Best Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer 

A person with a beautiful large house has a better idea that keeping the several exterior areas clean requires a lot of effort. Although, all areas like terraces, deck, backyard, exterior walls, fences, garden, driveway, and pool demand regular cleaning to get rid of all sorts of dust, dirt, grime as well as also the stuck bird droppings. The sun joe pressure washer helps for keeping the entire house clean because it makes the washing process even easier.

The blessing of technology is run a motor that drives a high pressure hose, a trigger gun type switch, and a high pressure water pump. Therefore, to keep your home sparkling clean, then you have to opt the right power washer. The Sun Joe electric pressure washer hits the industry of washers. The pressure washer brand is the most competitive  so with little bucks of money; you can conquer the most challenging task. Though the one-time investment will give you comfort for the whole life. Here you will come to know about the best 3 Sun Joe power washers.

3 Best Sun Joe Pressure Washer [Comparison]

If you are thinking to buy an electric power washer, then the Sun Joe Pressure washer is something that will work great for you. The Sun Joe power washer gives you the highest esteem for the cash. Here, read this review, though, you can discover all the top rated models of the Sun Joe power washer. The following 3 models of the power washer sun joe lie among best value for money washer, top selling  as well as exceptional. With the help of power washer, you will hopefully keep your home sparkling clean.

Best 3 Sun Jeo Electric Pressure Washer Review

1. Sun Joe Pressure Washer SPX3000with Hose Reel 

Sun Joe spx 3000 power washer is the well known brand . Hence, for residential purposes, the Sun Joe introduce the electric power washers. The Sun Joe pressure washer SPX3000 is one of the most powerful model. Thus, it helps you to clean in doing a smooth cleaning of driveways, patio, car, windows and much more. The durable parts Sun Joe power washer allows you to use for a long period of time. This top rated spx 3000 comes with many outstanding features. In this review, the features will be accompanied by pros as well as  finally the cons. Sun Joe power washer spx 3000 will thoroughly discussed here as it is the need of every home.

FeaturesSun Joe Pressure Washer spx3000

  • The Sun Joe SPX3000 washer comes with 5 quick connect nozzles
  • It is available in green color
  • This has 14.5 Amp and 1800 watt motor
  • The motor generates up to 2030 psi water pressure
  • Water flow rate  is 1.76 GPM which requires for maximum cleaning power
  • The hose is approximately 20 feet or 6 meter long
  • Total stop system enable the machine to automatically shut off when the machine is not in use
  • Backed up with 2 years of warranty
  • It weighs about 32 pounds
  • This model has 1.2 L detergent tank
  • Its power cord is about 30 feet long
  • It comes with two wheels that provides easy maneuverability
  • An in-built on board storage system
  • It comes with 33.5 x 16.5 x 14.4 dimension


  • The Sun Joe SPX3000 power washer has a powerful motor
  • You can clean all the tough stains from the different parts of home
  • It fulfills the standards of modern technology
  • This Inbuilt system makes your pump and motor life longer and help you save the energy
  • The different nozzles can effectively clean every hard-to-reach area of the home
  • The detergent tank allows you to carry different cleaning things easily
  • Its warranty is enough for people to trust its efficiency and performance
  • It is lightweight as well as compact washer for convenient cleaning
  • The excellent accessories shows an offer of great value for your money
  • It is available on very affordable rates


  • The Sun Joe washer SPX3000 has plastic connections which may not durable
  • It cannot work well with the warm water
  • Some customers reported that the hose reel is bit clumsy
  • The handle is not comfortable

2. Sun Joe Pressure Washer SPX2000 PSI

If you are looking for a high quality washer then the Sun Joe SPX2000 pressure washer is the ideal option for you. It is basically helpful to tackle the outdoor as well as the auto cleaning jobs easily. Although, it can use this best selling spx 2000 psi power washer for light duty jobs. Therefore, now cleaning sidewalks, stairs and patio furniture is not a rocket science. Though, you can blast out all the dust from your home with the Sun Joe SPX2000 electric power washer. Moreover, the powerful 2000 psi power washer limit your worry of cleaning the entire house. After reading 0ur editorial review, you will get know better about Sun Joe SPX 2000 PSI cold water pressure washer.


  • The Sun Joe SPX2000 has 12.5 Amp and 1500 watt motorSun Joe Pressure Washer spx 2000
  • 0.9 L detergent tank facilitate for maximum cleaning power
  • The package includes a garden hose adapter 
  • It weighs about 17.4 pounds
  • The dimension is 31.5 x 10 x 13 inch
  • It is backed up by 2 years of warranty
  • This model is available in black plus yellow color
  • An adjustable spray nozzle
  • The two wheels helps for easy maneuverability
  • The power cord is about 35 feet long
  • It is equipped with 20 feet water hose


  • The Sun Joe pressure washer SPX2000 is extremely light in weight so it is easy to move around the home
  • On-board detergent tank allows you to carry the detergents 
  • Extended power cord allows anywhere you need to go
  • Water pressure can handle even the hardest cleaning job yet will not damage anything
  • Prices are reasonable
  • The two years warranty period is a bonus for people


  • The instructions available is not enough for complete understanding
  • The water hose is unreliable
  • Some customers feel difficulty in adjusting the nozzle for a steady stream to fanning out

3. Sun Joe Pressure Washer SPX1000 Cold Water  

Every person feel difficulty in cleaning up the yard furniture, car or patio as it requires lots of effort. Although, dust cleaning machine can limit your worry of cleaning up the entire home. The Sun Joe SPX1000 electric pressure washer is the viable option to turn something dirty into something great. Resultant, the Sun Joe pressure washer spx 1000 leave your entire house luminous. It is not only use for tough cleaning jobs but aslo useful for a number of delicate tasks. Moreover, this reliable Sun Joe power washer lies among the best selling products of Amazon. Here you will come to know about the features, pros and cons:

