Best Toro Snow Blowers Buyer’s Guide

 Every year, we all wait impatiently for winter season after having to deal with the killing heat for most of the part. Recent surveys reveal that more than 70 percent of the total world’s population enjoys the winter season more than the summers. The chilly winds and lovely snowflakes not only are a visual treat but feel amazing too! However, with all good things, there are parts of it that are not-so-good and need to be dealt with. Heaps of fallen snow in front of the houses, on the cars and on the roads is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with. If you live in a country where it heavily snows, you must be aware of how real and hectic the struggle is. Keeping the winter scenario, we come up with Toro snowblower review along with their different models. Have a look! 

Best Toro SnowBlower

Of course, there are the hand shovels that are available to remove snow and make way in order to carry out daily life activities without any trouble. However, these shovels are of no use when the snowfall is very heavy. This is when science comes in being handy and makes life easier for people with the creative invention of snow thrower. In this toro snow blower review, we talk about the 3 best toro snow blowers that are available globally. These snow blowers stand out among the rest because they have amazing features and supremely perform their functions to perfection!

Top 3 Toro Snow Blower Review

1.  Toro Electric Snow Blower 18 Inches 15 Amp 800 Power Curve

The first Toro electric snow blower is the Toro 15 Amp Electric 38381 18-inches Toro Electric Snow Blowerblower curve. This amazing machine is designed to perform in the best way for maximum output in least amount of time. The whole point is to make life easier for the people without causing much trouble. The first thing that people notice for this toro electric snow blower is its attractive design.

This is definitely a big thumb up for people who are buying snow thrower for the first time! In addition to attractive and striking looks, this machine is supremely light weight which makes it very easy to use. This amazing machine is capable of removing up to 700 pounds of ice in 1 minute of time. The high speed functioning is very helpful to remove large amounts of snow in less time duration.

The curve power technology makes the machine blades tilt in 180 degree direction and this prevents the snow from clogging at a single point. 


  • Toro Electric snow blower is a modern and unique design
  • It is supremely light in weight
  • Lightweight body makes it easy to move around.
  • Simple and easy controls make this snow blower very easy to use
  • Efficient enough for moving up to 700 pounds of snow in 1 minute
  • High speed functioning makes it time-efficient and more productive
  • It is equipped with power curve technology for clearing snow off heights
  • 18 Inch snow blower control prevents snow from clogging
  • Easy and smooth ergonomic handle that feels light on hand
  • Super solid 15 amp power motor for high speed functions
  • Easy to use plug-in control
  • Automatic inbuilt control prevents the engine of the machine from overheating and shuts off automatically


  • It is user-friendly and very easy to use
  • The light weight body makes it convenient to move around
  • This machine has a powerful boosting engine
  • Automated inbuilt system prevents engine from overheating
  • Does not make much noise and is not loud
  • It does not require regular basis clean up and maintenance
  • Clears large amounts of snow in less time


  • Fails to clear snow if it is very deep or few days old
  • Does not function on battery
  • Heavy double cord required to make it run

2. Toro Power Shovel  7.5 Amp Electrical Snow Thrower

The Toro power shovel 38361, 7.5 amp electrical snow thrower is a modern design and light weight Toro Snow Shovelmachine that makes this snow thrower the perfect combination of great looks and superlative functions. If you look for maximum results in least amount of time, this machine is definitely a great choice! Cost-efficient and one of the top ranking products by Toro, this snow blower will have the job done for you in no time!


  • It has a light weight body.
  • Modern design makes it visually attractive.
  • This toro snowblower is capable of clearing snow off 4 inches of land area in merely 10 to 15 minutes at top speed.
  • It comes with a 2 year warrant y for easy repair and fair exchange.
  • Holds records of clearing around 300 pounds of snow in 2 minute.
  • Can work well with a rechargeable battery; does not need to be connected with heavy cord.


  • Very light weight which makes it easy to move around.
  • This blower is compact and very portable.
  • It is supremely effective in removing large quantities of snow in merely few minutes.
  • It is very easy to use and operate. Comes with handy user manual for user convenience.
  • Made of the most high quality material for a long-life and longer durability.
  • Comes with a 2 year product warranty.


  • Though it promises to run on a rechargeable battery but the battery life is lower.
  • Does not support any heavy cord attachment in case of need.
  • It is not suitable for all surface types.

3. Toro Power Clear Single-Stage Snow Gas Blower 518Ze, 18 Inches

If you want a snowblower that is mega in looks and mega in functionality, toro 518 snow blower is comparatively Toro Power Clear Snow Blowerperfect choice for you. However, many user’s are giving preference to toro 521 snow blower. 521 snow blower machine is designed to be particularly durable and handy. This is what it makes the power blower supreme to use. Interestingly, toro 518 blower is not many drawbacks that you need to worry about this supreme snowblower. However, the only thing that is not good about this product is the fact as it is a little too loud.


