have to specify your goals which are:

  1. For bulb, flower and vegetable garden planting you need to dig holes in the soil. For this cause you can select the .75 inches diameter garden auger.
  2. For deep root feeding or watering area or fertilization watering trees or just aerate the ground you must choose the smaller diameter of 1.25 or 1.5 inches.

Bottom Lines

By summing up all the discussion it can be said that gardening is the interesting hobby and many of the people love to stay near the nature and feel that. So for planting bulbs, flowers, vegetables and many other plants you need digging tools which make planting easy and comfortable for you. For this cause there are many gardening auger and bulb planter available in the market and top 5 augers and bulb plants are we discussed.