FeaturesSun Joe pressure washer SPX1000

  • The Sun Joe SPX1000 power washer is 11.5 Amp
  • 1400 watt motor generates up to 1740 PSI of water pressure
  • The flow rate is 1.45 GPM for maximum cleaning power
  • This has an adjustable spray wand
  • It is available in green color
  • This is equipped with 0.9 L detergent tank
  • 2 years of warranty
  • It comes with a 21 feet long water hose
  • The weighs about 11 pounds
  • It comes with 19 x 9.8 x 12 inch dimension
  • Total Stop System enable the machine to automatically shut off when the machine is not in use
  • Sun Jeo power washer comes with two wheels for easy maneuverability
  • The wand is about 33 inches long


  • The Sun Joe SPX1000 washer comes with a powerful motor that can even remove the loose paint from the wooden surfaces. Therefore, it is an ideal option for people who are planning to repaint their fence
  • The two years warranty ensure you that this product will work efficiently
  • This model spx 1000 Sun Jeo uses very little water so it can also be called as an eco-friendly 
  • It can sparkle any area without damaging it
  • The safety lock allows you to use with a peace of mind


  • The water hose is smaller than many other power washers so the customers are not satisfied with the hose length
  • Though, spx100 power washer is not suitable for heavy duty tasks

How to Choose the Best Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer

When it comes to buy the right pressure washer, then you may get confused with the various models of Sun Joe electric power washers. Therefore, at this moment when you need someone who can take you out from this dilemma and help you in getting the right machine. Keeping in view, we will discuss several factors that can assist you in getting the right power washer.

Points to be Considered

Set a Budget

The first and foremost thing to consider before buying any  power washer is to know about its price. You will find different models of Sun Joe power washer in different price range. Of course, the expensive one will come with better features than an inexpensive one but remember the basic purpose of all the Sun Joe pressure washer is same. They all are used for blasting away the dust particles. However, if you can afford an inexpensive one, then go for it as it will clean your house in the same way as an expensive one.

Video-Sun Jeo Pressure Washer Demo

Cord and Hose Length

Since you are looking for an high value electric pressure washer, so you must check where your plugs are. This factor will give you an idea that how far you can take your machine. Every Sun Joe electric pressure washer comes with a different hose and cord length. If you want to take this machine far from the plug area, then you must look for a Sun Joe pressure washer model which has an extended cord.

Weight & Size

The electric power washers are lighter in weight than the gas washers. Sometimes you may need to take the machine upstairs, and you cannot bear its weight. Different models of electric power washers Sun Joe have different weights. Thus, you opt the lighter one if you want to move the machine through the stairs or the far off areas. Although, you can also opt the heavier pressure washer which has wheels as it will provide easy maneuverability.


When you enter into a power washer shop, then prefer a washer which includes necessary accessories as well as nozzle. There are different sorts of nozzles, but an essential one is the 25- degree nozzle. This green nozzle clear all the areas including patio, driveway or garden. However, if you want a power washer for washing the car or the windows, then you should look for a Sun Joe pressure washer which has a 40-degree nozzle.

Power Output

You better know that motor is the vital part of any power washer as this is what generates the pressure for cleaning any surface. The more powerful a motor is, the higher pressure it will create. Such powerful motor gives improved flow rate as well as a higher pressure spray. The power output of most of the washer ranges from 1400 to 2800 watts. For domestic purposes, the 1400 watts motor is enough however, for the larger areas to cover, you need a pressure washer with a high power output.

Water Pressure 

The water pressure measured in pounds per square inches. The SPX3000 model of Sun Joe has the highest water pressure which is 2030 PSI. If you want the electric power washer for heavy duty jobs, then prefer the model which has the highest water pressure.

Sun Joe Pressure Washer Parts

You will find certain accessories in the package of a power washer, but you might not know its use. Here you will come to know about the parts and accessories of Sun Joe pressure washer.

Extension Hose

Every power washer comes with an extension hose which allows you to wash a larger area without moving the entire machine. A water hose with a larger length will save your time and energy as it will enable you to clean the entire area in a single go.

Rotary Scrub Brush

Many of the Sun Joe electric pressure washers comes with rotary scrub brush which is helpful in cleaning the tough areas like the car wheel wells or the garbage bins. This accessory rotate the scrub bristles with the help of water and thereby remove the grime and dirt from any surface.

Extension Wand

The extension wand of different washers has different lengths. If you have a double story home and you have to climb the stairs for cleaning the upper portion, then your power washer must have an extension wand.

Surface Cleaner

The surface cleaner of a pressure washer is equipped with two rotating nozzles to clean the flat surfaces with ease and precision. With such accessory, you can clean the larger area faster and easier. This tool keeps the grimes and dust particles from breaking the window.


The turbo nozzle will make your cleaning job easier. This nozzle rotates a 0 degree spray at 25 degrees around the axis to create a cone spray. This item can clean the area with a full force without damaging it.

Gutter Cleaner Tool

Every washer comes with different tools. When it comes to clean up the gutters then the gutter cleaner attachment is the essential item. The Sun Joe pressure washer has this important tool which allows you to clean the entire home without neglecting the gutters.

Bottom Line

People usually get confuse in certain models of Sun Joe and often end up buying the wrong product. Choosing the right washer is not an easy task but this challenging job will become easier if you do research before going to the power washer market. To make your buying decision easy, the 3 best Sun Joe pressure washer models  have been tested and explained in the our editorial review.  These are perfect for you if you are looking for a good quality cleaning product with desired features. However, among them you have to opt for the one that fulfills your requirements. The review of the above top rated power washer Sun Joe can narrow down your choice and will take you to the favorite washer.