  • Large in size; 18 inches wide body
  • It has a very powerful 99 cc OHV 4 cycles engine
  • Rubber paddles and coating on plates makes it easy and smoother to use; also gives it added protection.
  • 210 degree tilt and control to make snow throwing smooth and preventing snow from accumulating in piles.
  • Compact design makes it portable.
  • It is designed to clear up to 25 feet of area in 10 minutes time.
  • Automated on/off system to the prevent engine from overheating.


  • It has a long life and is designed to be very durable.
  • The toro snowblower is handy and very easy to use.
  • You do not need to worry about moving it around as lightweight body makes the task easier.
  • Super speedy and is very efficient for fast results.


  • Too loud and noisy
  • Creates a lot of disturbance in surroundings.
Informational Tutorial About Snow Blowers

What is a Snow Blower?

A snow blower is an electric machine that is designed to remove heaps of snow from pavements, roads, Toro Snowcar tops, streets and everywhere else. The snowblower basically functions like a lawn mower. A lawn mower is basically a grass cutting machine that cuts and reduces the size of overgrown grass to not only make gardens and lawns neat but also prevent hurdles for the people. The snow blower has many similar functions. It is designed to remove snow in order to help people and ensure that daily life routine is not disturbed. Moreover, you will also find the snowblower to be much similar to the lawn mowers in appearance.

Understanding Importance of Snow Blowers

Snow blowers are not much common and only purchased in times of utter need. You might think of buying a snowblower before hand in case you live in countries like Canada or Switzerland. However, there are other places in the world where it does snow but not so heavily and thus, you never even think of buying a blower because a shovel does the job perfectly for you. It is not until you get stuck in your house because of blocked roads that you realize the need of having a snow blower!

Looking for Best Snow Blowers?

Choosing the perfect is not easy. In fact, finding the right riding snow blower that performs its job perfectly can be a rather challenging task. This because you might not be fully aware of what exact features should you be looking for. In this review, we not only bring you the top 3 snow blowers that will be ruling the markets this year but also bring you the perfect buyer’s guide that will help you to make the spot-on investment without having to worry about wasting your money! It is best to get familiar with the best features and characteristics of the snow blowers before you make your final purchase.

How to Choose the Best Toro Snow Blowers?

There are a few questions you will need to ask yourself before you buy the best Toro snow blower. Finding answers to all these questions will also help you to find the best snow blower you have been looking for all along! These few things are also important to be questioned because these reflect your needs. Buying a snowblower should only be done in accordance to your needs. There are several different types of snowblowers and various brands that manufacture them.

Identify your Needs

The best idea is to know exactly ‘what’ are you looking for in order to make the perfect investment for the long run. It is important to remember that there are different units of snowblowers; single, double and so on. Each unit is designed to serve a different purpose. This makes it even more important to recognize your needs in order to determine how many units of snowblowers you should be looking for. Knowing what you need makes the overall process of searching the perfect product easier!

Amount of Snow

The first things that determine the type of snowblower you should be buying is the amount of snow you will need to remove in one go. If you need to remove like 1 kilo of snow, that can even be done with a shovel. This eliminates the need to invest in pricey blowers! Hence, find out how much snow will you need to remove on daily basis.

Type of Snow

Did you know that the type of snow you need to remove can also vary? Snow is divided into many sub-categories. There is dry snow, wet snow, and even greasy snow! Hence, you will need to buy a blower that has been designed to work with a particular type of snow.

Total Land Area

When choosing the snowblower, it is strongly recommended to take the total land area that needs to be cleared into consideration as well. Some blowers are not very high quality or powerful enough to work on wide land areas on daily basis. They might wear out rather quickly. Therefore, you should be determining the total land area beforehand so that you can pick a blower with enough power accordingly.

Type of Surface

The type of surface that needs to be cleaned is also a determinant of the type of blower you should choose to buy. Some pavements are made of solid rock while roads are made of cement and other combination materials. House garages and flooring can be granite or marble. The surface is also an important factor to consider.

Total Time was Taken

This is a very important thing that needs to be focused on while choosing the perfect superlative blower. The speed at which blowers work vary according to the amount of power supply they utilize. If you are willing to spend hours clearing the blocks areas you might be good to go with every type of blower. However, if you need a blower that will work fast and clear the land to make way so that you don’t get late for work, you need to consider the working speed of blower you are willing to investing in.

Types of Snow Blowers

There are many other things that you should know about snowblowers in order to ensure you make the perfect purchase. To begin with, let’s talk about the types of throwers that are available these days. Interestingly, there is a whole list of the various ‘types’ of snow blowers or throwers that are available in the recent times to choose from. We review the most common types that are mostly designed by top leading brands like Toro. The basic three types of toro snowblower available these days include:

  • Single stage 
  • Two stage 
  • Three stage 

1. Toro Single Stage Snow Blower

Single stage toro snow blowers are most easily and commonly available. As the most basic type, the single stage machines are designed to be light weight, easy to use and effective in functioning. The maximum snow that the single stage blowers are designed to work for clearing in 1 minute time is 8 inches. The engines of these snow throwers are also not supremely powerful but work well with the forward driving action force. The single stage blowers are the most common and hence, are further divided into more categories as well.

Corded Electric Single Stage Blower

The corded toro electric snow blower single stage is very easy and simple to use. The engine does not require immense power support to function nor do you need to maintain the blower on regular basis. However, these toro single stage snow blowers do not come with batteries that are rechargeable. Instead, this type of toro single stage blower comes with an attached cord. The heavy and dense cord needs to be attached every time when you wish to use the snow thrower. Without connecting the cord, this machine will not get working.

Cordless Electric Single Stage Blowers

Toro gas powered single stage snow blower is much similar in its functions. Easy maintenance, easy use and effective results; these cordless blowers do not require you to connect the cord. In fact, they can work with superlative power of the engine without the need of being plugged-in.  Some of toro single stage snow blower operates with the help of gas. This does not work with electric power and is less common in comparison to electrical snow blowers but is a rather good option to keep as a backup in places where you do not have electrical supply available.

2. Toro Two Stage Snow Blower

The Toro two stage snow throwers are much similar to the one stage blowers. However, there are a few dramatic and distinct differences notable. The most important difference is the capability of this machine to clear larger amounts of snow from the land. So practically this machine is capable of removing around 8 to 10 inches of snow on full speed in a total time of 1 minute. This definitely makes the Toro two stage snow blower is a good option for large areas of land. In addition to this, these two stage blowers work on gas. So you will rarely find a two stage blower that works with electric supply or power until and unless you have it custom-made. There are no further sub-categories for the two stage snow throwers.

3. Toro Three Stage Snow Blowers

Toro three stage snow throwers are the most recent and latest type. These are available in both electric and gas versions. Hence, you get the chance to choose the type of machine that best suits your needs. In addition to this, the three stage toro snow blowers are comes with an engine that is multiple times faster in comparison to the other two stages of snow blowers. Hence, with the, machine you will be getting the results at least 10 times faster. The inbuilt engine speed accelerator works supremely in order to maintain a good speed of clearing snow.

Features of Toro Snow Thrower

There are many features and characteristics of high quality snow blowers that should be considered while buying it. Of course, these features are the factors that make this product superlative in its functions.

Electric Starter

The electric starter is a MUST have feature for the snow blowers that work with the help of electric motors. Toro electric starters make the machine start off very smoothly and also reduce the noise that the energy this machine uses.

Gasoline Engine

The Toro gasoline engine is a popular feature of the two stage snow blowers. The good thing about gasoline engines is that it gives you the chance to fill up the engine and refuel it whenever you need to use it. It comes in as being very handy when travelling long distances in snowy and winter extreme conditions. This is when you will most likely not find any electric power support and hence will find it very handy to use the gasoline engines.

Electric Motor

The toro electric snow blower, electric motor is a popular feature for the one stage and three stage snow blowers. The electric motors utilize maximum CC engine support to perform at utmost speed for maximum efficiency.

Speed Controls

The speed controls is another very important feature that the machine needs to have. It is not suitable for a snow thrower to come without handy speed control buttons because this is the only way to control the rate at which the snow throwers function.

Steering Wheel

The steering wheel is a very effective feature that makes the machine easier to control and easier to use. You can turn the blower in any direction as you wish so that you can use it without any hassle. This is a very effective feature so that you do not need to worry about the snow not clearing from different areas.

Replaceable Tires

Tires that are replaceable are very helpful. Hence, you need to ensure that the tires are replaceable so that you can change them when you find them getting rough or rustic. If tires are not replaceable this may result in your machine becoming useless even if the engine and overall blower is still in good quality. This is because the tires won’t be possible to be changed or removed at time of need and this will make the machine useless. Hence, this is a very important feature that the blower needs to have.


This is an optional feature but is helpful because this makes the machine work well in dark and improves the visibility for the users. While this feature is optional, it is strongly recommended.

Physical Dimensions

The physical dimensions of the snow throwers are a very important factor for this machine. The width and height of the machine determines the amount of snow the blower will be able to clear in one go.


In addition to all these features, traits and of course factors that need to be considered and thought of about the snow throwers; it is important to never to overlook the price of the blower. snow throwers can be expensive and pricey. In fact, you need to be very thoughtful and compare the products well before you come to a decision. Toro is one of the most popular and well-reputed brands based in the United States. It is popular not only because the products it offers are supreme quality and durable but also are very reasonably priced. It is important to remember that the machine you choose to buy is not overpriced. Hence, it is best to always compare product features and go for the one that comes in the most reasonable price range.

Bottom Line

While there are many other important things in life that we need to deal with on daily basis, we feel we overlook the small things. Owning a high quality snow blower or thrower is one such little thing that makes life multiple times easier for the people. Of course, it is best advised to have a supreme and multipurpose snowblower at home so that it can help you in times of dire need.

We strongly recommend the brand Toro for people who are buying a snowblower for the first time or have had previous failed experiences. Toro snow blowers is brand that has years of experience and expertise in manufacturing machines of superlative quality. Hence, quality and durability is not something you will be worried about with Toro. In addition to this, the above reviewed 3 products are definitely worth every penny you pay for it. Toro snowblowers are the perfect combination of looks and functionality. All in all, we give a thumb up to all 3 above reviewed products.